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Kitakami's Blueberry Academy - N4A Chat Thread - September 2023

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Finally done uploading video clips from my New Horizons stash i had to Imgur


Took over a month on and off considering i had over 700+ clips… but that’s finally done 


Now i think i’ll work on BotW next…


Only have 266 clips, so… shouldn’t take as long


Still have some Pokémon clips to sort through….

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On 9/3/2023 at 4:00 PM, April said:

got a real barista job at a local shop today hamnap;
i had to give up better base pay + actual benefits at the grocery store/licensed starbucks thing i had for it :v
but the place was so gross and mismanaged it's a huge relief to get out of there.
with tips i should be making more at this job once i'm out of training at least

update: they fired me after a week for "not being a good match" and the owner couldn't cite a single normal reason

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Tattoo is done, ribs hurt a bit. Some lines need to be touched up, but will need it to heal more first. The shoulder/chest/ribs are the same as Link's (albeit in black and on left arm) but we went with a "in the style of" for the forearm as Link's got that bumped up part and to also work around my other tattoos. Also got scaling added to my dragon on my Japanese traditional sleeve. I have clocked over 22 hours of ink time in the past 4 months.

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Done with BotW clips, and been working on uploading Minecraft clips


And since i have some more space, redownloaded Infinite Fusion and started a fresh file - randomized most things for the most part, anyway except the starters and given items...


Some interesting fusions - the Aron/Nidoran M Aran is one of my favorite fusions so far in this run... considering i have random items it'll be awhile until i can get a Moon Stone... unless i can buy one somewhere


Thinking of unfsing Shedchan... though it looks cool, it's defense isn't... that great.....Belquil was extremely stubborn and took most of my Balls before getting caught in a Glitter Ball, and found a Wild Togebat


Originally had a different plan, but found a second Cyndaquil fusion, defused that, evolved into Quilava and fused it with Wartortle - looks pretty neat


A few other interesting ones, like a Shinx/Solosis or a Charmander/Solosis... and a few abominations like a Paras/Zubat i caught....


So far so good, as long as i don't accidentally overwrite the file with another save... again.

Screenshot (289).png

Screenshot (307).png

Screenshot (351).png

Screenshot (360).png

Screenshot (357).png

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My second interview with an xray manufacturing company went well today. Sounds like my would-be boss has similar background to mine, so that's reassuring.


That said, it could take a few weeks to followup for third interview. So, that bit is going to make me nervous lshifty;


I think I'll hold off on job searching and focus on getting my driver's license for now, which at least opens up opportunities like substitute teaching.

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Got done uploading BotW stuff several days ago and was briefly uploading and got done with Minecraft stuff recently here and there and think I’m done with those


Only stuff left is some BD,Violet, and Arceus stuff and some miscellaneous stuff i need to sort out


Have up to 39 videos set aside to clip together to elsewhere… granted Tik Tok has been my main upload source I’ve been using lately… how short they are is a perfect fit, ngl


Was kinda uploading them to Youtube, but not much


But getting more stuff cleared up on my laptop is nice… going to have more to go through when I bring more stuff over from my Switch…


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we're back from our tiny trip to the next city over and now i must return to reality and look for a job


my last job was minimally involved with making actual food but i did end up liking that part of it a lot more than i thought i would...considering looking for more food service type gigs to see if i'd enjoy it as the full job flower; i wanna try being a barista...

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My sinuses, sleep schedule and body have been out of whack the past few days…


Though the soreness in my throat and runny nose went down but still been sniffly and hacking up mucus…

Don’t think I’m sick considering i feel fine other than that…


Seems like i was cleared of Covid again, at least…


Though rare, might just be seasonal allergies acting up? My best guess, though


Haven’t had the best sleep, though… even though I’ve been trying to… been pretty tired during the day..



And yesterday i finally got around to and…Jevil is more difficult than i thought


Though I haven’t played in awhile… so I’m kinda rusty at the game 


So i went to Chapter 2 for awhile… really good


Also, getting close to the end of that Mewtwo Raid… really need to do that tomorrow… been procrastinating and pushing that off…


And the update came out… although I don’t have the DLC, at least i can transfer mons over still - brought over a couple of Shiny Poliwags over from Go


So…. that’s useful I suppose 

Edit: also for some reason i was seeing the same mons and n Infinite Fusion… so changed the randomizer settings to area only than globally and shuffled the mobs around…


Combed back through previous routes and found some neat things like some pseudo legends or some other interesting fusions… and found some starters.. now have Bulbasaur through a fusion, so i have all the Kanto starters* - pretty adorable i admit 


* = aside from Eevee, anyway…


Also up to Vermillion City now.. need to do a lot of grinding though…



Also been listening to and sorting out a few ASMR playlists on Youtube…


Finally done and deleted one… still have a few left, though…. That’s going to take awhile still until I’m completely done…

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Though a few days ago, decided to randomly fuse Roselia and Kirlia.. looked pretty neat, so think i'll keep it


Also came across this little guy Meowsaur... little twerp took majority of my Balls, though... which i'm not thrilled of...


But was too adorable to pass up


Still training and leveling things up around Vermillion... maybe Lv. 25...? Don't Want to overlevel...

Screenshot (406).png

Screenshot (446).png

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*beats Mortal Kombat* 


Okay, that was annoying, but not impossible. I’ll jump into Mortal Kombat II. 
*two hours later* 


F this AI. No way in the Netherrealm am I going to finish this game. I’d rather play Mortal Kombat 9’s story to get the full picture. I hope the three games will eventually get ported to modern systems with modern mechanics in mind, like the Street Fighter games, because I can’t stand this doo doo. 
I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the AI is unreasonable. Onto Ultimate 3.

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Been trying to get into Raids to try and get more Mystica… considering I’m low on all of them and can’t make any Sparkle sandwiches….

But that’s been proving difficult… either i have trouble getting into Raids or i just haven’t gotten much HM at all….


Not sure what the updated list that drops multiple HM with the new Raids that were added with the first DLC….


Got a Shiny Flareon from one regular Fire encounter sandwich a few days ago so that’s something at least… would have been two if it didn’t use Flare Bitz after i used False Swipe..

Oh well, that happens sometimes I suppose 


Really going to have to keep an eye out for an Eevee Outbreak, though…



Completely forgot about the Neir collab for NIKKE until yesterday too


Managed to get 10 more of those Advanced Recruit tickets and enough for one pull..


Somehow managed to get 2B on my first set… that’s pretty lucky, i think.. 


That doesn’t happen too often…..



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