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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct 8.31.23 7amPT/10am ET

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1 hour ago, DLurkster said:

I know you went out of order playing the Paper Mario Games. (I believe you started with Super Paper Mario?)


These Badges function like the Badges in the first 2 PM game, if you recall. If you don't remember them or were fond of them I can see why Badges seem weird to you and why they aren't power ups.


But coming up from a lot of gameplay of Paper Mario and the function of these badges were in some of the Mario & Luigi RPG. So there's a history of badge function in Mario games. I believe this is the first time in a 2D platformer game for Mario, where badges are a thing. I couldn't be more excited for it functions and add a lot replay value.


One thing I realized, I think wasn't explained; do these badges work with friends online and races? If they are not there, that's okay but I think as I said make replay of this game even more awesome.

Um, I did watch the trailer...and I know about badges in PM.  I'm just saying that a few seemed more full fledged. 

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7 hours ago, EH_STEVE said:

I loved everything they showed in that Direct


..except the talking flowers, I still they're stupid, annoying, and unnecessary.


Other than that, shaping up to be a top Mario sidescroller.

They remind me of a meme of when Ubisoft games with cluttered HUDs were first taking off: a screen full of notifications and NPC commentary for simply jumping onto the next platform. It's so jarring that the first instance of voiced dialogue in a Mario game in 20 years is for a handholding NPC that'd be jarringly obtrusive even for a Ubisoft game. You know Iwata wouldn't have allowed this.


Also, I hate the elephant power-up on such a visceral level. It's not putting Mario & friends in a silly suit--it's literally transforming them into anthropomorphic elephants. Body horror is another first for the Mario franchise. (Well, I suppose the balloon power-up probably counts too, so of course that's back.)

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I didn’t recall to mention on my last post, but I’m really liking the new enemy variety- nice and refreshing to see some completely new enemies in a 2D game… not sure if we’ve gotten any in the New era though


Haven’t played anything past the original first DS game, so I’d have no idea honestly (i was debating on getting U with the Luigi stuff, but idk currently)


But really like those Armadillo and Mummy enemies


and that tall Mushroom thing and that one dart bird i forgot the names of are interesting too


Though they showed a few returning enemies, but I wonder if there’s any more they’re keeping under wraps for now?


Hm…. Hard to say, really 

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