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Nintendo Direct - Sept. 14th

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13 minutes ago, EH_STEVE said:

We just had some info on Mario Wonder.... So likely some on Mario RPG. Next part of Pokemon DLC. No idea what else...

Sora release date


Totk amiibos release date


Heavily rumored dk and FZero games?


Teaser trailer for final mk8dlx BP content 


Next metroid prime release?  2...3...?


Multiple NSO announcements 





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2 minutes ago, purple_beard said:

Sora release date


Totk amiibos release date


Heavily rumored dk and FZero games?


Teaser trailer for final mk8dlx BP content 


Next metroid prime release?  2...3...?


Multiple NSO announcements 





Amiibos pleeeeeeease


How do I keep forgetting about Prime 4? Though it won't release this winter, if they rerelease any others they might give us a little something.

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Somewhat sort of about time! (Not that I personally was waiting long to hear a Direct is coming this week)


When we didn't get announcement of the direct yesterday, I was saying there's until before TGS on the 09.21 they can announce so up to next week Tuesday they could share when the Direct is.


A rare thing for me, what I expect to be there, PB I think cover most of the things but I will add Splatoon 3 DLC Side Order, Luigi Mansion 2 port, Super Princess Peach 2 game....I think that covers what is expected. Anything is heavily speculated or gonna be a surprise for 3rd party late this year or 1st party for early next year. Oh yeah, the Batman trilogy will get a release date, along with them showing Borderlands 3 port and the physical release of Red Dead Redemption in October. Yeah, that's about it,


Maybe cause I'm not in to particular with F-Zero and DK games pe se, even if I was a real fan and the rumors almost seem legit, I don't think they will show here. Meaning they do exist just not gonna show up tomorrow. Similar with MP4, the other MP 2 and 3 there's small chance even if there are latest rumors.


Any NSO stuff, what ever new or updates is a toss up and don't what will happen.

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Last year's September Direct announced quite a few games for early 2023 (Fire Emblem Engage, Theatrhythm, Octopath Traveler II, all of which I loved) so I'll keep my fingers crossed for more surprise reveals tomorrow! It was also the Direct that gave Tears of the Kingdom a firm release date. I know Metroid isn't as high profile, but it'd be nice to get a reveal trailer/release date for Metroid Prime 4, even if it's summer/fall of next year.

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The previous presentations from Nintendo were manageable to watch last month but this main Direct being 40 minutes, I won't be able to watch until after work at 5:30pm.


Meaning I have stay off the internet for 7hrs tomorrow till I watch this Direct. I am not watching in pieces tomorrow, watching the whole thing start to finish.


See you guys on the other side.

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Metroid Prime 4 should be the game that ends this Direct. If it is not, Prime 4 is an exclusive release for the Switch's successor and that'll all happen next year. I would also be curious what the last game would be if it's not Prime 4. Maybe a new F-Zero would make that big of a splash.


I wouldn't mind seeing Prime 2 getting onto the Switch and Prime 3 as well tomorrow if neither game will get the full treatment that Metroid Prime Remastered received. I'm worried that Nintendo may release them like the Pikmin games though...almost right on top of Metroid Prime 4. 


I expect to see Wave 6 for the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's BCP teased. I do not think that Nintendo will fully reveal every track in the wave, but do think we'll see the last two characters: Diddy Kong and Pauline. I hope they mention an update for Sunset Wilds. If they're fixing that track to have its main gimmick, it'll be announced tomorrow. 


Is it too late for a sequel to ARMS? I want to see one. It might be better for that to be on the Switch's successor though at this point. 


I'm kind of interested in hearing what is said about the new Princess Peach game. That could end up being the Switch's last major first party exclusive before the next generation. 

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40 minutes is pretty hefty especially considering how robust the last big direct was and not too long ago had one completely focused on Super Mario Wonder.  Granted, I'm sure they will be covering already existing games with new updates/footage but there's gotta be some bangers in there.


We dreamin' big boys and girls:

Xenoblade Chronicles X port

Mario Kart 9

Oracle of Ages/Seasons Remake (on Link's Awakening engine)

New Excite game

New Ice Climbers game

Metroid Prime 4

Metroid Prime Hunters: Hunt Harder With A Vengeance

Tales of Phantasia Remake

Remember Sakura Samurai?  No?  Well a new one of those!

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24 minutes ago, DLurkster said:

Last night, before going to bed, I booted up the old SNES Mini to play the original Super Mario RPG.


Ah, what a time to be alive to still play that game and have remake/remaster coming out soon.


Little over 2hrs till the Direct begins.

I still got my snes cart too. 


I can still remember the shock of them going to paper mario afterwards. 

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