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Your Wii U could become come bicked for not using it for long periods of time?

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Apparently the Wii U has a NAND corruption issue, where if you don't use it for long periods of time it could become bricked (see link in tweet below).


I'm no electronics guy, so IDK if this is just fearmongering or actually a serious issue. Luckily I still use my Wii U every now and then, mainly for web browser stuff to watch videos and what not on my TV. Though, sites are starting to no longer be supported by the browser and I also now have a Chromecast (with Google TV) that can do most of this, including just casting Chrome tabs to my TV. Yeah... To be safe, I guess, just make sure to boot up your Wii U every now and then. 


I'm interested to see how this unfolds as more people who know about this kind of thing look into it.



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As more and more Wii U titles come to Switch, I thought I had more reason to sell my Wii U but I didn't because I don't know of anywhere else; Gamestop see no value Wii U to sell. That was was few years ago, don't know if they reverse that. And the other reason I kept my Wii U and turn it on once and a while. It currently the biggest collection of VC. So I can't possible sell all the digital titles that is gonna go nowhere. It's just a coincidence the eShop is closing down but I can't bear to not play the collection of VC have on the Wii U.


The last I turned on the Wii U was maybe like 6 months ago for a VC title, of course.


So tho, I don't think this fear mongering, unless this is widely more report than I can see some claim in this PSA of don't use it or lose it.

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10 hours ago, Ridley Prime said:

Another L for Wii U fans/defenders.


I already had buyer’s remorse with the system as it was, but am kinda afraid now to hook mine back up and see if it still works, with how long it’s been since I last touched it.

Yes I do still lose sleep over how appallingly bad the Wii U's marketing was. It will forever be the most underappreciated game console. Nintendo Land alone is legendary stuff for those who actually gave it a chance.


I don't have a TV in my room, but luckily the Wii U doesn't require one, so mine's still booted up every now and then. Plus before the eShop closes mine will have Metroid Prime Trilogy on it. My old Wii, though... haven't hooked that up since.

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Haven’t used mine in 5 years - been in storage mostly since 2018


Crossing my fingers that mine still works fine 🤞🏻


Though i did check my gamepad a year or so ago after i got a new charging cable (which seemed to work just fine) and sounded like my Wii U ran fine, although it wasn’t plugged in to a TV so I can’t be too sure regardless 


really need to go around to my parents house and download some content for Dimensions…


Though, i need the specific packs first…


And time is ticking considering the days until the Wii U shop close…

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Guess I'll have to bring mine out but I did plug it in not long ago. Let me check it out.


EDIT: Everything worked out ok. I'm now currently giving it the latest update and I also plugged in my external hard drive so it is all good.


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@Ridley Prime: I believe it was briefly mentioned in SpawnWave vid, that when he was working at Gamestop back in the Wii U days and was repairing Wii U's and such. He saw that the NAND in the Wii U, there were 3 kinds, the ones from the launch are the worse not only because of so much time gone by and how long you haven't used. That is the worse brand, I forget if he said the brand is the one you brought in the tweet but yeah it is a lottery if you bought a Wii U let's say in the last 5 years, you may or may have that bad brand one but least more like if you have launch Wii U and or if haven't used in a while.


I have launch Wii U so I most likely have that bad brand NAND, not sure if I am lucky or not like joy-con drift that my Wii U still works, as I mentioned earlier in this thread so like the red ring of death back in the Xbox 360 and affected 1% of owners, something you're just unlucky in that low provability of console issues. That's not to take away from those that experience and some deny or doubt this is happening or could happens. It's just unlucky probability.

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I tore mine down to find out what one I have. What I am seeing is that the Samsung NANDS are an issue but then again it is really hard to know. I got a White basic Wii U at launch so I am hoping I am ok. I do have a Samsung NAND in there but reports are all over the place about which chip is the culprit. My Wii U still works but I do use it quite often because of the huge VC library. 







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