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Pokémon GO Discussion Thread | ⚫⚪Gen V is HERE! 🌎Comm. Day - 9/15

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I forgot Comm. Day was so early this month. Such a bad time to have it on Sunday morning, with people being in church and all. Anyway... Got Torterra with Frenzy Plant (No shiny tho). 



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Had an ok community day, no shinies, but I got enough Turtwigs to evolve my best second evolution one into a Torterra. Also got some items and some gifts. Haven't found/seen a single 5th gen Pokemon yet. :P  Just hatched a Chingling recently, along with an Igglybuff and a Tauros. Both of the latter I tossed. Kept the former.

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Dang! I was unaware Gen V went live a few hours ago. Seriously, PKMN GO notifications need to sound! I shouldn't have to notice that my phone's screen lit up to know that I have a notification from PKMN GO!!!. >:(  GO+ notifications sound, so why can't regular PKMN GO notifications? Awayway... It's too late to go out now, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow. ...Or hope to get lucky and one will spawn in my neighborhood before I go to bed. There are few spawn points in my neighborhood that I can reach from my house. 


Nice to see that Mewtwo is back. Hopefully there will be one nearby after they EX raid I'm going to this weekend, so there's enough people to take him down. Maybe, I'll see if people want to go hunt for one afterwards (Still don't have him BTW).




Well, one just spawned, so I didn't have to go out. BTW, why didn't Adventure Sync's nearby notify me? I have it tuned on. 



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This is my first time seeing Purrloin on its hind legs and it looks weird after playing Black for hundreds of hours. So far I've gotten 4 of the new Pokemon: Patrat, Foongus, Lillipup and Purrloin. Generation V might be the first new generation since the game's launch where I go out looking for Pokemon outside of raids, limited research and community days. 

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