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You mean you don't have 0 orbs?


I busted out all the squad assaults and gift cards on the New Year's event... 20 5-star hits yet only 3 Alfonses, leaving me two merges short for another year. Then just after that we get the Askr family as two of the most absurd armor units to date, even compared to Edelgard... and after a month of pulls I still don't have them.


AND THEN CLAUDE DROPS, but he's not as revolutionary as the other 3H lords. Doesn't powercreep his Brave edition.

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A month of orbs wasn't enough to get Gustav, after I got only 3 New Year's Alfonses out of 18 5* hits, after I had to use my 40th summon to get each of Dieck, Flayn, and Shinon consecutively.


Then I get Dedue on my free summon. I'm still very grumpy, and he's no Gustav, but... I can give his Save skill to Brave Hector who's very similar.


Has anyone else tried Save shenanigans yet? I want to make an Aether Raid challenge that's just two Save armors plus a ball of weaponless armor units. Any attack will be redirected via Saves (so their buffs apply), the allies will never initiate combat or move, and thus will also block the saviors from moving or initiating. Each ally will stack two buffs like Ward Armor for +7-8 def/res for the saviors. Maybe with enough buffs Henriette can survive against everyone's new Lyn & Florina.

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I couldn't help but want to whale on this Fodlan banner. I was aiming for Ingrid and Marianne so I was focusing hard on blue orbs after the initial set of lower cost full circle summons thanks to the forging bonds free summon tickets that helped me nab both Dedue and Linhardt early. No Ingrid or Marianne was pulled before I reached the free choice at 40 summons though so I picked Ingrid hoping that Marianne would come from the summons afterwards. Sadly, I made the wrong choice as I have gotten a total of four Ingrid and no Marianne. I still have story chapters and paralogue orbs to gather so I could still get her, but man does it hurt to see so many orbs go in and no Marianne come out.

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One small thing that would make the game a whole lot more bearable?


Shareable Seals.


Now, I understand that having more than one copy of a Seal on the same team would be too overpowered. I understand that.


But what I don't understand is why I can't equip the same Seal on units that are on separate teams. So many of my builds rely on the same Seals, but they're all on units that I never use together (i.e. Myrrh and Tsubasa both needing Iote's Shield). This means that every time I want to use one unit or the other, I have to go back into the menu to remove the Seal from Myrrh so I can put it on Tsubasa (or vice-versa), and if I forget to do that, I end up starting a battle with at least one unit missing their Seal, which is a huge pain in the ass.


Like, the game already knows how to block you from using clones in Rival Domains; why can't they just apply the same coding to Seals?

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Shareable seals would actually overcomplicate the existing unit management system, which is supposed to be quick and easy to use.

With shareable seals, you'd subject yourself to going through extra steps to simply equip a seal, because said seal may already be somewhere on a different unit in the same team as the unit you're trying to equip the seal to. Because we know they'd never let you have two of the same seals on the same team, that's why the Squad Ace seals exist.

And not just regular teams, there are also the special teams (reserve teams, brigades, raiding parties, and even Mjölnir's Strike defense) which are all independent from the 20 default team slots you'd have to comb through to make sure there are no two instances of the same seal on any team. This would also stop you from even adding a unit to a particular team with the seal, so there's now more work involved.

The alternative would be for the game to specify which units already have the seal and on which team as you try to equip it (or add a unit to a team), and let you edit them then and there, but that's just further micromanagement and leads to other decisions you'd have to make on the spot (i.e., do I want this other unit to give up the seal?) that in the end isn't worth the trouble of shareable seals. The closest we have to it is My Summoner, but they're vacuumed in a way that it doesn't present any issues because they're only usable in Mjölnir's Strike.

I think it's a bad idea and I hope they never consider it.

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Naturally I decided to heavily invest in Pent and I just want to say that he's an absolute monster. I've been using my +2 Pent for a bit now, and I'm running Atk/Spd Push 4 and a Brazen Atk/Spd 3 seal with the rest of his base kit. When fully supported with Louise and Summoner Support (and the occasional boost from Ophelia's Rally Up Atk +), my Pent is reaching a monstrous 67 Atk and 49 Spd on the regular, and I've seen his attack go as high as 71. Thanks to Tome of Reglay he also helps Special Spiral Ophelia reach Blazing Light even with cooldown penalties. 


Right now I'm trying to figure out a good legendary hero team comp that will support him, Louise, and Ophelia. I thought of Brammimond to synergize with Tome of Reglay, but with Louise on the team that's two colorless units already. Then I thought of maybe replacing Ophelia with Peony to take advantage of all of the passive support she gives, but I'm not really a fan of the Book III characters. So I'm open to ideas. 

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Overheard at an IntSys board meeting:


"I've got a great new idea for a new Story map! You have to defend for five turns, fighting constant enemy reinforcements, while the main villain of the current Book is running around and has a unique Skill that makes them invincible!"


"But haven't we already done that a million fucking times?"


"You shut the fuck up."

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