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Fire Emblem Heroes


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14 minutes ago, K said:



Oh giggity me oh giggity my~ 


Anyways: All I got out of my free 20 gems was Lucina ;-; I get the other side of the flat spectrum ;-;

Oh and Sophia VA is Wendee Lee..... don't mind if i do bang my head against this wall for the next few hours to get her XD


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I downloaded this on my tablet  (Nexus 7 2012 model) and played the prologue and I'm really liking this game. I'm not that into FE....The only game I own is Shadow Dragon on DS. Oh, and Sacred Stones, which I got as a 3DS ambassador game. As much I like playing this on a bigger screen, I may have to end up downloading this on my iPhone. For the most part the game runs just fine, but I've noticed slowdown at times and have had the game crash a few times. What cool is that they let you pick up where you left off if you get forced out of the game for whatever reason. 


BTW, Is there a guide that explains everything about this game? I keep getting items that I have no clue what they do, besides orbs. :v 

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