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Fire Emblem Heroes


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1 hour ago, The Guardian Mew said:

Can someone post a short re-rolling guide to help make sure similar mistakes aren't made?


Play past the tutorial. Visit your base and get your two free Orbs from the Owl. This is enough to let you summon four heroes, but if you want to start a summoning session with five, you should play three additional story maps to bring your Orb count to 20.


Summon your heroes. If you're not satisfied with who you got and want to try again, delete the app, reinstall, then redo the entire process up to this point over.


It is advised to link your My Nintendo account once you are satisfied with your results. Don't use the ten free Orbs from My Nintendo for this because they can't be reused.


Good luck!

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4 minutes ago, Chrom said:

Fire Emblem lite.


I wouldn't say playing Radiant Dawn to get into the genre is a very good idea for a number of reasons.

I had never heard of FE and it was getting a lot of hype in Nintendo Power and back on the original NSider so I asked for it for Christmas. Wasn't a fan.

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Radiant Dawn and its prequel Path of Radiance are very antiquated in design. The production values are unflattering and the games have a certain level of depth to them that don't make them as friendly to get into as opposed to other games. Radiant Dawn in particular is very story heavy and relies on playing Path of Radiance to really care for it, and localization screwed with the difficulty so that normal mode is harder than it's actually supposed to be.


The newer Fire Emblem games carry none of this baggage and are much more popular for it (though they do have their own flaws too). Heroes in particular is much easier to pick up and play, and if you're curious about it, I would recommend trying it out for a bit since it's free and see how you feel about it by the time you get to Chapter 1. It's very polished and requires little investment to get into.

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A few interesting notes about the voice cast:


*Loli!Tiki is voiced by Mela Lee in English, just like MILF!Tiki in Awakening. But in Japanese, she has her actress from Hashtag Effie instead of Ikue Ohtani from Awakening.

*While most of Awakening's cast keep their original English voice actors, Fates has quite a few replacements.

*To the disappointment of me but the surprise of no one, none of the English VAs from the OVA are back. At least Spike Spencer has a small chance of returning if they put Excellus in the game...

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