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Super Mario Run out now on Android

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Okay, so I bought the full version of this, and overall it's pretty fun, but I have some complaints.  I have no idea if these are original or not.


1.  99 cap on Toad Rally tickets is stupidly low.  I got that many very quickly and before even realizing there was a cap, so I probably wasted some.  It makes me feel like I have to play Toad Rally before proceeding with more main game stuff.
2.  You should NEVER lose Toads if you lose in Toad Rally.  That is frustrating and shitty, especially since they added characters that have ridiculously high requirements to unlock them.
3.  Mentioned in 2, some of the characters' unlock requirements are ridiculous.  (Red Yoshi requires 1000 Yellow Toads and 9999 total Toads?  Seriously 5.0)

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Okay, yeah, at this point Toad Rally is making me want to throw my phone, so I think I'm done trying to unlock characters.  I wanted to at least unlock Luigi and Toadette, but I can't stand playing those horrible ghost house rallies to get the purple Toads, and it's still infuriating to lose any non-red Toads.  So, fuck this game.  Make it so that Toads aren't lost in Toad Rally...and heck, baby me so that I get SOME gain even if I lose and I'll try it again.  But as-is it's just frustrating and not fun for me to play this mode, especially since doing well and losing is apparently worse than doing extremely poorly and losing.  

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