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The Nintendo Baseball League

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15 minutes ago, XLW said:

I know who's the perfect person to do that feat!



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Midna. Although she did do that in the game by mistake, she still has the potential.


Man those two have had an ugly past.  I don't know how the Interlopers' management got those two to bury the hatchet.  That might have been one of the single biggest developments of the NBL in 2017 because it really helped fuel the Interlopers rise from the Reserve League all the way to the Premier League.


Like seriously, for years those two had to play on different teams...they refused to be in the same clubhouse. 

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Before the pairs and ice dancing competition results are in, here are the women singles results! 


Figure Skating- 


Women Singles:  


1.           Lamiroir from Khura’in

2.           Midna from Twilight Realm

3.           Pave from Tortimer Island

4.           Baby Daisy from Sarasaland

5.           Pauline from New Donk City

6.           Diantha from Lumiose

7.           Rosalina from Mushroom Kingdom

8.           Lorelei from Saffron

9.          Lilly from Laurasia

10.     Urbosa from Great Plateau

11.     Lulu from Termina

12.     Elincia from Bern

13.     Elsa from Arendelle

14.     Zero Suit Samus from Tallon

15.     Pink Yoshi from Yoster Isle

16.     Farore from Labrynna 




1.           Elizabeth and Will from Tortuga

2.           Susato and Ryunosuke from Anaheim

3.           TP Zelda and TM3 from Twilight Realm

4.           Alm and Celica from Valentia

5.           James Bond and Natalya from Goldwood

6.           Han Solo and Princess Leia from Sauria

7.           Darklaw and Zacharias Barnham from L.A.

8.           Guile and Chun Li from Tokyo

9.           Kafei and Anju from Termina

10.     Rachel and Jake from Orange Star

11.     Chrom and Lucina from Ylisse

12.     Natasia and Count Bleck from Rogueport

13.     Flynn and Estelle from Syvlarant

14.     Felix and Jenna from Weyard

15.     Lloyd Irving and Colette from Tethealla

   16. Jimmy and Marian from Star City 


Ice Dancing:  


1.           Iris and Zero from Megaman

2.           Celes and Locke Cole from Epoch

3.           Fuzzer and Daisy from Sarasaland

4.           Susato and Ryunosuke from Anaheim

5.           Flynn and Estelle from Sylvarant

6.           Toad and Toadette from M.K.

7.           Isabella and Will from Blue Moon

8.           Alm and Celica from Valentia

9.           Kate and Antonio from Mute City

10.     Lloyd Irving and Colette from Tethealla

11.     Goombette and S-H Goomba from NDC

12.     Guile and Chun Li from Tokyo

13.     Belle and Beast from Arendelle

14.     Fatina and Lucian from Jubilife

15.     Mr. and Mrs. Arrow from Port Town

16.     Ribbon Girl and Spring Man from Arms


Edited by XLW

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Baby Daisy is in for the Women Single Figure Skating and Daisy and I are in the Ice Dancing.


No one for Sarasaland competing in Pairs though.

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Yes. That would have been something if you and Daisy were competing against TM3 and Zelda in both competitions. But, your teams are still competing in other events. Still, maybe next time! 

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Ice Hockey-   


Top 2 of the toughest, fastest, and smartest characters from each team. Like last time, I’ll just wait until the top sixteen are announced.    


1.           Team Orange Star

2.           Team Valley of Koopas

3.           Team Valla

4.           Team Sarasaland

5.           Team Big Blue

6.           Team Cavios

7.           Team Sonic

8.           Team Arendelle

9.           Team Venom

10.     Team Mekanos

11.     Team Ripple Star

12.     Team Khura’in

13.     Team Arms

14.     Team Mushroom Kingdom

15.     Team Ylisse

16.     Team Twilight Realm 




1.          Sherlock Holmes from Anaheim

2.           Norman from Slateport

3.           Linus from Bern

4.           Wario from Mushroom Kingdom

5.           Amelia from Magvel

6.           President Haltmann from Halfmoon

7.           Super Macho Man from Underworld

8.           Ringabel from Onett

9.           Wii Fit Trainer from Wuhu Island

10.     Braev Lee from New Pork

11.     Celes from Epoch

12.     Giovanni from Saffron

13.     Marshal from Castelia

14.     Nell from Orange Star

15.     BOTW Link from Great Plateau

16.     Segata Sanshiro from Marble Zone  



Short Track Speed Skating-   





1.           Popo from Skyworld

2.           Frog from Epoch

3.           Shadow from Sonic

4.           Ralis from Twilight Realm

5.           Riju from Great Plateau

6.           Shy Guy from Subcon

7.           Ba-Boom from Mekanos

8.           Ribbon Girl from Arms

9.            Princia Ramode from Mute City

10.     Sveta from Weyard

11.     Thief Girl from Koholint

12.     Falco from Corneria

13.     Aveil from Termina

14.     Lucas from Onett

15.     Roy from Bern

16.    Riley from Tortuga




1.           Amy Rose from Sonic

2.           Moonja from Cavios

3.           Morag from Alrest

4.           Jaffar from Bern

5.           Wolf from Venom

6.           Jenna from Weyard

7.           Elise from Valla

8.           Whitney from Goldenrod

9.           Baby Mario from Yoster Isle

10.     LeFou from Agrabah

11.     Deadpool from Port Town

12.     Will from Blue Moon

13.     F.A.N.G from Ghangzhou

14.     Monty Mole from Sarasaland

15.     Bandit from Subcon

16.     Strider Hiryu from Skyworld


5000m Relay:


Involves everyone in the Short Track and Long Track Speed Skating competition.   


1.            Team Epoch

2.           Team Onett

3.           Team Sarasaland

4.           Team Laurasia

5.           Team Arendelle

6.           Team Hyrule

7.           Team Alrest

8.           Team Ylisse

9.           Team Valley of Koopas

10.     Team Los Angeles

11.     Team Mushroom Kingdom

12.     Team Termina

13.     Team Twilight Realm

14.     Team Gallia

15.     Team Yoster Isle

16.     Team Bionis


Ski Jumping-     


Normal Hill: 



1.           Saturos from Weyard

2.           Gary Oak from Nimbasa

3.           Genis from Onett

4.           Captain America from Sauria

5.           Captain Falcon from Mute City

6.           Android 18 from Goldwood

7.           Camilla from Valla

8.           Classic Tails from Marble Zone

9.           Chilly from Cavios

10.     Viewtiful Joe from Corneria

11.     Metaknight from Popstar

12.     Android 16 from Blue Moon

13.     Kazuma Asogi from Anaheim

14.     BOTW Zelda from Great Plateau

15.     Air Man from Neo Arcadia

16.     Ice Bro from Valley of Koopas


Large Hill:    


1.           Flying Man from Onett

2.           Monty Mole from Sarasaland

3.           Zits from Ultratech

4.           Mewtwo from Saffron

5.           Hinoka from Valla

6.           Lilly from Laurasia

7.           Ken from Tokyo

8.           Peach from Yoster Isle

9.           Iza from Twilight Realm

10.     MM Tingle from Termina

11.     Samus Aran from Zebes

12.     Crono from Epoch

13.     Rosalina from Mushroom Kingdom

14.     Jane B. Christie from Port Town

15.     Viewtiful Joe from Corneria

16.     Alvis from Bionis 


Tomorrow is the last day of the trial finals! Stay tuned!

Edited by XLW

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And this is it! 




1.           Fi from Lanaryu

2.           Marth from Bern

3.           Kirby from Popstar

4.           Donkey Kong from Kongo Jungle

5.           Boomer Bear from Mekanos

6.           Banjo from Mayahem

7.           Kaze from Valla

8.           Tenebrae from Tethealla

9.           Coach from Sarasaland

10.     Majin Buu from Ripple Star

11.     Espella Cantabella from Khura’in

12.    Andrew Oikonny from Venom

13.     Caeda from Valentia

14.     Tiptup from Star City

15.     OoT Postman from Labrynna

16.     Saki Amamiya from Corneria




Giant Slalom:


1.  B. Orchid from Ultratech

2. Koga from Saffron

3. Kay from Smashville

4. Zoroark from Nimbasa

5. Waddle Dee from Popstar

6. Hit from Goldwood

7.  Felicia from Valla

8. Vega from Tokyo

9. Roll from Megaman

10. Max Brass from Arms

11. Tails from Sonic

12. Majin Buu from Ripple Star

13. Daroarch from Halfmoon

14. Ema Skye from Khura’in

15. Gangrel from Ylisse

16. Tiptup from Star City




1.           Oswald from Tortuga

2.           Kohahu Hearts from Sylvarant

3.           Koga from Saffron

4.           Zero from Megaman

5.           Hariet from New Donk City

6.           Ayla from Epoch

7.           Coach from Sarasaland

8.           Eddie Wachowski from Mute City

9.           Flora from Valla

10.     Mario from Mushroom Kingdom

11.     Roy from Bern

12.     Randi from Laurasia

13.     Lt. Surge from Celadon

14.     Black Yoshi from Yoster Isle

15.     Kolin from Arms

16.     Skull Kid from Termina




1.           Agitha from Hyrule

2.           Funky Kong from Kongo Jungle

3.           Alex from Weyard

4.           Neko from Cavios

5.           Waluigi from Mushroom Kingdom

6.           Aeroflos from Twilight Realm

7.           Rolento from Tokyo

8.           Fay from Corneria

9.           Hau from Hau’Oli City

10.     Hawk from Wuhu Island

11.     Kid Cobra from Arms

12.     Haar from Gallia

13.      Will Powers from Los Angeles

14.     Kalas from Bionis

15.     Jr. Troopa from Rogueport

16.    Purple Paratroopa from Sarasaland


Big Air:   



1.           Elise Riggs from Big Blue

2.           Neku Sakuraba from Inkopolis

3.           Max from Tortuga

4.           BOTW Zelda from Great Plateau

5.           TP Ganondorf from Twlight Realm

6.           Eirika from Magvel

7.           Majora from Termina

8.           Maxwell from Sarasaland

9.           Mewtwo from Saffron

10.     James Bond from Goldwood

11.     Nahyuta Sahdmadhi from Khura’in

12.     Moby Jones from Port Town

13.      Wii Fit Trainer from Wuhu Island

14.     King Ashnard from Gallia

15.     Peach from Yoster Isle

16.    Cynthia from Jubilife



Long Track Speed Skating-





1.           Blue from Saffron

2.           Rex from Alrest

3.           Tiki from Valentia

4.           Videl from Big Blue

5.           Nana from Skyworld

6.           Isaac from Tethealla

7.           Brash Bear from Mekanos

8.           Noxus from Zebes

9.           Goombette from New Donk City

10.     Kazuma Asogi from Anaheim

11.     Captain Goomba from Mushroom Kingdom

12.     Krash from Star City

13.     Cress from Castelia

14.     Gary Oak from Nimbasa

15.     Draq from Mute City

16.     Lissa from Ylisse




1.           Anna from Valentia

2.           Zant from Twilight Realm

3.           Ash Ketchum from Nimbasa

4.           Maya Fey from Los Angeles

5.           Dr. Mario from Sarasaland

6.           Cinderella from Wild World

7.           Hercule from Big Blue

8.           Sothe from Gallia

9.           Yoda from Katina

10.     Fox from Corneria

11.     Red from Saffron

12.     Empoleon from Jubilife

13.     Captain Falcon from Mute City

14.     Ghirahim from Lanaryu

15.     Beerus from Ripple Star

16.     Hawkeye from Blue Moon 


This Friday, the Olympics will commence! Who will stand up top at the podium this year?! There are 90 medals for 84 teams, so this will be a rollercoaster of a ride! Until then... stay sharp!

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... And, here's the info on the teams for the Curling, Ice Hockey, and Relay events.  




1.  Team Alrest- Akhos, Patrokia

2.  Team Forest Haven- Mako and Senza

3.  Team Inkopolis- Monster Hunter and Shovel Knight

4.  Team Katina- Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord

5.  Team Valla- Xander and Corrin

6.  Team Cavios- Pillah and Spirum

7.  Team Gallia- Shinon and Leonardo

8.  Team Mekanos- Stanley and Donkey Kong Jr.

9.  Team Termina- Mikau and Lulu

10.             Team Khura’in- Apollo Justice and Nahyuta Sahdmadhi

11.              Team Laurasia- Kefka and Terra Branford

12.              Team Tortimer Island- Tortimer and Leilani

13.              Team Bionis- Shulk and Fiora

14.              Team Jubilife- Byron and Roark

15.              Team Yoster Isle- Kamek and Culex

16.             Team Arms- Gunvolt and Jason Frudnick


Ice Hockey-


1.           Team Orange Star- Michael Ford, Vyse, General Asthar, Von Bolt, Sasha, Rachel

2.           Team Valley of Koopas- King Boo, Ludvig Von Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr., Roy Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, Iggy Koopa,

3.           Team Valla- Xander, Corrin, Gunter, Jakob, Azura, Ryoma

4.           Team Sarasaland- Dr. Mario, Tatanga, Hammer Bro, Sumo Bro, Goomba, Daisy

5.           Team Big Blue- Loki, Don Genie, Hercule, Master Roshi, Valkyrie, Elise Riggs

6.           Team Cavios- Pillah, Spirum, Gigant Edge, Mr. Frosty, Moonja, Neko

7.           Team Sonic- Dr. Eggman, Tails, Shadow, Silver, Sonic, Alex Kidd

8.           Team Arendelle- King Mickey, Belle, Beast, Hercules, Anna, Elsa

9.           Team Venom- Andrew Oikonny, Dash Bowman, Wolf O’Donnel, Panther Caroso, Leon Powalski, Caiman

10.     Team Mekanos- Stanley, Donkey Kong Jr., King K. Rool, Boomer Bear, Tiki Tong, TNT Knocka

11.     Team Ripple Star- Beerus, Majin Buu, Dark Matter Swordsman Form, Shadow Dedede, Adeleine, Ribbon

12.     Team Khura’in- Apollo Justice, Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, Shi-Long Lang, Dhurke Sahdmadhi, Ema Skye, Klavier Gavin

13.     Team Arms- Gunvolt, Jason Frudnick, Max Brass, Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Mim Mim

14.     Team Mushroom Kingdom- Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toad, Toadette

15.     Team Ylisse- Robin, Tharja, Chrom, Frederick, Lucina, Lissa

16.     Team Twilight Realm- TP Zelda, Ralis, TP Ganondorf, Darbus, Wolf Link, Malo


5000m Relay (Short Track)-


1.          Epoch- Frog, Agnes, Marle, Locke Cole

2.          Onett- Lucas, Ninten, Ringabel, Ness

3.          Sarasaland- Goomba, Monty Mole, Yellow Toad, Dr. Mario

4.          Laurasia- Popoi, Primm, Randi, Seth

5.          Arendelle- Elsa, Anna, Donald Duck, Olaf

6.          Hyrule- Vaati, Saria, OoT Zelda, Agitha

7.          Alrest- Nia, Morag, Rex, Jin

8.          Ylisse- Gaius, Gangrel, Lissa, Olivia

9.          Valley of Koopas- Wendy O, Roy, Lemmy, Larry

10.    Los Angeles- Kay Faraday, Robin Newman, Trucy Wright, Maya Fey

11.    Mushroom Kingdom- Nabbit, Toadette, Captain Goomba, Toad

12.    Termina- Aveil, Kafei, Skull Kid, Majora

13.    Twilight Realm- Ralis, Midna, Ook, Zant

14.    Gallia- Mist, Volke, Mia, Sothe

15.    Yoster Isle- Baby Luigi, Mario, and Bowser, Green Yoshi

16.    Bionis- Riki, Melia, Cross, Fiora

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Those competing in the 2018 Olympiad for Sarasaland arrived in PyeongChang today and are getting ready for their respective competitions over the next few weeks.

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MKRA officials released a statement today announcing that “the driver lineups for each of the 11 new teams will be announced soon,” but wouldn’t give a specified date or time. Additionally, the report confirmed the new sponsor changes reported several weeks ago and the new official sponsors.

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It has been announced that ESPN’s F1 coverage will utilize the award winning commentary from the UK’s Sky Sports starting in 2018. Plans include certain pieces tailored for the American viewer as part of their new collaboration going forward.


Here’s the official press release, provided by ESPN Media Zone:




The general consensus regarding commercial breaks is that spilt screen coverage will be used since Sky Sports’ coverage is ad free in the UK, similar to former free to air TV holder BBC and current FTA UK TV holder Channel 4, the former being a public broadcaster that relies on TV license fees collected by British viewers, a concept not used in America, and unlikely to be used anytime soon.

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There were discussions among updating the roster to include some characters by the time the next season came up.


Jiren from Dragon Ball. 

Android 21 from Dragon Ball. 

Violet and Dash from Incredibles. 

Mike and Sulley from Monsters Inc.  

Colossus from Marvel. (Now that the Fox merger has begun.)


But, ultimately, there were some brought up points regarding these characters. 


Jiren is not ultimately known as a team player, even though he fights in the Universal Survival Arc. He's very antisocial at best. Plus, he'd rather be meditating or sparring. Also, the Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 6 is likely suspect, since it hasn't released yet. The other fighters from the tournament don't have any plans to be in video games yet. 


Android 21? Maybe later on in one of the next two teams, but... She's nothing really special. 


Dash's speed is ultimately too god-like. Plus, he's bit brash and a bit of a hot-shot. As for Violet, like Jiren, she did appear to be a little bit shy in the first Incredibles. Also, I don't think she would be for sports.


A lot of superheroes and villains have been under question about their powers and their personalities. Not only that, but there's the Tolerance Policy to keep in mind. We've had tabs on many as well, but if there were too much, it would be too unfair for Nintendo's end. Disney's staying time here also caused some misfortune for the NBL when they took hold of Star Wars as well as Marvel, and this the problem because of that. One day, there could be discussion of one Star Wars, one Marvel, and one Dragon Ball team, since such has been made in football too, which could ultimately erase a few teams from franchises that don't need the extra teams.  


Back to Disney, Mike and Sulley were potential players, but were let go when the expansion happened. Whenever THE IIIrd comes out, we'll talk later. 


Colossus might return as well, since recent events now have made him more viable. But, the Deadpool 2 movie won't come out until the regular season starts. 


The teams won't change as of now.  

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MKRA insiders have collectively said to NSN that with so many possible drivers out there, "narrowing the list down to 22 other drivers, plus what teams get those drivers, is impossible," noting that Delta Sarasaland Racing Team has their lineup from 2017 unchanged heading into the full competition after the Olympiad.


Another insider said that "it's easier to report on sponsors and any changes between team sponsors and league sponsors than it is the drivers," owing to the fact that the various sponsors involved are easier to report than reporting on the drivers.


Additionally the insiders also agreed that Fergie's rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the NBA All Star Game last night was "terrible" and one added, "When even Roseane Barr herself wasn't a fan of Fergie's jazzy rendition of the anthem, you know how terrible it sounded."


Have a listen if you want.



Edited by Fuzzer1

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The Mario Kart Racing Association's steering committee traveled to Pyeongchang, South Korea today for a meeting with the organizers of the Nintendo Winter Olympiad.  Following the meeting, the MKRA came to the international broadcast center to announce the racers and teams that will compete in the inaugural season.


First off, as has been announced, the official MKRA sponsors:

Heineken (official alcoholic beverage)

Rolex (Official Timekeeper)

Goodyer (Official Tire)

Ford (Official Vehicle)

Coca-Cola (Official non-alcoholic beverage)

Chevron (Official Fuel)


Second, the official race schedule was released.  You'll notice that 3 more competitions have been added...I say competitions because unlike the 25 races already on the schedule, the 3 added events will be battle arena events.  These events will be scored in a similar fashion as the grands prix.


1.Yoshi Circuit - Yoshi's Island - March 11

2.DK's Jungle Parkway - Kongo Jungle - March 18

3.Dry Dry Desert Circuit - Sarasaland - March 25

4.Roulette Road - Casino Night Zone - April 8

5.Mario Kart Stadium, Mushroom Kingdom - April 15

6.Mute City Circuit, Mute City - April 29

7.Chocolate Mountain Circuit - Dinosaur Land - May 6

8.Animal Crossing Circuit - Smashville - May 13

9.Katina Frontline Base Battle Arena - Katina - May 20

10.Toad's Turnpike Circuit - Mushroom Kingdom - May 27

11.Dragoon Air Ride Circuit - Popstar - June 3

12.Koopa Troopa Beach Circuit - Valley of Bowser - June 10

13.Sunshine Airport Circuit - Delfino City - June 17

14.Darkwater Beach Hovercraft Battle Arena - Timber Island - June 24

15.Mushroom City Circuit - Mushroom Kingdom - July 15

16.Wario Stadium Circuit - Sarasaland - July 22

17.Donut Plains 3 Circuit - Dinosaur Land - July 29

18.Silph Company Street Circuit - Saffron City - August 19

19.Big Blue Circuit - Big Blue - August 26

20.Subcon Circuit - Subcon - September 2

21.Corneria City Circuit - Corneria - September 16

22.Moleville Mountain Circuit - Star Continent - September 23

23.Skyscraper Battle Arena - Mushroom Kingdom - September 30

24.Hyrule Circuit - Hyrule - October 14

25.Royal Raceway Circuit - Mushroom Kingdom - October 21

26.Spacedust Alley Plane Circuit - Timber Island - October 28

27.Bowser's Castle Circuit - Valley of Bowser - November 12

28.Rainbow Road - Mario Galaxy - November 19



And now lastly...the teams for this season:

1.Delta Sarasaland - Fuzzer & Daisy

2.Uber Lawyer - Phoenix Wright & Miles Edgeworth

3.Jtekt Japan - Ryu & Edmond Honda

4.Kroger Popstar - Kirby & Metaknight

5.Amazon Plumber - Mario & Luigi

6.Tesco Princess - Peach & Rosalina

7.Corona Islander - Yoshi & Birdo

8.CVS Fox - Fox & Krystal

9.Nasa Astronaut - Olimar & Louie

10.Target Theives - Wario & Waluigi

11.Chevrolet Psychic - Ness & Lucas

12.Coors Koopa - Bowser & Koopa Troopa

13.Dole Banana - Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong

14.BMW Bigshot - Gary Oak & Ash Ketchum

15.Emirates Skyworld - Pit & Palutena

16.Sherwin Williams Hyrule - Triforcemaster & Zelda


The opening race of the season kicks off on March 11 at Yoshi's Island.

Edited by Triforcemaster3

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Delta Sarasaland Racing Team officials were asked about having to compete against a team sponsored by Emirates Airlines in the form of Emirates Skyworld and the ongoing debate regarding the claims they are subsidized by the UAE government and said that "any issues between the US airliners and Middle East airliners will not spill over into the MKRA season. We see them and the other teams announced as only competitors we need to beat throughout the season, nothing else."


Racing pundits throughout the Nintendo Universe said that the amount of global sponsors impresses them saying that:


"What we have here is a diverse list of companies of various types and from all corners of the globe being represented on the track. Also some companies like Corona, Dole, Target among others get some bonus points for creative team names in the list that make them stand out amongst the rest, though unless you're Delta Sarasaland Racing Team, everyone else is a new team with no racing history. The season should be fun to watch, especially with team rivalries set to build up over time."

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