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What type of Hedgehog are you?

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"My character Bryan the Hedgehog. He is almost as fast as sonic, has the power of chaos that can rival Shadow's, and has ice, wind, lighting, and fire elemental powers. If you look closely he is wearing a necklace with a gem on it. The gem has the same power as the chaos emeralds and keeps him from losing control of his powers and helps contain the demon sealed inside of him."

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4 hours ago, luigitornado said:

To celebrate Sega putting a character creator in the new Sonic game, I thought we'd play a game.


Google: (your name) the Hedgehog, and post the first image.


Anthony the Hedgehog. No clue what the shirt says. 






Its one of those band shirts. The band in this case is Crown the Empire.


Edit: Wish mine was better than this one:



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Jake is very serious,execpt when he loses his temper.Then he becomes rude and downright mean.He usualy shows no emotion except anger and when in forms other than normal,superiorness to enemies.


Jake's parents died when he was only six.His cousin Sonic's famliy took him in and raised him as a son,even though he was their nephew.Sonic and Jake are good friends now,and when they work together nobody can beat them.


Jake uses a variety of powers but usualy uses his fists and his sword.He can use spells such as Jake Bolt(a lightning bolt strikes the target)Healing Rain(all targets and caster are healed)and Dragon's Fire(shoots a fireball at target).He also has a Super Form,Dark Form,Hyper Form,and Ultimate Form.


Bakuto no Rai(very fast sword slashing)

Kairei so Mati (up wards thrust,very strong) 

Dragon Fist(magic that enebles Jake to punch with extreme force)

 Jake Power(transform into super Jake but must have 5 of 7 chaos emeralds)

Jake Jump(super jump,is not because of speed or strength)

Summon Dragon:Voltage(summons Voltage the storm dragon)

Summon Dragon:Broken Wishes(summons Broken Wishes the fire/ice dragon)


Jake is weakened by despair magic,Kudon Bubbles,arrows,and bullets.[/quote]






i wanted to make a character so this is jake the hedgehog

he likes
2:Helping friends
3:Loves making new friends
he dislikes
2:getting hurt
he was a young hedgehog he was abandond and was adopted by a fox and dog named anna and john as he would like to watch TV and he lost eye sight then he got glasses when he was in high school he would get bullied because of his glasses called like 4 eyes then he moved out and got a job and got a house and lived well.




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