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So the 2nd MM Legacy Collection won't come to Nintendo either?

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That is pretty foolish but i'll be waiting for a sale if I even end up getting the collection which I only have on the 3DS and only because of the Gold MM amiibo really. Still have my MM Anniversary Collection for GCN anyway if I want to play any from the collection and have MM 9 and 10, playable through my Wii U.

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The Switch I cannot comment on since the same happened with the Disney Collection. But the 3DS, I think I'll chalk it up with possible porting problems. Emulating Megaman 7 and 8 should be okay, the problem is with 9 and 10. Yes, they look like NES games, but they are constructed differently under the hood from what I understand, so slapping an NES emulator won't do any tricks. But still, porting them is a possibility provided there are no hiccups. And yes, maybe a possibility of it being N3DS/N2DS only.


Actually, I want a Megaman ZX dual pack.

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