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I threw a few orbs at it, got Sonya with a shitty nature. Decided to keep saving. I've done ok lately with saving orbs. As much as there are characters I have who would do well with counters I feel like I don't need any close counters. With the first anniversary of a seasonal coming up I want to have a bit saved up in case there is something I want. If not I may even use what I try to save up for more S!Camilla for merges. 

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Oh my gosh, the last final tempest trial map battle of this tempest trial is amazing!  


*tries to get a Hector, DENIEd*

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Wow, props to IS for making the bonus unit a 40%! I've thrown all my orbs at the banner hoping to get either Chrom or Male Morgan but have been unsuccessful. Usually when I see a tempest with the character I failed to pull it's just salt in the wound, but they actually let you earn a 40%. This is a good standard.

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For optimal natures, more people need to start thinking about breaking points. I've been doing a lot of calculations trying to decide between a 40+2 neutral or +HP/-R Legendary Ike--how much damage can he survive from two hits? Is it worth losing 2 bulk from double physical attacks for 1 bulk from double magic attacks?


I also got thinking about Bow Lyn a bit. Lyn has 35 HP and 18 DEF, giving her a physical bulk of 53. Even as the meta becomes more and more and more skewed toward higher ATK, there are still a LOT of units that don't reach 53 ATK. At least, in comparison with those sitting at 52, 51, 50, and even 49. Lyn's physical bulk seems like an easy throwaway, but keeping it at 53 rather than 49-50 actually lets her survive a whole lot of failed assaults.


You'd get way more use out of lowering Lyn's resistance. At 28, she can survive a single magic attack up to 63 damage, but will never survive two hits unless they're somehow 45 and weaker. So a RES bane is actually far less harmful to Lyn than the "obvious" HP/DEF. And this goes for just about everyone who isn't built to engage the opposite range--check your breaking points.


So guess which bane my FAVORITE WEBSITE EVER GAMEPRESS says you should put on Bow Lyn, as you slap Fury 3 on all of your walls and pretend Threatens and Ploys are the only C skills in the game.

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Given I don't have a unit that can get the 40% bonus, decided to roll some more. Aiming for Female Morgan, ended up with King Chrom...twice...in a row...as in start a session, click a red, start another session, click another red. (Summoned are a neutral and a +HP/-SPD) Dumped around 30-40 orbs total with about 200 remaining...I think I'll wait for the Legendary Banner at this point and see if I still want to try to get Female Morgan or not.

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I finally got Hector.   


I almost completed my heroes and bad guys list. 




Marth- Got. 

Alm- No... but maybe I don’t care about getting another Falchion user. Plus, I have mixed feelings of his game.

Celica- Got THAT version.

Seliph and Sigurd- Got. 

Leif- Hasn’t appeared yet. 

Roy- Got. 

The trio from FE7- All now. 

Ephraim and Eirika- Got. 

Ike- Got. 

Michaiah- No... But I did get- 

Vanguard Ike- Duh. 

Chrom and both Robins- Got.  

Lucina- Yes. Almost forgot her.

Corrins, Azura, Ryoma, and Xander- All. 


Villains roster- 


Camus- No... Don’t know if there’s another chance to get him. I did get Michalis, though.


Evil Celica


Berkut- Got.

Evil Hardin- Got. 

Arvis- Got.

Travant- Not here.

Zephiel- Yes. 

Nergal- Not here. Though, Ursula is in this game. Haven't got her yet.

Lyon- Yes. 

Black Knight- Yes. 

Oliver- Yes. 


Evil Corrin

- Yes. 


Evil Takumi





Xander and Ryoma- Yes.

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