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Pokémon GO Discussion Thread | 🌎Comm. Day - Oct. 15th

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8 minutes ago, alienboyva said:


Is there anyway to report suspected spoofers?


I'm almost guaranteed these people are spoofers. I went out to the gym in my neighborhood this afternoon (BTW, the time motioned in my post above was like 11pm at night).  I took it over, and what do you know?... It's immediately being attacked! So, go to try and retake this gym and I see all 3 of these mentioned people have put PKMN in the gym. I eventually gave up trying to reclaim it, because they were all gold berry camping and I couldn't take all that on by myself. Not to mention a 4th person came and put their PKMN in this gym. I could see that they all had PKNM in 4 nearby gyms just from this gym alone. As I mentioned in my above post, this is a playground behind some houses and I highly doubt all 4 of these people live in these houses. I saw NOBODY around when this happened, plus most people should be at work/school at this time of day.


I was seriously about to call them out for spoofing if I had retaken of the gym again by naming a PKMN RUSPOOFING/URN4GYMS or something like that. Still, it doesn't even matter, because they would have immediately started attacking the gym again, when the got the notification that their PKMN had been kicked out. Like seriously, FUCK THESE PEOPLE! >:( 

Not that I know of... Likely on Niantic support page or something. Most of them just get caught based on activity or if 3rd party is detected.

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On 9/5/2023 at 2:14 PM, EH_STEVE said:

Not that I know of... Likely on Niantic support page or something. Most of them just get caught based on activity or if 3rd party is detected.


Thanks. I found out how to report people through contacting support from within the app. They have now been reported. Hopefully there isn't any consequences for falsely reporting, because there must be quite a few false reports from people but-hurt over being kicked out of gyms before they earn their 50 coins for the day.


Yeah, I thought that would be case, but this has been going on for quite a few months, so... Like I said IDK if they're actually spoofing or not, but there activity seems very questionable, IMO.


UPDATE: There to looks to be a 4th person in on this, which I have also reported. If these people are indeed spoofing, I really hope Niantic does something about it soon, because these people are really starting to ruin gyms for me. :(  BTW, these people are all on Team Valor, if anyone was wondering. This morning I saw a gym just down the road from my house that had been taken over. Of course these  now 4 mentioned people had it taken over by the after noon. Every time these people get kicked out of a gym, there right back in it,. I seriously doubt these people are constantly going out to these 10+ gyms every time their kicked out, like don't they have work or school? I highly doubt they're a group of retired people playing PKNM GO all day long. :D  So, I suspect they are spoofers.  

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