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Pokémon Presents 8.8 6am PT/9am ET

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1 hour ago, EH_STEVE said:

I thought it was Cobalion, not Suicune

Yes, this but I get this cause we seem to be going to Entei next and Terrakion should next last ones.

17 minutes ago, Art_de_Cat said:

I remember dataminers saying suicune had a new form a few months ago, so i just assumed thats what they showed in trailer. We will know soon enough.

I never heard of this but tho, I'd say I have ear for Pokemon leaks, I haven't keen into it much for the last 2 months, otherwise I would of heard of this too.

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Not making a thread for this, just gonna post the vid here.

The one thing that is weird to me somewhat like the anime pokemon series, the show has its own language of letter.


So does this short as well, not exact like the anime but the lettering is shape forms of the alphabet. What's weirder is that there's a scene we can see, 'TM10' is written clearly yet everything else written is in the weird block lettering.


Other than that not so bad short. Tho, I really like they lean into the imagination of how the TCG plays in a child's mind. They even play it up for humor.

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You can catch every gen starter in the Indigo Disk Part 2 DLC of The Treasure of Area Zero!




I'm sure I have heard of Tachyon but I recently heard back when Xenoblade Chronicles 3 came out and now it is in Pokemon. I shouldn't be hyped by that word but how they presented tachyon back in XC 3 blew me away.


Dammit, I'm more hyped for this game.


Also, weird this trailer released early in the morning on a Sunday.

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Episode 2 of Path to Peak is up.

Tho, I like the kids imagination angle in the last episode. It was done too much to my liking and distract me enjoying the episode.


I expected this trope to continue but I didn't expected majority showtime to dominate so much.

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Like the first few seconds showed me this is basically the overview trailer from last week Pokemon Presents.


But like the last 30 secs, there's some new stuff but nothing that anyone might notice right away. And I think music different, lol.


So 80% old and like 20% trailer from last week.

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