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So, anybody get this and if so does anybody want to play sometime? I have it on PS4, user name "JanusDS" if anybody does want to play. My internet connection is slow and I haven't played it online yet to see how it does but surprisingly I've actually had decent matches with SFV, which I've played online a bit here and there. So I'm hoping maybe I can get some decent Tekken in. And don't worry, I'm rusty as hell and still very much starting out on learning the new battle system features, moves and combos. I didn't really play much TTT2 so my last extensive play was on Tekken 6 and that's been about 6 years ago, lol. But I'm excited nonetheless. I've been practicing with Dragunov, who I've really wanted to learn since Tekken 6 but just never got around to it. I haven't really made much progress so far but I still like him.

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38 minutes ago, Kirbymeister2 said:


 Oh man I have Tekken 7 and loving it.


 My main is the King 


 I think I have you as a friend already so drop in by sometime with a message and maybe I'll do some matches. 


 Also Rage Attack is so much fun and deadly @_@


Awesome, yeah I've seen you playing it and I'll be sure to hit you up sometime when I see you online. I like King too; he's another one that I wanted to learn in Tekken 6 and never got around to. I used to play him pretty good in Tekken 3 but like most other characters, he's changed pretty significantly. I also want to get into Feng Wei; I played him some in T6 but was never able to do very well as he was a mid tier character and I just wasn't good enough to be real effective with him. I've heard he got pretty beefed up in T7 so I might give him another shot. And then I'll probably play Bob at some point since he was my main in T6.


And yeah, I'm liking the rage attacks and rage drives more than I thought I would. It introduces a nice risk / reward element when you're low on life that adds more depth to the end of rounds than I thought it would. :)

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I got my copy from Amazon today. Been playing around in practice mostly so far. I never got into Tekken until Tag 2, which I just now realized came out that long ago, damn time goes by quick. I'm kinda working on just getting the basics down. My PSN name is Igneous42 if you want to hit me up, but I probably won't be ready to do a whole lot of online play for a bit still. So far I'm leaning toward either Miguel or Eliza as my main. Miguel was who I used most in Tekken Tag 2 and some of his moves were already coming back to me. Plus I like his character quite a bit. Eliza I like because she gives me the kind of "weird" character vibe, almost like Algol in SCV who was my main in that. Plus she is a sexy vampire. Probably leaning a bit more toward Miguel though just because he seems a bit more noob friendly. 

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