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Tykogi Tower - N4A Chat Thread, March 2023

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Finally have some new earbuds…


bloody hell it was annoying having a pair that didn’t even work anymore 


will have to remember to throw those in the electric recycling later on…


Need to see if there’s a brand that is more durable - thinking of getting a pair of those wireless earbuds, too…


No idea how many pairs I’ve gone through the last 5 years….


Doubt i would be going through so many if i was on my own and not stuck in this hell hole and damned system 


In other news, finished off the main story in Arceus


Still have a bunch of tasks,requests and story stuff to do… so I’m nowhere near done



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Digimon Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition is on sale for $9.99 but I only have $10.57 in points so im short by 4 points…. so that’s unfortunate 


Feel like it would be worth getting it at that sale price - would be saving quite a bit…


And been curious about the game - been ages since I’ve played a Digimon game, too…  last one I recall playing was either Digimon World 1/2 and Rumble Arena on Playstation


Also The LEGO Movie 2 is on sale again for $6.00 - still don’t know about that one… if the game was played out story wise like the first one than a loose interpretation of the movie, I’d have higher interest in it…


Maybe ill still get it on sale at some point in the future, but not really high on the list right now


Also looks like those Megaman Collections and 11 is on sale… should get those at some point 


But those go on sale quite often, so not high priority atm



Also nice having Day/Night cycles again - also looked like I’ve unlocked different types of weather and close to unlocking Mass Massive Outbreaks or whatever they’re called


Though i need to wait for a Full Moon to get the Clefairy request done and to evolve Ursuluna….


Also can do requests and get the other legends/myth pokemon  now which is neat


Been working on finishing up some older request/side quests today first - gotten a few done already 

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i made that other chat thread about being excited for switch version of dokapon, but i ended up getting my partner a wii for their birthday anyway and we were playing it nonstop for days straight basically y; horribly addicting little thing

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Looks like that Disney racer game is coming out in April finally 


Eh, it’s free at least, so guess I’ll take a look at it out of curiosity 


edit: wasn’t paying full attention and April release is for early access 


n/m on the previous statement then


Also through a guide from Serebii found the rest of the small amount of  Unown i was missing 


A few I didn’t even notice 

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Looks like it’s going to start to warm up to the 50°s - 70°s between next Tuesday- Sunday




Im hoping this means it’s going to warm up permanently now…. Winter and cold weather can just fuck off already please


Also looks like Easter candy is available in stores already (at least going by Walmart online…)


Really should get a large stash of Easter candy - been awhile since I’ve been had a stash of candy

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OH MY!!!!.... PLEASE! PLEASE! DON'T RUIN IT! Kid me is begging you. 


Good Burger still makes me LMAO after all these years. I remember seeing it in theaters as a kid and I still have in on VHS. Though, I kind of hate this trend of bringing TV shows/movies back just to put them on a streaming service. Most of the time they just ruin it anyways. -_-'



It will be on Paramount+ later this year...


EDIT: Wait! So, Kenan said they're going to start filming it later this Summer.... Can they really film it all and edit before the end of the year? Hopefully it's not rushed.


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last night some weirdo was in our apartment complex screaming some wild shit right as i got home (like he was gonna wait until i went to work and then KILL ME???) and then spent some more time wandering around yelling and making lots of noise and even now i'm still anxious x_x


not even sure if he was a dude who lives here! but i sure hope not!

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Been continuing to upload more and back up my Nintendo Switch screenshots from my computer to Imgur to try and free up more space


Originally was organizing it by year, but changed it to by game since that was easier… aside from some miscellaneous games that I didn’t think there was enough from each to make separate folders for


If i had an external hard drive, I’d just do that


Not exactly sure where it upload the video captures to, yet… so I’m just setting them off to the side



Also been working on more research pages in Arceus…. this might take longer than i thought…


Done some tasks, but feels like i haven’t made much of a dent in them yet


Not sure the best way to streamline it, either - maybe work on one set from an area at a time would make sense….




Also looks like The Sims 4 is done updating….


Need to figure out what mods need updating, if any…

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From work to cleaning the house to about to cook dinner for Davy. I give today a definitely a malewife/10.


Dinner is orange chicken, rice, gyoza, and some mixed frozen veggies.


Edit: Davy and I are basically only one outstanding furniture item away from completing the apartment (a cubby for our work things), so I'll probably show you pictures tomorrow. The walls aren't decorated, but that's a future us problem.

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we bought a chinese vegan cookbook like a month ago and since then its basically taken over our dinners and lunches, its sooo tasty


there's a lot of dumpling and roll recipes in there that im hoping we can try to make soon, they seem really intimidating to me...

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The weather forecast looks good for Wednesday and after that


So hopefully this means we’re finally getting warmer weather permanently 


So looking forward to wearing lighter clothing and sandals again for Spring and Summer 


So tired of this cold weather


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21 hours ago, Stephen 776 said:

From work to cleaning the house to about to cook dinner for Davy. I give today a definitely a malewife/10.


Dinner is orange chicken, rice, gyoza, and some mixed frozen veggies.


Edit: Davy and I are basically only one outstanding furniture item away from completing the apartment (a cubby for our work things), so I'll probably show you pictures tomorrow. The walls aren't decorated, but that's a future us problem.

I have the pictures


(and yeah, camera and my photo skills aren't the best, but shhh). Also, no idea why YT thought the bathroom was best thumbnail given that it's, you know, a bathroom. y;


For wall decor, we're not sure what direction, if any, we'll go. We'll add a work cubby ("KALLAX") next to the desk at the entrance, but IKEA needs to restock first. Otherwise, home is complete now that there's more shelving.

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Uploaded and knocked out over 2,00 more images to imgur


Though, i have over 1,000 video captures set aside i’m not sure where to upload to…


Still have way more to upload to Imgur though…



Looks like we’re getting a new Life Sim Game called Life By You - that looks really interesting and might be something I’ll be interested in


A lot more features and content right from the start compared to The Sims 4, too


Might be something I’ll be interested in getting

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Nothing like checking to see if I have enough room to install the Xenoblade Chronicles X update patches, and I don't. So there goes that. anhero;


Played some games on it and it worked like a charm. Some Super Mario 3, Minish Cap, Goldensun, Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. 

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Okay, so... the Jukebox DLC in Sonic Frontiers is mediocre. It doesn't have ANY Sonic 1 and 2 songs, it barely has any CD and 3&K, and the great Heroic Adventure Trilogy doesn't have all of the great music. 


I'd make my own playlist that was better than this! ... Later ... Without the obvious MJ music, since Origins included the prototype songs. 


And I thought I could change the music in Cyberspace too. 

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Also, wife had her "final" dental appointment Monday. 7 more extractions and got her dentures. She needs to heal up, get used to the dentures, and get some fitting adjustments, then it's time to start talking implants. Either as full replacements for the dentures, or to better anchor them in so they snap in and out, no adhesive. Monday alone was $4000 out of pocket. Insurance was long used up. In addition to physical healing, there's still the mental aspect of it. Since the teeth are "perfect" she doesn't feel like it's HER smile anymore. Also, there's a bit of existential crisis in there, having dentures before 40 - despite my reassurances as to how prevalent they actually are. And she's also worried what I'll think if I see her with them not in, but I really don't care. It'll be tough time, but I think she'll push through and love that it's now done.

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