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BotW - Print off Korok Seed Maps!

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I wanna say I found these on Reddit, but I can't remember...

Anyways, these are fairly zoomed in and can be printed off easily. Some LOOK like doubles, but it's mainly because some of it was chopped up some of the border areas were missing so there's some overlap.


What I did was print each of these off, and have been systematically doing one page at a time. Check these maps against yours, if you have the seed use a marker and shade it in on the map. If you don't have it, drop a stamp on your game map, then shade it in.


Also, this map shows the location of where you GET the seed, so flower trails, races, and 'roll the boulders' might require you to do a little sleuthing when you reach the location.

Happy hunting.





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27 minutes ago, Marxforever said:

Ping the spots with the colored sheikah markers. They won't appear on the 3D map of the castle but you'll still be able to see them with your scope.

...I never thought of that, and have been having a bitch of time getting the ones there

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1 minute ago, Gold said:

Or just use the interactive map that shows the starting point rather than where you get the seed

I tried that, and prefer using the print offs to make sure I don't miss any.


I do use the interactive map if I can find the starting location for something though.

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1 minute ago, Shulk said:

When I told my husband he started laughing. He was going to run freeze and try to hit it in. 

You can do that, but oof, good luck.


I usually make a little path of ice blocks and toss it so it slides in. Takes some practice.

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14 hours ago, Eliwood8 said:

One time I tossed a rock and it wedged itself perfectly between two of the rocks in the circle. :| Didn't count for the Korok, unfortunately.

Stasis, shoot arrows from opposite side?


14 hours ago, Bark of the Wild Eevee said:

Wow, that's awesome.

AAaaaaaaaandddd 900 SEEDS!!!!


I'm missing 4-5 locations though...

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