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Tykogi Tower - N4A Chat Thread, March 2023

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Okay, so my Sonic Frontiers music playlist would be as followed, ALSO given the option to change the music in Cyberspace as well (since you can only listen to music in the worlds for some reason:)


From Sonic The Hedgehog:    


Green Hill Zone 



Spring Yard Zone 

-I wish the Tee Lopes versions were made official. (And, yes, I think this song is underrated compared to Casino Night Zone and Carnival Night Zone.)  


From Sonic The Hedgehog 2:


Emerald Hill Zone 

-Just as good as Green Hill Zone!     


Chemical Plant Zone 

-A great classic. And, there's a Cyberspace theme for it! 


From Sonic CD:  


Palmtree Panic (U.S.) 

-I like this version more.  


Wacky Workbench (U.S.) 

-This song is groovier! 


Sonic Boom (Crush 40 vs. Cash Cash Remix) 

-Better than the original. 


From Sonic 3 & Knuckles: 


Angel Island 1 

-Of course there is SPOILERS.        

Lava Reef Zone 

-Makes sense for one world. 


Sky Sanctuary Zone 



Final Boss 

-This... and... 


The Doomsday Zone 



Of course, these islands have some connection with Angel Island. 


From Sonic R: 


Can You Feel The Sunshine? 


Super Sonic Racing 

-I have NO SHAME for both of these songs. 


From Sonic Adventure:   


Open Your Heart 

-A masterpiece! 


It Doesn't Matter 



My Sweet Passion 

-The Amy Rose in this game is so much more bearable. 


Believe In Myself 

-Tails is so much better in this game. 


Unknown from M.E. 

-They call him Knuckles. Unlike Sonic he doesn't chuckle.  


Emerald Coast 

-It goes without saying. 


BIG Fishes at Emerald Coast 

-Imagine getting rid of the current fishing song with this. It would drive a certain G.G. insane!   


Speed Highway 

-The original, not the remix. This song slaps! Plus, there are some highway Cyberspace levels that work well. 


Be Cool, Be Wild, and Be Groovy 

-For one Cyperspace in particular. (I had a hard time thinking of IceCap from Sonic 3 and Cool Edge from Sonic Unleashed because there's not really any ice world in this game. Plus, MJ's version of IceCap wasn't used in the Origins game to begin with anyways.


The same could be said for most water levels too. I wanted to put in Hydrocity somewhere, but there's nowhere to fit it.)  


Perfect Chaos 

-This or the version in Generations. 


From Sonic Adventure 2:  


Escape From the City 



Metal Harbor 

-There's a Cyperspace level based on Metal Harbor! (More levels are like that too.)


Green Forest 

-This song just slaps!  


Pumpkin Hill 

-Corny as all heck, but it's a sleeper! (Even if I don't know WHERE it would fit.)  


Chao Garden Extended Mix 

-Koco are basically like Chao in this game!  


Radical Highway 

-Another highway song!  


E.G.G.M.A.N. Ver. 2 [Instrumental] 

-Yes, there were instrumental versions of all of these characters. 


Dry Lagoon 

-No questions asked. This song just works.  


Live And Learn 

-A classic. 


From Sonic Advance: 


Cosmic Angel Zone 



From Sonic Advance 2: 


Music Plant 1   

-The Advance series is soooooo under-appreciated! But, 2 had the best music.  


Hot Crater Act 1 



Sky Canyon Act 2 

-The closest thing to Sky Sanctuary. 


From Sonic Advance 3: 


Chaos Angel Act 3 

-There's a world called CHAOS ISLAND! (I would like the hear the GaMetal Chaos Angel medley too.)


From Sonic Heroes:  


Sonic Heroes 

-Of course!


Seaside Hill 

-This or the version in Generations will do.   


Ocean Palace 

-I'm okay with this. 


What I'm Made Of 



(I haven't played this game at all, so I don't know what other songs would work with Frontiers.)  


From Sonic Rush:  


Right There, Right On

-I know only a few Sonic Rush songs. 


What U Need (Remix) 



A New Day 



(I haven't played the DS games, even though they helped make THE formula. I just listened to some out of context.)


From '06:   


His World 

-... This is maybe one of the most under-appreciated songs of Sonic themes.  


(This game is better known for its music, TBH, but I never found it as good as earlier 3D games, or the later games. So, give me some advice here.)


From Sonic Unleashed:  


Endless Possibilities 

-Guilty pleasure.


The World Adventure 

-No doubt.  


Windmill Isle (Day) 

-Of course.  


Savanna Citadel (Day)

-Good for the desert world. 


Spagonia (Day) 

-I love places Italian inspired. 


Skyscraper Scamper (Night) 

-The only night song that would work here! 


Werehog Battle Theme D 

-Better battle music for the Guardians. I will debate this to infinity. 


From Sonic Colors:    


Reach for the Stars 

-The better version, IMO. 


Theme of Sonic Colors 

-Planet exploring! 


Starlight Carnival Act 3 (Remix) 

-This one was really hard to choose.  


Planet Wisp Act 1

-I like the slow build of the original more. 


Asteroid Coaster Act 3 (Remix) 

-The bass goes so much harder in the version. Sorry.  


Terminal Velocity Act 1 (Remix) 

-This version rocks harder.


From Sonic Generations:  


Green Hill (Blue Blur Remix)

-Fun ska version.  


Mushroom Hill (Remix) 

-I like this version a lot better. 


Sky Sanctuary (Remix)

-There's a cyberspace calling its name.


City Escape (Blue Blue Remix)

-This version's bass.    


Water Palace Act 1 (Remix) 

-I never played the Rush series, sorry...  


Crisis Core (Remix) 

-Do we really need to go how horrible THAT game is... but the music is the best part of it?! 


Rooftop Run (Remix) 

-I like this version. 


Neo Green Hill (Remix) 

-More from the Advance series. 


Leaf Forest (Remix) 

-I love this remix. 


Route 99 (Remix) 

-Better than the original. 


From Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed: 



-A medley based on Sonic 3 & Knuckles. This would make sense, since SPOILERS.    


(If you're wondering about the other racing games not on here... I haven't played the Riders and the PSP games. Just throw in the Crush 40 songs!) 


From Sonic Mania Plus 


Green Hill Zone (Tee Lopes Remix)

-Another remix of a classic song! 


Chemical Plant Zone (Remix) 

-Better than the Generations' version.   


Eggman Mean Bean 

-I just love this song. 


Lights, Camera, Action 

-I don't care how out of action this song is, it rocks! 


Flying Battery Zone (Remix) 



Blossom Haze 

-This song is GOATed. 


Stardust Speedway (Remix) 

-The same version in this game will do.   


Vs. Metal Sonic (Remix) 

-A classic given a cool remix. 


Rogues Gallery 

-I don't think this song is in the game... BUT THERE'S A DESERT WORLD!


Lava Reef Zone (Remix) 

-The Act 2 version, if I must interject.  


Blue Spheres (Remix) 

-Perfect for the events.  


Trap Tower- Pinball Bonus Stage 

-I can think of ONE area. That stupid pinball event in this game! If you're wondering why I had a hard time with Casino based levels... there's only an event. Casino and Carnival Nights that event is NOT inspired by! Casinopolis wouldn't work with it, and the Heroes' levels as well. The only other song that could possibly work was Spring Yard Zone, since that level is barren to begin with. 


From Sonic Forces: 


Fist Bump 

-Guilty Hoobastank pleasure. 


Infinite Battle 2 



(This game may have the worst selection of 3D music.)


From Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 


His World (E3 2006 Version) 

-Just as good as the original. 


From Team Sonic Racing: 


Green Light Ride 

*shrugs* It just felt so good hearing Crush 40 again after all this time. 


Wisp Circuit 

-I love this song.  


Whale Lagoon 

-Another remix of Seaside Hill.  


Market Street 

-Another remix of Rooftop Run. 


From the Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony: 


Endless Possibilities

-I like Nathan Sharp as well as the Bowling For Soup guy. Plus, it has a symphony part.


 Sonic Boom 

-Honestly, their version is better than the original. 


Escape from the City 

-Again, Nathan Sharp and the orchestra. Plus, the opening part is extended with the beginning cutscene too. 


Live And Learn 





As for Sonic Lost World and some of the spin-offs... I never played those games, nor found their music to be good. Maybe just throw in the Crush-40 songs of the Storybook games, and Windy Valley or whatever from Lost World.  


And I'm not sure where my stance on Shadow's music is. A lot of it is good... but would SEGA really want us to remember the only "Sonic" game with an M rating? Unless it was a Crush-40 song anyways.  


My two cents on what a better music selection would be in this game in particular. I haven't played all the Sonic games, and picked which ones were great from each game, since I love a lot of the songs in the series. 

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Made more progress in Violet


A couple more Titans done leaving Iron Tusk (which i found out i'm underlevelled and unprepared for) and the False Dragon Titan


So looks like i'm going to need to grind up a bit more


Took care of the Water and Normal type Gyms though


Accidentally triggered the cutscene while exploring for the fighting type base so guess i'll do that base next, then


And although not perfect, got a nice large amount of research tasks done in Arceus at least

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Cleared up the majority of the misc folders on imgur that i had - going to download some of the images and clean things up a bit


Might reupload things in more organized folders later when i'm done with backing up my Switch stuff


Also been downloading the folders i uploaded to google drive of the Switch stuff i uploaded so i can reupload to imgur


Have been doing them one at a time, so that's a slow process.....




Also been getting a decent amount of rain the past week


not complaining. rather deal with that instead of snow




Also going out with my parents for Dinner/late lunch today with my parents to Outback Steakhouse


Not fully sure on what to get, though i've narrowed things down


The Prime Rib sounds pretty tempting...


Going to start wrapping things up and gather a few things - getting close to 12

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Well, never got to download the content for Dimensions I didn’t get before the Wii U Eshop shuts down


Well, guess I’ll be getting a used Xbox one or PS3/4 for it and the game and whichever toypad i need for it


I don’t usually buy a console just for one game, but might be an exception this one time - hopefully i can get 


Already have all the packs aside 8 of them - easy enough to get off Ebay or Bricklink though will be pricey - both the Teen Titans Go Team pack and Chase McCain Fun pack are still sitting around unopened/built


Probably will buy things in separate batches since I don’t think I’m really in a rush to get them, but should work on that soon…


Something I really should have done month/years ago though - but always didn’t have a huge amount of spare money to spend  so….


Had the main story/Year 1 content completed on Wii U too - so it’s annoying that the Wii U version will pretty much be sitting there incomplete even if i beat the worlds for Year 2 that I already have downloaded


At least i hot the majority of those packs on sale, so saved some money in the first few years at least



Also perfecting the Dex in Legends is going to take longer than i thought considering how many tasks it there are


Been making progress slowly, but it’s taking longer than i thought originally


If i had the focus/memory , I’d be able to do multiple at a time, but that’s pretty difficult for me…

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Been continuing to work on the research tasks in Pokemon Legends Arceus backwards 


Up to Weavile/Sneasler in the Alabaster Icelands section


Realized you can get tasks done quicker  slightly if you have multiple of the same Pokemon in your party


I think that should help slightly in getting tasks completed…


Not sure how i’ll go about Zoroark, though - might have to wait for an Outbreak to get two sets of tasks for that one done

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Got my tickets for Mario Movie next weekend.


Seeing the trailers, I really want the Mario Kart game to a new colour shell that works like the green one in the movie, where it acts like a green shell but keeps going even after making contact. Make it a non-spike blue shell maybe? Let it keep going and break whenever it crosses the finish line or falls off the track. Could wreak some serious havoc with those.

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Got the last 2 Titans taken care of so that’s one path more or less wrapped up



Also for some reason Youtube hasn't been loading on Firefox the last few days


Not sure why, though... been using Microsoft Edge instead


Was able to find the same Youtube Enhancer i use on Firefox at least

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17 minutes ago, Kodiack said:

What's up?

I'm not sure exactly, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I may or may not have done something illegal during my time in the funny farm, and I wasn't sure whether we needed to get other users here involved.


Pay no attention to the ramblings of a mad Dragon-waifuist.


I like your avatar, BTW. It reminds me of my sister.

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11 hours ago, Tyranogre said:

I'm not sure exactly, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I may or may not have done something illegal during my time in the funny farm, and I wasn't sure whether we needed to get other users here involved.

Say what now?

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