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Lon Lon Ranch - N4A Chat Thread - August 2023

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Getting closer and closer to finishing up the Dex and post game… just need to complete the Dex entries for Regigigas and Cresselia


Still have yet to catch the weather quartet, Giratina and Arceus


Which Arceus will be the very last entry i’ll do


And aside from some side missions, I’ll have the game beaten


The battle between the two phases is more difficult than I thought… I’ve heard Hisuian Zoroark is really good..


Going to have to revaluate my team and I’ve already bought/crafted more Max Revives and Full Heals.. going to have to Grind some of my team to level 100, though…



On another note, been working on trimming down my bookmarked recipes… been making progress on that


Currently going through Pizza recipes 




And on another note, found this site thats similar to Myanimelist but for tracking TV Shows and Movies, including Anime


Going to have to make use of this… would be easier to track those things


Though, it makes me realize how much of Doctor Who i still haven’t yet caught up on..


Feel like i might have watched some episodes of some shows, but I can’t fully remember which, considering how long it’s been since I’ve seen them….


Might have to rewatch a decent amount of series in full..

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It has come to my attention that it is September this week.


I have not started working on cosplays in earnest for the con at end of October. I do have my Dale Gribble shirt, hat, hat patch, and sunglasses. I have not looked at what needs to be redone or fixed for Captain Hyrule. I need to make my wife a prop or two.


I also need to work on my tattoo which is next Friday.

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3 more days until August is over


Can’t wait for the cooler weather,Fall and Pumpkin/Apple season and the seasonal treats/foods to come out if not already…


Just hope it doesn’t get too cold too quickly… would like to enjoy the cool Fall weather before Winter comes around 


Despite it being 77°, it’s not too bad out in the shade - quite nice and cool.. the occasional breeze helps out, too

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Last day of August and September and Fall is right around the corner 




It’s been really nice out this afternoon - feels like Spring out… 


Was a bit chilly out this morning in the 50°s so grabbed a jacket and sweatpants… it’s probably gonna get chiller in the coming months…


Also finally beat the shit out of Volo and Giratina earlier this morning- so finally done with that on the… 4th try? Maybe? I wasn’t counting previously

The Volo fight wasn’t as difficult as previously- not as many Ko’s on my side as before- think being around the 80 level’s helped….


But done with 2/4 of the Weather quartet - working on the dex entry for Thunderus now


Just leaves Enamorus,Giratina, and Arceus to get and complete the dexes for and I’ll finally. be. done.


After many, many months of playing it since around or after release…

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