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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 Announcement Trailer

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That's great there's a campaign mode but when it comes to fighting, no matter how bare bones it is some sort of arcade tour of the characters should be bare minimum.


That said I don't have much expectations in how grand it will not because how the last game went but in general fighting game campaigns is a point a to point b thing.


And some are looking for actually competent story so I just glad we have campaign but not expecting much with engagement or a some sort of story, which would be cool with the world of Nickelodeon cartoon characters of old and new mixing it up in a story. 


EDIT: Also, they somehow have to put in Squidward's: Oh no, he's hot. If they don't I will somehow understand but my day will be ruined and my disappointment will be immeasurable.

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As we seen so far, the returning characters are getting the glow-up their moveset deserves. So it's unfortunate not in but she wouldn't be the same character from the first if ppl like the way she played, if she had return there might be some changes that may not be attuned to how they like her. But so far the returning characters moveset is better developed this time around, I find it impossible if Helga returned it would be different bad.


What would be funny is the DLC characters coming includes Helga, it was just taking them time to develop Helga and put her in DLC, lol.

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