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Nintendo Direct - Sept. 14th

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27 minutes ago, Tyranogre said:

Hold up, I just had an epiphany:


Paper Luigi: The Marvelous Compass as a fully-realized side-mode, a la Bowser's Fury.

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They better not dare cut Luigi's telling story, as unlikely that side mode don't remove that aspect of Luigi's story telling journey.

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Man I was shocked to see Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door making a come back again what a time to be alive especially close to Super Mario RPG as well. I mea sure we don't have an exact date yet but still. I did know about Trace Memory/Another Code but never got around to playing it but I am definitely interested in getting the game and I am in awe at that box art for the physical release. I'll get Mario vs Donkey Kong as well as Princess Peach Showtime. I do hope for more Vanillaware goodness to be added to Switch and beyond as they have been mostly on Playstation and PC for quite a while. While I am happy for Diddy, Funky and Pauline to have been added to MK8DX I was rather mad that Peachette was added because it just seems like another Peach clone. I know it is more a Toadette transformation from the Super Crown but still just damn I would like liked King Bob-Omb or Poochy added instead or hell R.O.B even.


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