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The Nintendo Baseball League

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Now onto Yamachi first: 


Venom and Dracula's Castle are relegated, as determined. Also determined are the four playoff spots. Joining Smashville are: 


Sarasaland, New York City, and Bionis. 


Now it's Miyamoto: 


Mimiga Town and Mekanos are still tied. Likely there will be a game between them.  


As for the playoffs, Corneria will join Sonic. 


Now here comes the news: 


The three teams left to determine the last two spots are: 


Koholint, currently going against their forest-filled counterpart Hyrule. 

Twilight Realm, currently going against the mega-star Mushroom Kingdom. (Sorry if they're going at it again this week, I prepared this week differently than what happened.) 


And... Popstar, currently going against one of the last year's playoffs masters West City. 


One will have to win, while the others lose. 

In the case of a three way loss, the teams with the worse scores the last match will face off. 

Or in the case of two teams having the same score loss, the third team with the worst score will go. 

But in the rare scenario of all three teams losing by the same point... We can't have a three-way three games contender. That would be horrible, and it would end in a tie the same. We would have to be unconventional. Still, I can't reveal that since that might unlikely happen. 

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So, I read the standings wrong, I'm currently ahead of Twilight Realm and Popstar by one win. Which means:


I win, Twilight Realm loses, Popstar wins and goes on. (8% happening, Hyrule and MK are good teams.)

I win, Popstar loses, Twilight Realm wins and goes on. (37% happening, reverse.) 

I win, the others win, they battle. (6% of that happening.)

First option, except I lose. (8% of that happening.)

Second option, except I lose. (37% of that happening.) 

Third option, except I lose. Rare three-way scenario happens. (4% of that happening.) 


So, the likely option of the sixth option is extremely low. But possible. 


Final Scores for Last Game Friday, May 29: 


Yoshi’s Island 1

Mimiga Town 0


Popstar 10

West City 9


Zebes 1

Mekanos 0


Tallon 10

Corneria 9


Celadon 0

Tokyo 4


Hau’Oli City 0

Sonic 1


Mushroom Kingdom 9

Twilight Realm 10


Hyrule 10

Koholint 9

*Zelda-Marin Cup**sword emoji*


Smashville 7

New York City 6


Mute City 5

Venom 9


Skyworld 1

Great Plateau 9


Dracula’s Castle 5

Termina 1


Los Angeles 8

Bionis 9


Kongo Jungle 4

Inkopolis 8


Mayahem 0

Ylisse 4


Sarasaland 5

New Donk City 0

*Land-Odyssey Cup**coins emoji*    






Huh, that 4% actually happened. That's some genuine shock. Twilight Realm, Popstar, and Koholint have tied for the third and fourth spots.  


I can't believe it's come to this. 


Like I said, what we will have to do in this situation will have to be different and unorthodox.  


Tomorrow... we're going to do the All-Star festivities for ONE DAY to determine the last two spots. The team with the least points will not participate in the playoffs.  




The Mini All-Stars Festivities will between Popstar, Koholint, and Twilight Realm. Every third place will net 1 point, second 2, and gold 3.  
To make sure the playing field is balanced, nothing related to kingdoms, greens, space, beaches, sand, water, darkness, monsters, and chaos will be the location of the area. Or any place connected to the teams. And in this case, any towns and cities.
So, I welcome everyone to the Arm’s location in the Sky Temple Grounds, home of the famous Max Brass. 


The Pitching Challenge! (Out of 30 Targets)  
(All five of the SPs from each team will participate. There will only be semifinals and finals this time around. 8 will go onto the semis, while four the finals.)
Sir Kibble 
Poppy Bros. Jr. 
Yellow Marine 
Mr. Bright 
Young Link 
TP Zelda 
Home Run Derby-  
(Out of 30 runs!) 
(The captain, 1st base, 3rd base, Center Fielders, and DHs will participate.) 
King Dedede  
Waddle Dee
Bandana Dee 
Thief Girl 
Dark Link 
Helmaroc King 
Grim Creeper 
Red Light/Green Light Challenge - 
The referee distances himself from the rest within... 150 feet! 
(2nd Base, Short Stop, Left Field, Right Field, and Set-Ups) 
Sky Fairy 
Shield Knight 
Cuckoo Keeper 
TP Ganondorf 
Wolf Link 

Apple Bobbing-
(Out of 15 apples) 
(The RPs and Spare DHs)
Mr. Shine
Waddle Doo  
ALTTP Sahasrahla 
Shadow Beast 
King Bulbin 

Hitting Challenge- (The max a player can hit is 500, up to a total of 2500 per team.) 
(The spare players.) (This one will just be one round.)
Blade Knight 
Price Fluff 
Madam Meowmeow 
ReDead Knight 
Satoru Iwata 
Twilight Realm:

The first round will start perhaps around noon PST, so watch out!

Edited by Link, the Hero of Dreams

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Oh wow this is very interesting.  We’re breaking a multi-way tie by way of how the teams perform at all-star weekend.  That’s intriguing.  

And yes Mimiga and Mekanos will have to play off for the 2nd relegation spot.  I’ll take care of that bit of business...Link I’ll let you take care of all-star and figuring out the playoff seedings

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Quarterfinal Results: 


The Pitching Challenge! (Out of 30 Targets)  
(All five of the SPs from each team will participate. There will only be semifinals and finals this time around. 8 will go onto the semis, while four the finals.)
Dynablade- 25- Q 
Sir Kibble- 18
Poppy Bros. Jr.- 16 
Yellow Marine- 11
Mr. Bright- 25- Q
Richard- 29- Q
Young Link- 28- Q 
Pigma- 25- Q
Mamu- 22
Fuij- 23
Punchinello- 18 
Midna- 27- Q
Ilia- 27- Q
TP Zelda- 24- Q
Ashei- 22
Home Run Derby-  
(Out of 30 runs!) 
(The captain, 1st base, 3rd base, Center Fielders, and DHs will participate.) 
King Dedede- 24- Q  
Waddle Dee- 15
Susie- 16
Kirby- 26- Q
Bandana Dee- 23- Q 
Dethl- 26- Q
Thief Girl- 19 
Dark Link- 27- Q
Helmaroc King- 10 
Grim Creeper- 22 
Telma- 24- Q
Darbus- 22
Ralis- 15 
Nabooru- 28- Q
Agitha- 29- Q
Red Light/Green Light Challenge - 
The referee distances himself from the rest within... 150 feet! 
(2nd Base, Short Stop, Left Field, Right Field, and Set-Ups) 
Lalala- SAFE 
Lololo- SAFE
Sky Fairy- 51
Metaknight- SAFE
Adeleine- 137 
Shield Knight- 102
Leila- 146
Cuckoo Keeper- SAFE
Cyclos- SAFE
Sheik- SAFE
TP Ganondorf- SAFE 
Wolf Link- SAFE
Dangoro- 56
Colin- 118
Fado- 123
Apple Bobbing-
(Out of 15 apples) 
(The RPs and Spare DHs)
Lenna- 11- Q
Kracko- Out, can’t get any
Mr. Shine- 10- Q
Nightmare- 9- Q
Waddle Doo- 6 
Gibdo- 4
ALTTP Sahasrahla- 6 
Toon Zelda- 12- Q
Marin- 13- Q
Grandma- 8
Shadow Beast- 13- Q
Stalchampion- 8
Syrup- 8
King Bulbin- 10- Q
Darknut- 9- Q
Hitting Challenge- (The max a player can hit is 500, up to a total of 2500 per team.) 
(The spare players.) (This one will just be one round.)
Cappy- 250
Blade Knight- 380
Prince Fluff- 460
Waiu- 330
Starfy- 405 
It comes up to 1825.
Madam Meowmeow- 210
ReDead Knight- 330
Satoru Iwata- 485
Tarin- 240
Leilani- 360 
It comes up to 1625.
Twilight Realm:
Aeroflos- 340
Coro- 280
Malo- 445
Iza- 230
Hena- 280 
It comes up to 1575. 
Popstar gets three points, Koholint two, Twilight Realm one. 
Popstar- 3 
Koholint- 2 
Twilight Realm- 1  




The next round will happen around 4 PM PST. 




Semifinal Results: 


The Pitching Challenge! (Out of 30 Targets)  
Dynablade- 29- Q
Mr. Bright- 16
Richard- 28- Q
Young Link- 28- Q 
Pigma- 15
Midna- 26- Q
Ilia- 20
TP Zelda- 24
Home Run Derby-  
(Out of 30 runs!) 
King Dedede- 22
Kirby- 27- Q
Bandana Dee- 23
Dethl- 16
Dark Link- 28- Q
Telma- 25- Q
Nabooru- 16
Agitha- 24- Q
Red Light/Green Light Challenge - 
The referee distances himself from the rest within... 175 feet! 
Lalala- 100
Lololo- 50
Metaknight- SAFE
Cuckoo Keeper- SAFE
Cyclos- 127
Sheik- SAFE
TP Ganondorf- 166 
Wolf Link- SAFE

Apple Bobbing-
(Out of 20 apples) 
Lenna- 13
Mr. Shine- 18- Q
Nightmare- 11
Toon Zelda- 17- Q
Marin- 17- Q
Shadow Beast- 10
King Bulbin- 12
Darknut- 16- Q  




The finals will happen at 7:00 PM PST. 






The Pitching Challenge! (Out of 30 Targets)  
Dynablade- 29
Richard- 25
Young Link- 26
Midna- 30 
Twilight Realm gets 3 points, Popstar 2, Koholint 1 
Popstar- 5 
Twilight Realm- 4  
Koholint- 3 

Home Run Derby-  
(Out of 30 runs!) 

Kirby- 28
Dark Link- 27
Telma- 30
Agitha- 29 
Like before: 
Popstar- 7 
Twilight Realm- 7  
Koholint- 4  
Red Light/Green Light Challenge - 
The referee distances himself from the rest within... 200 feet! 

Metaknight- 197
Cuckoo Keeper- 180
Sheik- SAFE
Wolf Link- 191 
Koholint gets 3 points, Popstar 2, Twilight Realm 1 
Popstar- 9 
Twilight Realm- 8 
Koholint- 7

Apple Bobbing-
(Out of 25 apples) 
Mr. Shine- 21
Toon Zelda- 20
Marin- 25
Darknut- 23 
Koholint gets 3 points, Twilight Realm 2, Popstar 1 
Well, then, I’ll have to do something drastic. 
Mario Pary 4 Minigame: THE FINAL BATTLE!  

Five representatives from each team must avoid the seven Koopalings and Bowser until they get to the end to finish him. Everyone will have ten hearts. The teams that have the most hearts by the end they finish Bowser will move on. If there is a two-way tie, then there will be a wild-card playoff.   
By the end of Part 4 (After dodging the flames and solving the puzzles twice): 

Prince Fluff- 6 hearts left
Dynablade- 6 hearts left
Kirby- 7 hearts left
Metaknight- 10 hearts left
Mr. Shine- 7 hearts left
Satoru Iwata- 9 hearts left
Young Link- 7 hearts left
Dark Link- 9 hearts left
Sheik- 7 hearts left
Marin- 8 hearts left
Malo- 7 hearts left
Midna- 8 hearts left 
Telma- 10 hearts left 
Wolf Link- 6 hearts left
Darknut- 8 hearts left

By the end- the defeat of Bowser 
Prince Fluff- 2 hearts left
Dynablade- 1 hearts left
Kirby- 6 hearts left
Metaknight- 10 hearts left
Mr. Shine- 4 hearts left
Satoru Iwata- 8 hearts left
Young Link- 4 hearts left
Dark Link- 9 hearts left
Sheik- 4 hearts left
Marin- 7 hearts left
Malo- 2 hearts left
Midna- 7 hearts left 
Telma- 6 hearts left 
Wolf Link- 3 hearts left
Darknut- 6 hearts left 
Popstar has 23 hearts. 
Koholint has 32 hearts. 
Twilight Realm has 24 hearts. 
Koholint and Twilight Realm will move onto the playoffs. Sorry, Popstar, you were super close this year. Maybe next season. At least you’re still in the Premier League. Speaking of Promotion and all that...


Edited by Link, the Hero of Dreams

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Okay, so Promotion and Relegations... 


The Carnival Night Ringers will be showing up as the number 1 team from Arakawa. Thanks, Sega. Playing for the second spot are Rogueport Bandits, Narshe Rebels, Dragon Quest Swords, and Neo Arcadia Nationals. All will play for Miyamoto. As for relegation, it's Ripple Star Miracle Matter and New Pork Bankees.


The Wumpa Island Bandicoots will be the number 1 team from Iwata. Thanks, Activision. Playing for the second spot are Tethealla Tales, Zaphias Imperials, Avalar Dragonflies, and Hoctation Hammers. All will play for Yamauchi. ... Oh, and Lumiose and Moleville are relegated. Hope you enjoyed your little redemption arc while it lasted.   



#HASHTAGNOJUSTICEFORCULEXANDREDBOOSTERS# Don't care if it's petty, because they are.  


(I would have gone Delfino instead of Moleville, but it's near summer, and roasting Moleville NEVER gets old.)


Last, it's the promotions from the Reserve League.


Seeing how Wild World Predators will now go under Nook Island Survivors, I cannot in good faith promote them yet. 


South Town Wolves and Luigi's Last Resort will go to Arakawa, while Fodland and Arms Brawlers Iwata. 


That is all.

Edited by Link, the Hero of Dreams

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Just to take care of the Division Playoffs now, it will be:  


Sonic (HF)

Twilight Realm 


Corneria (HF)



Smashville (HF)



Sarasaland (HF) 

Shield/New York City 




So, Sonic has gotten a 1-Up in a long time, right? Okay, so it's been a year. But, things have come up green for them. I think it was because of the movie being unexpectedly good. Maybe they'll be the champion of the Miyamoto League, too? We can only think. But, when you have former NBL champion Twilight Realm against them, things will not be easy. 


The last time we saw Corneria in the playoffs was in Autumn 2018. But, what has- ... Then, there's last year's NWS runner-ups Koholint. Will they be close to winning all this time, or will Corneria stop them in their place? 


Smashville was last seen in the summer of 2017. We all know how lucky they got around this time. This will also be Bionis' first time in the big leagues. Although, I guess with the DE out, they surely changed their fates. But, will it be enough to stop the current craze? 


Sarasaland will always find a way to get here. But, they had to run into Shield again, maybe earlier than expected. But, this will be the first time Shield has been in the Premier League. Although, things currently seem off about them. Could it be... THE BACKSTREET BOYS REUNION TOUR?! Hopefully, they'll be okay to do well.  


The Promotion Playoffs: 



Neo Arcadia 



Yggdrassil (DQ) 








Rogueport has to do something with the Origami Kill- I mean King game coming this year, right? We can all agree on that. But, why Neo Arcadia again? This will be their second attempt again to be relevant. *looks at Z/ZX comp* Oh. *shrugs* 


Then there's Narshe vs. Yggdrassil. Raise your hands if the recent FE7make was the picture for the first, the TOMake for the second? Well, that will be fun to see. 


Tethealla vs. Hocotate for playoffs. Hocotate has tried once, maybe twice before, so who knows if they'll ever get up. As for Tethealla, it's the same old hope Lloyd will be playable one of these days. 


Zaphias vs. Avalar. Maybe Yuri really wanted to make people think he's better and cooler than Lloyd. Avalar's just hoping to come along with Wumpa Island to Yamauchi to help with the 3rd part takeover. ... There's already some cold auras with that statement.  


So, good luck everyone!  




The playoff teams!


Koholint Dreamers 


C Dethl

1B Thief Girl

2B Shield Knight

3B Dark Link

SS Leila

LF Cuckoo Keeper

CF Helmaroc King

RF Cyclos

DH Grim Creeper


SP Richard  

SP Young Link 

SP Pigma

SP Mamu 

SP Fuji


MRP Gibdo 

MRR ALTTP Sahasrahla

LRP Toon Zelda

SU Sheik 

CL Marin 


DH Grandma

2B Madam Meowmeow 

1B ReDead Knight 

C Satoru Iwata

RF Tarin 

CF Leilani


Twilight Interlopers  


C Telma  

1B Darbus 

2B TP Ganondorf 

3B Ralis

SS Wolf Link 

LF Dangoro   

CF Nabooru

RF Colin 

DH Agitha


SP Punchinello

SP Midna 

SP Ilia  

SP TP Zelda 

SP Ashei 


MRP Shadow Beast  

MRP Stalchampion

LRP Syrup

SU Fado

CL King Bulbin


RF Aeroflos

SS Coro

2B Malo

LF Iza 

CF Hena

DH Darknut


Sonic Heroes:


C Toasty

1B Shadow

2B Amy Rose   

3B Marlon

SS Sonic

LF Ray

CF Druk

RF Tails

DH Omega


SP Big

SP Bayonetta 

SP Gamma

SP Zavok

SP Kent Akechi


MRP Charmy Bee

MRP Rosso

LRP Chaos  

SU Dr. Eggman  

CL Blaze


1B Vector



SS Beat 

LF Beta

RF Billy Hatcher 



Cornerian Arwings


C Jason Frudnick

1B Slippy Toad  

2B Miyu

3B Aris Landale

SS Fox McCloud

LF Ruxxtin

CF Falco Lombardi 

RF Fay

DH Baymax


SP Bill Grey 

SP Joanna Dark

SP Katt Monroe 

SP James McCloud 

SP General Pepper 


MRP Agent 8

MRP Nitro Man 

LRP Earthworm Jim

SU Captain Commando



C Dural

1B Balrog

LF Overdrive Ostrich 

SS Chill Penguin

3B Dynamo

CF Jaco  


Smashville Savages 
C KK Slider  
1B Tom Nook
2B Labelle
3B Mabel 
SS Sable 
LF Pelly 
CF Pete
RF Phyllis
SP Zangoose
SP Blathers 
SP Villager
SP Mouser
SP Chip
MRP Timmy 
MRP Tommy
LRP Kapp’n  
SU Keaton
CL Resetti
CF Gulliver 
SS Amaterasu
1B Brewster
C Booker
 LF Orville 
RF Wilbur
2B Copper 



Sarasaland Coins 


C Tatanga

1B Yellow Toad

2B Goomba 

3B Sumo Bro

SS Purple Paratroopa  

LF Fire Bro   

CF Hammer Bro 

RF Boomerang Bro


SP Maxwell 

SP Daisy  

SP Blooper 

SP Orville

SP Henry



MRP Yellow Virus

LRP Coach    

SU Dr. Mario

CL Baby Daisy 


3B Wiggler

C Reggie Fils-Aime 

1B Red Virus

CF Blue Virus

RF Paragoomba

SS Monty Mole  

LF Sushi  


Bionis Xenoblades


C Fiora 

1B Riki  

2B Melia 

3B Shulk 

SS Zagi

LF Reyn  

CF Stocke

RF Alvis  


SP Dunban 

SP Gadolt

SP Vanea

SP Loritiha

SP Sharla 



MRP Garnet

LRP Dickson

SU Egil

CL Zanza 


C Chief Dunga 

2B Othu

CF Kalas

LF Beatrix

1B Steiner

3B Cross

RF Elma 



Amazing Avengers 


C Black Panther

1B Drax

2B Valkyrie

3B Android 21

SS Black Widow

LF Iron Man

CF Eddie Wachowski

RF Dr. Doom  


SP Hawkeye

SP Rocket Raccoon  

SP Mantis 

SP Nebula 

SP Dr. Strange


SU Vision

MRP Scarlet Witch

MRP Groot

MRP Yondu

SU Stan Lee


3B Captain America 

SS Hiro Hamada 

CF King Pridemoor

2B Captain Marvel

LF Blaze Heatnix

C Thanos   

1B Venom 



Narshe Rebels 


C Gilgamesh

1B Sabin

2B Edgar

3B Tifa

SS Braev Lee

LF Bartz

CF Cloud

RF Cid Pollendia    

DH Cecil


SP Rosa

SP Celes

SP Terra

SP Setzer

SP Kuja


MRP Zemus


LRP Aerith

SU Sephirorth 

CL Kefka


SS Edge 

DH Onion Knight  

2B Kain 

CF Locke

RF Zidane     

1B Sumo


Dragon Quest Swords


C Dragonlord  

1B Neko

2B Randi

3B Erdrick

SS Hawkeye

LF Psaro

CF Primm

RF Duran

DH Luminary


SP Popoi

SP Mirania

SP Baramos

SP Geshtar

SP Angela


MRP Shade

MRP Zoma

LRP Thanatos

SU Dark Majesty

CL Mordegon


C Solo

SS Charlotte

1B Kevin

2B Riesz

CF Corvus

DH Eight 



Neo Arcadia Nationals   


C Vile 

1B Blue Marine

2B Mike Haggar

3B Neon Tiger

SS Ciel

LF Cut Man


RF Storm Eagle 

DH Gate 


SP Palette

SP Zero

SP Sigma

SP Vent

SP High Max


MRP Heat Man

MRP Double

LRP Spider

SU Wild Gunman

CL Omega


CF Blizzard Man 

SS Iris  

RF Magma Dragoon

C Aile

2B Atropos XR  

1B Dion Blaster 



Rogueport Bandits 


C Grodus   

1B Jr. Troopa 

2B Popple

3B Paper Bowser 

SS Goombario 

LF Gonzales 

CF Goombella 

RF Admiral Bobbery

DH Rawk Hawk


SP Paper Mario 

SP Paper Luigi 

SP Paper Peach  

SP Madame Flurrie  

SP Vivian


MRP L’Arachel

MRP Count Bleck 

LRP Kammy Koopa 

SU Dimentio 

CL Shadow Queen


2B Natasia 

3B Lloyd

CF Paper Toad

RF Lakilester 

LF Parakarry

SS Ms. Mowz     


Hocotatian Hammers


C Alph 

1B Blue Pikmin 

2B Doodlebug

3B Rock Pikmin

SS Charlie 

LF Beady Long Legs 

CF Louie

RF Orange Bulborb 


SP Captain Olimar  

SP Yellow Pikmin


SP Son Olimar

SP Daughter Olimar 


MRP White Pikmin   

MRP Lumine

LRP Crystal Man

SU Brittany

CL Waterwraith


2B Purple Pikmin

1B Red Pikmin

LF Plasm Wraith 

RF Winged Pikmin   

CF Golem

C Helix

SS Saki Amamiya


Tethealla Tales  


C Ratatosk 

1B Zelos 

2B Lloyd Irving

3B Magnius

SS Regal

LF Genis

CF Presea 

RF Sheena 


SP Emil  

SP Marta 

SP Mithos 

SP Karst

SP Amiti


MRP Rosch 

MRP Kvar 

LRP Pronyma

SU Gibari

CL Colette


SS Raven

CF Rodyle  

3B Dagran

C Heiss

RF Marno

1B Folon 

LF Matthew 


Zaphias Imperials


C Barbos

1B Karol

2B Estelle

3B Yuri Lowell

SS Luke fon Fabre

LF Flynn

CF Alexei Dinoia

RF Khroma


SP Rita 

SP Repede

SP Droite

SP Gauce

SP Richter Abend


MRP Ragou 

MRP Forcystus

LRP Cumore

SU Lyude

CL Duke


2B Boccos

SS Edea Lee

3B Ike

LF Yeager 

CF Judith

1B Adecor

C LeBlance 



Avalar Dragonflies


C Moneybags

1B Dingodile

2B Elora

3B Hunter

SS Spyro

LF Crush

CF Sgt. James Byrd

RF Sheila


SP Dr. Shemp

SP Blowhard

SP Metalhead

SP Bianca

SP Agent 9


MRP Jacques

MRP Mr. Bones

LRP The Professor

SU Sorceress

CL Ripto


2B Greta

SS Handel

1B Agent Zero

3B Bentley 

C Bartholomew

LF Scorch

CF Spyke

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Final Scores for Game 1 NBL Divisional Playoffs and Promotion Playoff Semifinals:


Twilight Realm 3

Sonic 5 f/10

Heroes lead series 1-0


Corneria 4

Koholint 7

Dreamers lead series 1-0


Bionis 2

Smashville 8

Savages lead series 1-0


New York City 4

Sarasaland 5 f/14

Coins lead series 1-0




Rogueport 6

Neo Arcadia 4

Bandits lead series 1-0


Narshe 0

Yggdrasil 3

Swords Lead series 1-0


Tethealla 4

Hocotate 7

Hammers lead series 1-0


Zaphias 4

Avalar 3 f/10

Imperials Lead series 1-0

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