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Kitakami's Blueberry Academy - N4A Chat Thread - September 2023

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Was doing some level grinding and got a Shiny Cyndaquil in IF last night


Very nice. Caught it in a Glitter Ball, too


Also saw that Disney Speedstorm will be going free 2 play on the 28th… that’s good to know


Been curious on that one… now, wonder when Dreamlight Valley will go F2P?




Also finally finished the last main level in LEGO Jurassic World - that last level was annoying....


Just need to get all the collectables and 100% it



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On 9/9/2023 at 6:41 PM, April said:

update: they fired me after a week for "not being a good match" and the owner couldn't cite a single normal reason

i'm too burned out by multiple jobs in a row screwing me over so i'm going back to school again out of spite (i already wanted to anyway lol) and self studying programming on the side :v even if it delays transition stuff even further i just can't live this life any more hamcry;

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Redownloaded the Java launcher and looks like it recognizes that i own the Java version of Minecraft again?


Wasn’t like that the last time I checked a couple years ago… thought i was going to have to rebuy it…


Guess i can start modding again.. assuming said mods aren’t too huge..


Haven’t checked in awhile, but wonder f any of the mods I previously used were updated to newer versions yet.. will have to check on that


I only have so much space on my laptop to work with…

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29 minutes ago, Stephen 776 said:

What are going to study? wut;

well i said i'd study programming stuff on the side because i was expecting to have to do more gen ed classes, but i spoke w an advisor today and i can start w that and transfer for whatever comp related degree ends up being the most interesting. so that's the plan so far

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As of now, 723 clips down and uploaded, 80 to go (granted, not all the deleted clips are from Arceus, but majority of them are from that game, so...)


That's excluding what i don't have transferred from my Switch and the various Shiny clips i need to clip together and upload


In other news, still around Vermillion City and grinding out mons in Infinite Fusion... i forgot how grindy these games were until recent... at least i have the EXP Share to throw on other mons... so that somewhat helps...


Sure, i could knock it down from Normal to easy, but dunno if that would be fun...

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