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On 11/12/2020 at 9:33 PM, Tyranogre said:

So many people butthurt over Resplendent Lucina's design.


It's not like anyone gave a shit when that same artist drew Mamori...

I actually recall a lot of people complaining about it tbh. Not nearly as many as resplendent Lucina but people definitely criticized it. Lucina is way more popular though and generally a more serious character, the style really doesn't fit her at all. As others have said it probably wouldn't be controversial if it was an actual alt, but as a Resplendent people expect it to match the normal look for the character just in a cool new outfit.  


Though for my part I kind of just hate his style in general, granted I basically never like chibi or childlike characters, so I was pretty disappointed myself. Especially because conceptually it's not bad, it's a shame that there has been a lot of fan art of the outfit that just puts his official art to shame. 


On a more positive topic, I'm loving pawns of Loki. Probably one of the best game modes they've added. Curious to see how it's gonna go when ranged are the bonus. There are a lot of tanky melee units who have DC and easy ways to heal. Might be rougher for ranged. 


Edit: whelp nevermind, round 3 is fighting player units now. This just went from one of the best new modes they've added to the same pure cancer the PvP modes always have. Hope IS gets a lot of negative feedback on round two because this had so much potential. 

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So I might +10 Larcei on this banner. This depends on who's on the mythic banner, and while i can't think of anything shy of a Jugdral mythic that'd actually make me pull, it's better to wait for more information imo.


Larcei is at +7 and I'm at 1035, not including some GC orbs and whatever story orbs I have left to collect (around 50 or so); so it's more a matter of how bad the damage is rather than if I can +10 her.

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13 hours ago, Tyranogre said:




IntSys be like: "Eh, fuck it. Let's just release both of the remaining Book 4 OCs at a time."


@Zora no Kiseki Now for the hard choice: Larcei or L!Leif?

Larcei, who I +10'd last night.


L!Leif is +1 and costs a ridiculous amount of orbs to complete because legendary units ; Larcei was +6 and she's +10. In general, I find legendary units too expensive to +10.

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On 2/4/2021 at 4:45 PM, Destiny Hero said:

@Surge135 How do you feel about Legendary Ike getting Radiant Aether II and Joint Drive Res added to his base kit?

I am fine with it. Radiant Aether II brings his special cooldown to two on turn one so having either a Breath A-slot or Brave Lucina with her refined weapon makes it possible to proc the special on the first enemy phase attack. Joint Drive Res is decent, it provides a bit of support to allies while buffing his own combat in the process. I was originally running Atk Smoke 3 in his C slot and Warding Stance 3 seal but have since went with the Joint Drive Res in C and Atk Smoke 3 on seal just so he can play support if he really can't solo an enemy team. Having two less Res in combat isn't going to make too much of a difference on what he can or cannot survive from red and green tomes.

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