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Well, this might drive me crazy trying to figure out


Granted, I’m using the site on the computer rather than mobile since that’s easier to locate things…


But Twitters being a bit finicky loading on so can’t exactly do that currently 

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Pretty much how i spent all of my morning - think I’ve checked off all the Korok Seeds I’ve gotten, but I can’t be sure…


Still need to finish off a bit of of the Divine Beast before leaving, but dunno how to get to a chest…


not sure if some of the chests are worth getting or not though 


Might have to use a guide because I genuinely don’t know where some of these areas for the Memories/DLC Gear/Koroks are


Wish i knew about that Interactive Map WAY sooner

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On 5/12/2023 at 12:10 AM, April said:

on the apt hunt with my partner and we missed the chance to stay in probably the only affordable place in a really nice, walkable area in the center of the city by 1 whole hour. somebody saw it just before us and took it right before we could hamcry; it would have been really wonderful to not need a car around here for a change.  but we're seeing another place on monday that's not too far off. it's hard to find much we can comfortably afford, so hoping this one is good enough to settle for :v

it actually ended up being pretty solid and not far from the area we were looking at anyway!
and we got approved for it over the weekend flower;

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13 minutes ago, Tyranogre said:

I'm impressed that I've avoided TotK story spoilers for this long.


The only clips of it I see on Twitter are giant flamethrower penises and Korok crucifixions. 

I had zero spoilers, even with the leaks.

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