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Party Game Night - Fridays @ 9 or 10pm EST (Updated Poll)

Games You Own? (Will add more later)  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. What games or services listed do you own?

    • Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack (Sega Genesis, N64, GBA)
    • Mario Party Superstars
    • Splatoon 3
    • Fall Guys
    • Runbow
    • TMNT: Cowabunga Collection
    • TMNT: Shredder's Revenge
    • Capcom Beat em' up Bundle
    • Tetris 99
    • Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics
    • Tetris Effect
    • Ninjala
    • Minecraft
    • Rocket League
    • Pokemon Scarlet
    • Pokemon Violet
    • Nintendo Switch Sports
    • Omega Strikers
  2. 2. Would you be up for Jackbox Party Pack games or browser based games? (Gartic Phone, etc.)

  3. 3. Would you like notifications for planned sessions for games you own? (being tagged in a post)

    • I wouldn't mind
    • Get my name out of your post

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Welcome to the Party Game Night topic! Is there a central game? No! There's a variety to choose. The plan is to bring a variety of games into the mix and rotate the selection whenever we play either week after week or every once in a while. We can try to decide on a game days in advance or on that night to play together for a good turnout. Fun is the main objective here!


A few games are in the poll connected to this thread just to gauge who has those games but a full list of possible games will be listed below. Before that, the designated night is Friday with a start time of either 9pm or 10pm. The list of games will also have the number of players next to them as far as I know. I'll update the ones I don't know later.

Jackbox Party Packs (Between 1-10 players)
Mario Party Superstars (up to 4 players)
Splatoon 3 (up to 4 players in a party, 8 players in private lobbies)
Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online games [Mario Party, Kart, Golf, Tennis, Star Fox, Goldeneye, etc.] (2 to 4 players)


Beat Em' Ups -

TMNT: Cowabunga Collection (2 to 4 players)

Shredder's Revenge (up to 6 players)

Capcom Beat em' up Bundle (2 to 4 players)


Uno (up to 4 players)
Runbow (up to 8 or 9 players)

Free to Play -

Fall Guys (up to 4 players in a party, 60 players in private lobbies)


Rocket League

Omega Strikers

Any Battle Royale games

Deception -

Among Us (up to 12 players)

Project Winter (up to 8 players)

Party Type Games-

Duck Game (up to 4 players)

Ultimate Chicken Horse (up to 4 players)

Gang Beasts (up to 6 players)

Human: Fall Flat (up to 4 players)

Overcooked: All You Can Eat (up to 4 players)


Asymmetric Multiplayer- 
Dragon Ball: The Breakers (up to 8 players)



Nintendo Switch Online-

Nintendo Entertainment System (2 Player)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (2 Player)

Game Boy (2 Player)


NSO Expansion Pack-

Sega Genesis (2 Player)

Nintendo 64 (2-4 Player)

Game Boy Advance (2-4 Player)


If anyone can think of more games to add to this list, feel free to share. Mainly looking for cross platform play to get more players.
We'll be on Discord for voice chat with the games so if you haven't joined the server, here is the invite!
We will likely be using the OG Chat for text and voice.


This post is just to get the idea of the Party Game Night out there. It can be a weekly thing or a once in a while deal if a certain number of people aren't available weekly. We can also try to agree upon a game a few days in advance or on that night.

I'll likely add or remove games from the poll to inquire on who has which games. So re-voting will be a thing.

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Added games to poll
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I planned on having the topic up earlier but I was still writing up the OP to give as much information as possible.



Anyhow, as I've shared about a couple weeks ago I wanted to try playing something tomorrow January 27th at around 10pm since I won't be streaming on Saturday. I'll try to bring it up during the races tonight to see who would like to play and what game we can get going.


For right now, the games of interest are likely Goldeneye 007 and Mario Party Superstars. Those aren't cemented as we'll have until tomorrow night to decide. Mario Party is because Reowatch might play. Goldeneye is because of it releasing tomorrow and the interest of playing being there. If anyone is available to play either of those games at around 10pm ET tomorrow night, let me know here.


If there's a game either on the list above or not listed that you might want to suggest playing, we're all ears!

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An update: I got Jackbox Party Packs 2 and 5. Anyone that's ever interested in playing will only need to go to jackbox.tv on your phone, tablet or computer, enter the code and you'll be in. There will be games to play varying from 1-8 players most being 6 or 8 max with one game in particular being 4 players.


Anyhow as for anyone being interested in playing Goldeneye that has the Expansion Pack, I did post a control option for those that might want to use dual sticks for it in the NSO thread but I'll put it here.



For those that might want a dual stick setup for Goldeneye, people have been using this.


  • Set the control style in game to 1.2
  • Use the Controller Mapping in the Switch main menu
    • Swap both Sticks (left is right, right is left)
    • Change ZL and L to R (ADR aka Aim) and change ZR and R to L (Fire)
  • Save the custom preset if you'd like for later


Got the info from GameFAQs


If anyone would like to try out a Jackbox game or even Goldeneye this Friday, let me know. Or if there's another suggestion.

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I'd be down for some Jackbox!





Here's a basic overview of how to play (For those interested that haven't played Jackbox before):



*Note: The host should be the first one to login




@TKrazyOThis might be helpful for setting up the game...



Ignore the first part, since you already know how to games to Twitch. :P 




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I'll give a quick rundown on the games in the Jackbox Party Packs the best that I can.


Jackbox Party Pack 2

Fibbage 2 (2-8 players)

  • Gives you a trivia prompt. You fill in the blanks to try to fool the other players to thinking it's the truth.

Earwax (3-8 players)

  • Use sounds to describe a prompt given. A selected judge picks the best one.

Bidiots (3-6 players)

  • Draw a prompt given then people bid for your "art."

Quiplash XL (3-8 players)

  • Given questions, you put in the answer, people vote on the best/funniest answer.


Bomb Corp (1-4 players)

  • Work together to diffuse bombs.


Jackbox Party Pack 5

You Don't Know Jack: Full Stream (1-8 players)

  • Quiz game

Split the Room (3-8 players)

  • Given prompts that you fill in the blanks for hypothetical situations.

Mad Verse City (3-8 players)

  • Adlib rap battling

Patently Stupid (3-8 players)

  • Draw and come up with an invention that people vote on for best or funniest idea

Zeeple Dome (1-6 players)

  • Never seen this one in action



Also, if anyone ever wants to do the night on Saturdays from 8-10pm EST (before Smash), that can be an option as well. It'll be situational.

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I totally forgot Party Pack 5 had YDKJ (I thought only Party Pack 1 had it). :v 


Out of the games you have, I'd say the go-tos are...

  • Quiplash XL
  • Fibbage 2
  • You Don't Know Jack

Some others that are pretty good:

  • Mad Verse City
  • Bidiots
  • Bomb Corp

Earwax is ok, but it kind of depends who randomly gets the most fitting SFX. Also, It seems like the judge could just play favorites instead of picking the best one...? As for the rest, I haven't played them. Too bad you also don't have Drawful. If you ever get another pack you should get one with one of the Drawfuls (or just buy the 2nd one separately). Don't worry about not knowing how to draw. This makes the game way more fun (hints the name). BTW, I remember Reowatch mentioning he has all or most of the packs, so if there's a game you want to play that you don't have, you can always ask him (if he's available) and just stream his shared screen.


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No offense to those games out of Jackbox but none of those interest me.


As far as next week goes, I'm good.


The week after, the 17th, I could be on around the 10pm hour.  I have a baseball game I'm covering and should be done with the gallery.  Baseball is a funny sport so I can't guarantee being done by 9....but I should be good to go at 10.

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30 minutes ago, purple_beard said:

No offense to those games out of Jackbox but none of those interest me.


As far as next week goes, I'm good.


The week after, the 17th, I could be on around the 10pm hour.  I have a baseball game I'm covering and should be done with the gallery.  Baseball is a funny sport so I can't guarantee being done by 9....but I should be good to go at 10.


For some reason I have a feeling you'd be good at Quiplashawesome;

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1 minute ago, alienboyva said:


PB. He's always got a smart-ass comment when someone says/does something during our Mario Kart nights. :D

Yeah, he definitely got that.


Tho, not related to quiplash, I do have great catchphrase and I may not have smart-ass remarks but I do have foot-in-mouth syndrome. So you never know what will come out my mouth and if I really meant what I meant, lol


So overall, I think I am funny....at least.

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@alienboyva, @TheBarkinHyena and anyone else still interested in playing Jackbox tonight at 10pm EST?


For AB - After last night's stream I did check Discord through my Avast Browser (uses Chromium). The audio option only seemed to appear with sharing my full screen, not with individual apps.


^But... I looked but troubleshooting and tried adding OBS as a "game" in the settings and used it to screen share. A pop up asked about sharing sound and needing to download something for it. So I might have to test some things before going live since if I stream I need the other players to see just the game screen shared and not the stream screen.



Any players interested in playing, we will be on the #OG chats on Discord. Anyone interested in watching us play can either do the same or catch it on https://twitch.tv/tkrazyo . It'll be a few seconds behind but that's all good.

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That was pretty fun after getting all the technical issues fixed. I learned a few things afterwards that'll make things easier to setup next time. Thanks for playing!


  • When Screen Sharing OBS onto Discord, I need to raise the capture card's audio so everyone can hear it.
    • I have to lower OBS's volume in my volume mixer to compensate since I/we hear the game through it.
    • I also will have to raise the mic and discord chat volume in OBS to compensate for the game being louder.*
  • On the Discord stream, you only hear sounds that I'm monitoring. That's why you guys couldn't hear yourselves or me echoing but could hear the music.
    • I monitor the jukebox and game audio so I can hear them while streaming. It was the main thing I was worried about when having to share certain scenes.
  • If the game itself has audio settings, I need to change those.
  • As far as I know, the streams ran fine with no visual hiccups.


*Because I had to raise the game volume so you guys could hear it in the Discord stream, the game overpowered the voice chat entirely. So you can't hear us and I can't use the VOD to upload onto YouTube. :(


Next time I will have to find a good enough balance so the Discord stream volume is loud enough for you guys, the Twitch stream volume isn't overpowering and the commentary and voice chat aren't too loud and peeking.



It would be cool if we were able to get a few more people to join in. I learned not to have randoms join in and keep them in the audience. We played for about 2 hours and it didn't use too much of my phone battery. So I think it was a success, other than the technical problems. But since we know the solutions it'll be easier and faster to setup.


So if anyone wants to play something this upcoming Friday from the list of games or etc., let us know. What do you think of extending the night to Saturdays from 8-10 if it's convenient?

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  • TKrazyO changed the title to Party Game Night - Fridays @ 9 or 10pm EST (Updated Poll)
  • TKrazyO changed the title to Party Game Night - Fridays @ 9 or 10pm EST Splatoon 3 + [Runbow on Sale for $2.99 offer]

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