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Fire Emblem Heroes


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The battle goes mobile with Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo's hit strategy RPG series reimagined for smart devices. Use this topic for general discussion of the game. Share your impressions, questions, strategies, teams, hero summons, or whatever else.





Heroes and Heroines (part 1part 2)


A brand-new, original Fire Emblem story takes place in the world of Zenith, and you've been summoned to battle. The Emblian Empire seeks to conquer all worlds, while the Askran Kingdom stands against them. Together with Prince Alfonse and Princess Sharena of Askr, you play the role of a summoner who can call upon legendary heroes from other Fire Emblem worlds as your allies, and enlist in the Order of Heroes to aid them in this endless war.


Battles are played in traditional Fire Emblem fashion that will appeal to veterans and newcomers alike, and completing tasks nets you rewards that you can use to unlock the potential of your allies, or recruit new ones. Collect your favorites and build your very own army of legends.


Fire Emblem Heroes arrives on iOS and Android as a free-to-start game (with in-app purchases for gameplay incentives) on February 2nd, and will see long-term content updates to the game, including new characters, events, and other features.

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Just now, Florina said:

Been idly refreshing for the last 52 minutes, hoping it would go live. I'm giving it until midnight and then I need some sleep, no matter how excited I am.


I have both of my two devices I want to try the game on ready as soon as I see that it's up on Google Play. I'm really excited too.


If you're playing on Android, it's worth remembering that you ought to receive a notification email as soon as it's available on the store if you've pre-registered. Failing that, it shouldn't be too hard to notice when it's up.

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It is depending on who's asking.


As for an ID list, I'd consider it if there's enough interest/reason to. I'm personally not too thrilled on the idea since past experiences have shown me that people don't really make use lists, as they're more interested in simply sharing theirs and not much else. Won't stop anyone from posting another topic for sharing them if they really want to though.

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1 minute ago, Ret said:

Here it is, 5:30 a.m.  Still nothing for me, either through the Google Play website or the app store itself.




Yeah, doesn't seem to be out anywhere in NA officially yet, just Europe/Oz/Japan. I know some people are using some kind of program to download it early in NA but I have no fucking clue what any of what they're talking about means so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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