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Fire Emblem Heroes

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So reset is when Shannan reruns, and I'll be committing my orb stash of 1902 orbs to it. Technically a three person banner would be better, but it's about 200 orbs to commit to this banner with a high probability of +10 or higher Larcei, so I'm willing to commit. This is literally the most orbs I've saved, and really anxious how it'll turn out. That said, there's an 86% of +10 Shannan, so odds look good.


For reference, my shannan is +1 (with spark I'll only need 8 from gacha) and my larcei is +2.

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1070 orbs later and I got a +10 Shannan, +10 Altena, and a +6 Larcei. Pitybreakers include F!Kris, F!Mareeta, Nils, Kliff, B!Alm, Mareeta, and uhh I think that's it? They're all in the twitter thread

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My tiny brain is incapable of understanding how some of the new skills work.


Before, it was simple:

>Unit gains +4 Speed when initiating combat.


But now, every new skill reads something like:

>If unit initiates combat after beating the Elite Four one hundred times, capturing Missingno, and using Strength on the truck, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack, gains special cooldown -2, and can now play as Luigi.

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10 hours ago, Surge135 said:

@Carl321Omg he's finally here! The great (and surprisingly young sounding) Gatrie has finally arrived in Heroes!



...I forgot this game existed

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Is there anything left to do in Frontline Phallus now that Ashnard is dead?


It keeps showing up with an exclamation point on the icon, but all it ever says is “boss has been defeated”.

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