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21 hours ago, Surge135 said:

I was committed to Haar as a project but then Ashnard came out and stole my attention. So sadly Haar is on hold while I build yet another +10 villain.

I got my Haar to +7 before giving up on him. Even with good skills, there are very few opportunities to use a wall that gets deleted by archers, mages, and dragons. Cut your losses and save your grails!

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On 6/23/2020 at 2:28 PM, Tyranogre said:

When's Gangrel getting added to the Grail pool?


My Itsuki is almost at +10, so I'm going to need a new merge project soon.

August update, so around 8/10

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Funny thing is, I'm not pulling. Game dragged its ass so long that present goal is saving up for +10 Shannan, so I'll be picking Seliph up on a rerun.


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Posted (edited)



Do I smile because after 3.5 years I'm finally an official Tier 21 Mainstay? Or do I cry because I saved up 350 orbs for this Legendary event and only pulled a single 5*?


I was shocked when I got into Tier 20 twice with a low-merged Legendary and only 1 blessing. Now I'm with the highest-ranked players on the entire leaderboard!? My team isn't even that good! Only one 300 SP skill, Linus has an old dual Rally, and Ike is only +4. Two units with gen 2 BST, and no armors. High rankings must not be so difficult after all. Arena also gets significantly easier above 750, where dancers and ranged nukes are almost nonexistent... and when your bonus unit happens to be a cavalier with 70/54 defenses.

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New option for rerun. Really hope Heirs of Light wins. I'll probably go for +10 Shannan on that banner, since while it's expensive, it's a great value with 4 * focus Altena and Larcei sharing. Also, Heirs of Light has sparkable pulse smoke, panic smoke, stance 3, and repel for your consideration.

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Same boat, I really want Heir of Light to win since it's a lot more appealing to me than the other banners with all the premium skills it has to offer. Same reason why I also picked Desert Mercenaries in the last poll and am happy to see that win.

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