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Reflecting on armored units... the speedy ones like V-Ike and L-Tiki sure aged like milk. New armored units pack impenetrable defenses, and the SPD stats of fast units have exploded along with +6 buffs in their base kits.


But I'm more worried about Feh. 20 Mjollnir Gems for anniversary quests, 1 orb for beating 1000 enemies... she's partying too hard! These bonuses are almost as good as Yugioh Duel Links, where you can get the equivalent of maybe 2 orbs for your 500th day of playing.

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“That Loptous Cult ain’t right, I tell ya hwat.”


”Don’t be ridiculous, Sigurd. Everyone knows that the Loptous Cult are a myth perpetuated by the Granvallian Government to scare little children into behaving themselves.”


”Is that really true, Eldigan? ‘Cause one time back at the Knight Academy, my instructor caught me sneaking into the women’s barracks, and later that night, I heard some eerie noises and saw some flickering red lights coming from outside my dorm window...”


“Man, I tell ya hwat, man, that dang ol’ Loptous Cult, man, I’m talkin’ ‘bout worshippin’ some dang ol’ dragon from another continent, man, and he’s all like possessin’ a human host by passin’ down his spirit through some dang ol’ black book; it’s real spooky, man.” *sip*

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The only thing that could match my excitement for the first three characters was my disappointment after realizing that the obvious crappy demote is a guy, and the best unit by far is the girl with the biggest boobs.


It's a shame that she falls into such an overused character archetype, because her weapon is one of the most creative and potentially game-breaking yet.

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Oooh, does this mean we get Denning as a GHB? I can picture it now:


"This is a message from Summoner Kiran: 'Hello!' This is a message from Summoner Kiran: 'Hello!' This is a message from Summoner Kiran: 'Hello!' This is a message from Summoner Kiran..."

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Nice! Always up for more Elibe love. I'm mildly disappointed Rath isn't a different color than his daughter, since it seemed like a missed opportunity to add a red or blue ranger. Fiora was really miscast, in my opinion, and her art is a little too generic anime for my liking. Leila is hype, though. I wonder if we get Nergal for GHB or Tempest Trials? 

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Assuming the bunnies aren't until April, we might be getting another Fallen banner soon.


Just throwing out my guesses:


*Manfroy's Puppet Julia

*Barry with Cursed Draug

*Berserk Ashnard

*Goopy Garon

*Hegemon Edelgard 

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