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Pokémon GO Discussion Thread | 🌎Comm. Day - Sept. 23rd 🔴🟣Gen IX coming Sept. 5th!

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  • alienboyva changed the title to Pokémon GO Discussion Thread | 🌎Comm. Day - July 30th 👣Routes feature rolling out!
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I finally found some routes in my area (one on Friday and one on Saturday), though I still don't have the option to create one. All I've gotten was a button that says "Learn More". I have some nature trails in my neighbourhood that would be perfect for this, but It still won't give me the ability to create a route. :(  


How do I find a Zygarde cell? Is it something you randomly get after completing a route or something you find on the map while on a route? If it is on the map, I haven't been looking at it that much when doing routes (just every once and awhile). Also, the two routes I went on had a bunch of PKMN along them, so I probably would have missed any cells that may have popped up anyway. :P 


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Finally hit level 41 and caught 19 Shinies Sunday


And even got my first Shiny XL, which is nice


Only remembered to evolve 4 of them - accidentally missed getting Water Shuriken on one of them, though


Will definitely be nice to have an extra to send over to Violet later on at least 


Can’t seem to post from twitter - not sure if the idiotic rebranding and link change screwed things up


Could use Imgur…







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I found another route today to complete the 3 route task in part 1 of the Zygarde special research. Though, I still haven't been able to find a Zygarde cell.  I made sure to pay close attention to the map when on the route this time, and still, nothing. :(  So, I'm starting to think these things must be very rare (and/or purposely hard to spot among all the PKMN spawns). PLZ! I just want to complete this final task in part 1 of this special research! T_T


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Gen IX is coming Sept. 5th!...


This is odd, since we still don't have all the Gen VIII PKMN (where are the starters?!). Now you want to add Gen IX PKMN, including it's starters? o_O






Just wondering... Does anyone here have the ability to create routes yet? It's kind of annoying that I still don't have it. IDK if this is a level thing or region thing, or what.

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  • alienboyva changed the title to Pokémon GO Discussion Thread | 🌎Comm. Day - Sept. 23rd 🔴🟣Gen IX coming Sept. 5th!

Are spoofers still a problem in PKMN GO?


I only ask because for the past few months I've noticed that everyday the 3 same people (they're each at least lvl 40) have PKMN in every gym with in a mile of my house (They're always the same PKMN, if that matters. Though, I know there's a tire for the top PKMN to put in gyms), which consists of a little over 10 gyms. Why would people do this, unless they're spoofing? I seriously doubt that it's worth the effort to actually go out to all these gyms every single day to take them down, given you can only earn 50 coins a day. PKMN GO is very active is my area, so I doubt they have PKMN left in some of these gyms to automatically earn 50 coins for yet another day. They might get lucky with this once or twice, but still... 


These people seem to be super aggressive with gyms too. The other day one of these mentioned people had one of their PKMN in a gym in my neighborhood (As as always. :v  BTW, it was only their one PKMN in this gym) and within 5 seconds of me taking over the gym they were already trying to kick my PKMN out. I was like "Did they even have time to see the notification and boot the game?" Though, to be fair they, could have already had the game open, but still, it was suspiciously fast. Also, I didn't notice anyone around when they started trying to kick my PKMN out of the gym. Though, to be fair again, this gym is a playground, which is behind some houses, so they could live in one of those houses. Luckily, I was able to take the gym back without them trying to kick my PKMN out again (I guess they gave up after me gold berry camping for a bit). It's still kind of shitty that they'd go this hard, given how many gyms they currently had PKMN in. ...Like, PLZ! JUST LET ME HAVE THIS ONE! T_T


I don't have any proof that these people are spoofing, but this behavior seems, as the kids would say, "VERY SUS". I guess I need to try taking over other gyms they have PKMN in and see how fast they try to reclaim it and if anyone is around when they do, to really see if they're spoofing. Nothing like this has happened before, but it just kind of shitty that people have to hoard all the gyms within a mile of my house. I shouldn't have to drive a mile+ away to find a gym, so I don't have to deal with this shit, especially since there's one right in my own neighbourhood.

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5 hours ago, EH_STEVE said:

There are indeed still spoofers.


Is there anyway to report suspected spoofers?


I'm almost guaranteed these people are spoofers. I went out to the gym in my neighborhood this afternoon (BTW, the time motioned in my post above was like 11pm at night).  I took it over, and what do you know?... It's immediately being attacked! So, go to try and retake this gym and I see all 3 of these mentioned people have put PKMN in the gym. I eventually gave up trying to reclaim it, because they were all gold berry camping and I couldn't take all that on by myself. Not to mention a 4th person came and put their PKMN in this gym. I could see that they all had PKNM in 4 nearby gyms just from this gym alone. As I mentioned in my above post, this is a playground behind some houses and I highly doubt all 4 of these people live in these houses. I saw NOBODY around when this happened, plus most people should be at work/school at this time of day.


I was seriously about to call them out for spoofing if I had retaken of the gym again by naming a PKMN RUSPOOFING/URN4GYMS or something like that. Still, it doesn't even matter, because they would have immediately started attacking the gym again, when the got the notification that their PKMN had been kicked out. Like seriously, FUCK THESE PEOPLE! >:( 

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