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Pokémon GO Discussion Thread | ❗TRNR Battles are Here! / 🌎Comm. Day - Feb. 16th

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10 hours ago, Doc Brown said:

You lucky son of a gun!


I haven't found any shinies yet.

Your best bet for shinies is to go out on the Community Days. Both Pikachu and Dratini so far had much higher shiny rates while the event was on-going. Next one is Bulbasaur later this month.

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9 hours ago, L'Arachel said:

Your best bet for shinies is to go out on the Community Days. Both Pikachu and Dratini so far had much higher shiny rates while the event was on-going. Next one is Bulbasaur later this month.

Ah. Well I had no luck with that either lol. Was lucky to even find any regular Dratini last month.

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Also not the best pictures that I have on hand but I remembered that Southwind Park looks like it has a nice handful of Pokéstops/Gyms too


Wouldn’t mind taking advantage of that either


Though I wouldn’t be able to walk all the way there it doesn’t seem to far from where I live I think


edit: going by my map app on my Phone, about 11-15 minutes so not too far off




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Took a slight advantage of a small advantage of a small amount of Pokéstops while waiting for an appointment


Didn’t stray too far though - not entirely familiar with the downtown area honestly


Did get some milestone achievements though and some additional (and slightly minimal new) catches, so that’s useful at lea


Wish someone would make winter gloves that are compatible with phone screens/Screen Protectors, would be extremely useful 


As far as I know, there aren’t any as far as I can see


As I’m not sure how many pics I can upload through Ninfora itself, I’ll have to upload pictures later through Imgur

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Until I have my own transportation, getting EX Raid passes will elude me because I can't get out to take on normal raids in town. Which sucks because I've now missed out on Articuno, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-oh, Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza and havent had an invite to any of the I believe three EX Raids we've had in town. Not to mention older Legendary raids are old news to a lot of the Instinct players in town. Someone in my town's PoGo discord server made mention of a Kyogre raid last week and one of the more frequent players said no one was interested in Kyogre anymore.


I only rarely open my game now because of how certain things in the game seem to be exclusive to those that have both the time and reliable transportation to do so.

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I know i said i was going to do this yesterday, but i was tired and extremely low on energy so i didn't bother with it


Also noticed i got a decent amount of captures in one day - the first being the 283 Aipom and the last being Cp 10 Swablu... i don't remember the order beyond that off the top of my head though


Pokemon Go - Springfield


I don't recall the specific order as i got things, so.... it's whatever order i thought worked best... i think i remembered everything


Figured it would be easiest to put it into an Album than copy  + pasting each image link... hopefully it works properly

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Took a long walk earlier today - the weather wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t too bad either 


Been awhile since ive done a full dot walk (considering it’s been bloody freezing and cold and whatnot)


Not too many noteable events, though I did take down a local gym single handedly (again) with medium difficulty... considered attempting taking down the other Gym at the church close by but decided the one at the Chatham War Memorial took enough of my time so I decided not to


Though it looks like another Mystic member took it down and took it over as of now- no idea how many Pokémon have been put in to defend though


Just checked in and it’s still under Mystic control - Kadabras been there for almost 4 hours  and 30 minutes as of now, so....no idea how long that’ll last (Though Kadabra lasted 8 hours at the Acts of Intolerance Gym,so... I really have no idea where im going with this, actually)


Though I noticed unexpectedly got some reinforcements too which is quite a nice surprise (though not unexpected) - hopefully that’ll last


Still nice support though





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 8 hours in and still going strong at this time 


Since then it looks like a Jolteon and Snorlax was added - nice


Though now I notice, currently this one has all three Gen 1 Eeveelutions - that’s neat



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Ran into a grey dog with dark black on the front area like a poochyena  going past a dog park, and then hatched an actual poochyena afterward.  Ever run into some gyms that seemed to be glitched with pokemon that cant be killed?  Like they regenerate health on next pass?  got rid of the first three in the gym, no problem, but the last three, a blissey, salamance, and a slaking would never actually lose their health in defeat.  You see them lose it, but when you start back over, their health is at the original point.

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For those who aren't aware, Shiny Lugia has a 100% catch rate. All you need to do is get it in a ball and it's yours. So make sure you Pinap berry him!


Also, update just dropped allowing you to link your account to Facebook as another means of signing in.

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