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Sarah’s Nightmare - Ninfora Chat Thread - January 2023

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Captain's Log: Nuzlocke Crystal: 


Beat all eight gyms, with (Derpy) Quagsire, (SantaClaws) Deliberd, (Refresh) Pineco, and others who else were caught in the crossfire. I forgot who else didn't make it alive. The hardest gym I took on was Whitney, because her Clefairy Metronome Baton Passed onto her Miltank, and killed two of my Poke'mon using Rollout. Only she was a true threat. As for Claire... as soon as I took out my Miltank (Teri) and Stomped and flinched her entire team, including her beastly Kingdra... she somehow wasn't a bigger threat as Whitney. I hate her gym because a lot of the trainers liked to Thunder Wave and Dragon Breath my team nonstop. That got really annoying.


So, I have to go to Dragon's Den and eventually beat the Elite Four and Champion. Here's my own challenge: Only Gen II Poke'mon, or Poke'mon associated with Gen II, like those evolved from babies. So Poke'mon like Chansey and Scizor are on the table.  


I'm not sure how I'll handle the Kanto postgame yet. Need to beat Elite Four first. 

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Got the greenlight and went ahead and bought/downloaded Sonic Frontiers Digital Deluxe Edition and redeemed the code for the SA2 shoes on Switch last night - went ahead and downloaded the Free DLC while i was at it - downloaded pretty fast since my phones mobile hotspot datas been refreshed for the time being 


Have another game i can download as part of my Christmas presents - but not sure between Splatoon 3 and Kirby and the Forgotten Lands


Would like to get S3 sooner than later, but Kirby would also be a really good choice, too….


Also earlier in the week when i was looking around for an uncensored mod for The Sims 4 and came across a very spicy adult mod that i downloaded and installed  - in the last few days I’ve been downloading and installing some extra related side mods


On a separate note, though I’m not sure on all of them, have been considering several of the packs/kits that are available- a lot of mixed/negative reviews for them on Steam, though - will have to do further research, but i have some i have an idea on a few i’m interested in already 


Though ill wait for them to go on sale before buying anything, whenever that will be considering how expensive those dlc are… would save me a decent amount of cash too…


On a separate note, i don’t think we’re too far off from FE:E,KRtDD and Hogwarts Legacy

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21 hours ago, Link, the Hero of Dreams said:

In my honest opinion, Kirby is the best single player experience I had last year that wasn’t Live A Live… but Splatoon 3 my favorite multi experience. 

Only been considering and was more leaning towards S3 due to when i eventually got S2 it was many months or a year ish and at that point missed out on Splatfests up to the Super Mario Splatfest


Can’t remember if I managed to get a few rounds of that fest or not….


So even though i missed out on a few already, would like to get that sooner than later…


Though i did really like what i played of that Demo for Kirby - though I’m not sure if it matters when i get it considering I’m pretty sure i’ve missed out on all those codes for those freebies by now

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Restarted a scenario on The Sims 4 since i kinda think i know what I’m doing now?


Moved to newcrest - the 50x40 lot is SO much bigger that the previous one and have more opportunities to expand or put things like a Pool or Garden in - was having difficulty trying to place those type of things in that smaller lot


Also swore ii had a few more sims i saved that were randomly generated to look at later that i liked…. Did I accidentally delete them by mistake? Should have backed them up to the online gallery for a backup just in case - Oh well, nothing i can do about it now

Still not sure how manage balancing out home/outdoor life and work, though….. Just like real life


Also really had no luck for awhile and decided to just transfer a Shiny Misdreavus over to Diamond- still haven’t seen one pop up in an outbreak


No luck on Shiny Cleffa either…


Though i’m going to transfer Misdreavus over to Arceus because i have no Disk stones in BD… only 4 more levels until it learns Power Gem first - also going to bring over Lickitung since i don’t have Rollout on it so i can change the moveset


Getting close to finishing the regional Dex, though…. I think about 13 left? part of me is wondering if it counts towards the dex as seen if battling online with others…


Then i have the National Dex to work on after that….


Nit sure how easy or difficult that will be

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oh my god ty and i played games together ALL DAY yesterday lol


powered through the last of Nier Automata and even started up Elden Ring wahoo flower; 


n;a was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, definitely one of my favorite games of all time now and i'm really itching to play the first one now

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Dunno where the best place to buy this, but this is a thing


i have a mighty need



Also think the crapload sets of mods from the list i was going down that i downloaded work….. hope I’m not going overboard with these

Not really sure how much i can say about it considering the content


Also been looking for more The Sims 4 mods to expand gameplay options tonight- found a few here and there


Had to delete a mod that was clashing with the aspirations for some reason- found some new trait and aspiration mods, though


Just not sure how heavy I’ll be able to mod - only have so much space available on my laptop 



And managed to get a Shiny Cleffa pretty quickly 


A lot faster than in Arceus through outbreaks anyway 




Also why are there so many 7 star raids popping up in Violet - missed out on several by now 


I’m nowhere close to getting anything done in that game so i don’t have those unlocked


Especially since i’ve been wanting to finish up Diamond first at least.. then Arceus at some point since I’m close to doing anything in the game


No idea how to balance out the 3 paths either… might be best to bounce around between the 3…?




Also need to find a Ditto for breeding purposes 


I’d transfer one over, but Home connectivity isn’t available yet

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No idea how it works, but saw a few days ago someone made a Multiplayer mod for the Sims 4


Well that’s unexpected and surprising slightly - doubt i’ll use it myself though 


Though not 100%, considering someone managed to make a multiplayer mod for Skyrim



Thought i had a Drs. appointment today, but found out when my dad and i got there that it was rescheduled again for next month 


Well, have the day off at least so that’s not bad


Well, got a nice lunch at Dairy Queen- changed it up with a 6 piece Chicken Strip Basket and a Large Oreo Hot Cocoa Blizzard I wanted to try 


The Blizzard is really good though- worth a try if one hasn’t already 


I liked it anyway 

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