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Charles Martinet stepping down from voicing Mario & Co. |🎥Message from Miyamoto & Martinet

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UPDATE: Special Message from Miyamoto and Martinet



OMG! I never thought this day would come so soon! This news absolutely breaks my heart!!! T_T I love hearing Charles Martinet doing his SMB character voices and it always puts a big stupid smile on my face when I hear them. This is sort of starting to make sense, given how people were freaking out about how Mario sounded a bit off the the Super Mario Wonder trailer. Sill, it makes me wonder what the reason for this is and how Nintendo will voice the characters going forward..? A.I. or Sound-a-like? I mean, they probably have enough recordings of Charles to stitch together an A.I. voice and keep him voicing the characters long after he's gone.


Thank you so much for bringing smiles to so many faces and giving Mario & Co. their iconic voices, Mr. Martinet. These characters wouldn't have became what they are today without you. Your voice(s) will be deeply missed.



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Confirmation that Charles Martinet is not voicing Super Mario in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.


Outside the SMB movie earlier this year voicing 2 other characters besides the Mario Bros.


I believe his last voiced role in a game last year was the Mario Strikers on the Switch and Sparks of Hope. I'm more leaning on the latter, I think Sparks of Hope have recycled lines from somewhere.


You basically cover some of the vids above AB.....

I'm not sure if it is the combination of the voice clips and the Yoshi Island music intro at the end of the vide or just the music at end but I actually shed a tear and I didn't know till the vid was over.


I've see a few vids on this new and I don't know why it took this vid to evoke tears to shed.

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Welp, looks like some people were right...

At least whoever they got (assuming it's an actual person and not an A.I.) is so spot on that it made people question if it was Martinet or not. So, that's a good sign for things going forward. 




Also, just going to leave this here....


I do wonder (no pun intended) if it's the same VA as in SMW, but yeah... as others have said, this is way more noticeable that it's not Martinet.



Still not sure how I feel about this, as I need to hear more. Though, this just makes me super sad that we'll never get a WarioWare Gold performance from Martinet again.  I wish Nintendo would have let him run wild more often. 

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Looks like this decision wasn't made litely (especially given how protective Nintendo is with their IPs)...


I always assumed that Martinet would continue voicing Mario & Co. until he physically couldn't anyone, because he absolutely loves voicing these characters. Something has got to be up, I guess we'll just have to for Nintendo to put out the video with Martinet and Miyamoto on the subject to find out.



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On 8/21/2023 at 9:44 PM, Link, the Hero of Dreams said:

He’s the Mario Ambassador. That’s a cool job, whatever that involves. 

Nintendo's post on Twitter was one of the weirdest corporate announcements I've ever read. Instead of saying he's retiring or whatever, they say he's "moving into the new role of Mario Ambassador." It's so vague--not just the position, but that he's "moving into" this thing which the statement only passively implies didn't exist until, apparently, now. Never mind that we have no idea what this new role is supposed to mean.


If they're not ready to state whether he's retiring or whatever... then why make this announcement at all? No current event I'm aware of necessitated that the public know anything yet.


Nintendo's PR isn't the same without Kit and Kristya.


Anyway, because I don't watch movies but do live under a rock, I'm probably the only Nintendo fan who still doesn't know what Chris Pratt's Mario voice sounds like. I won't mind dying that way. He can always be Martinet for me.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's the vid with Charles and Miyamoto breaking down what a Mario ambassador is... 

so it basically what was said on Twitter but in a video format. I expected as much.


To add to this, I think I seen a clip of Charles Martinet (yesterday or the other day) at a con event saying he doesn't even know what a Mario ambassador is either but either way he's gonna find out.


Greatest takeaway of this video is Miyamota saying, 'papa'. I will cherish that as long as I live.


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27 minutes ago, alienboyva said:

They didn't even answer the biggest question... WHY ISN'T CHARLES MARTINET VOICING MARIO & CO. ANYMORE??? 



Wasn't expecting that answer either. The video we got is exactly how I saw it will go down.


Regardless if the reason was personal or not, this is Nintendo they don't share all and only share if the will genuinely surprise us (they believe in a good) way or benefit them.

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