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17 hours ago, Ridley Prime said:

Starfire’s one of the glaring problems, but pretty much everyone they did wrong in some way. She got the worst of it though. Starfire normally shoots green lasers, and isn’t a firebender. lmao 

I don't mind the others too much. I like that they're playing up Dick's daddy-issues and showing it fucked him up. Garfield, I really wish his skin was green, and he's not as jokey (yet at least) as I feel he should be, even for a "darker" Titans. Raven just can't act, but it's getting better. And was just introduced to a newer character, which I love how cocky he is, but think his cop-hatred is a little much.

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Saw it earlier as well. Broly fans wouldn't really admit it until he got rebooted but his old/original story was trash. This new take actually made him into something of a likable character. Glad that Frieza was still Frieza as well, and guess I'm not as livid about the old Bardock's retcon as I was before; at least he wasn't robbed of his final stand against Frieza, even if it was less impactful... Still feel Gogeta was unnecessary fanservice though and would've rather had ultra instinct in the climax or something, but still pretty fun overall.

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The Broly movie was pretty good.  Krazy and I saw it earlier today.  The turnout in the theater was higher than when we saw Resurrection F back when it came out and people were into it a whole lot more.  The audience even clapped after it ended which is something I've only ever witnessed with superhero movies.  Even though Dragonball has always been fairly popular it has been pretty neat to see the series reinvigorated thanks to Super and everything that came with it.

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