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Sarah’s Nightmare - Ninfora Chat Thread - January 2023

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Last month was good for Shinies in Arceus - a few duplicates, but no big deal since i can transfer some of them over to Diamond 


Still haven’t found a coupling I’m hunting for though - being really stubborn honestly 



Also got a Palkia off Home this morning for Diamond - that was pretty quick 


Also decided to go ahead and buy Cris Tales after debating between this and Cozy Grove - I’ll have to download that later, though


I’ll get Cozy Grove later on at some point 



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I've been playing quite a bit of Synth Riders (VR music/rhythm game) and it's a ton of fun! I've been wanting to get this for quite a while after playing the demo, but I'm glad I heald off, because I got it for 50% off during a holiday sale on the Meta Quest Store (I believe it was on sale on Steam as well). I like this game a bit more than Beat Saber, do to the music, gameplay, and the overall vibe. I really like how this feels more like dancing. My only complaint with the game is that the games needs to give you a DDR style letter grade when showing your score after playing a song. Just showing me a score doesn't tell me if that score is any good or not. It really makes me wonder why this hasn't been added yet, especially since the game has been out for 4 years. Pretty much all music/rhythm games since DDR have this in some form, so IDK why Synth Riders doesn't. Sure, you could just check the leaderboards and it does say GOOD/AWESOME/PERFECT before going to the results screen, but c'mon!


If any one has VR and likes music/rhythm games, I'd highly recommend Synth Riders. *Hit me up if your on Quest/Quest 2/Quest Pro and want 25% off (referral code)*



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New year, new Video Games/LEGO sets,Movies/Shows to look forward to 


On the downside, two more months until the Wii U/3DS Eshops close in March (i think the 31st? I’d have to check on that, but i think that’s the day)


Really need to get those last 8 LEGO Dimensions Sets/polybags way before then - the Supergirl Polybag will have to be Bricklinked since that’s way expensive on Ebay


Everything else is more manageable and aren’t too pricey for some of then


Pretty certain I won’t be able to download the content when the Wii U Eshop closes


If i had WAY more money to spare, I’d be buying whatever games/DLC off the Eshops that I’ve missed over the years


Granted, technically i‘d be able to get some games physically for cheaper than originally at retail price nowadays used at places like Gamestop… i think?


Though some games are digital only, and part of me finds it easier to download than swapping discs…


Also still eyeing on getting a New Nintendo 3Ds XL… been wanting that Galaxy one for the longest time


Going to need a separate Micro SD card, though…


Though i kinda hope we get some more Wii U/3Ds Ports to Switch this year, not sure how likely it is, but would be nice though

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the more things change, the more they stay the same y;

... i was going to post the above because i was actually up at almost-4am, and almost as soon as the clock ticked over, the site went down :v

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in other news i've started playing a super cute ps1 rpg called London Seirei Tanteidan (倫敦精霊探偵団)

which, despite the setting being in england was never released outside of japan or even fan translated into english y;









i'm not far in yet so i can't really say much about the plot other than you're a kid w no family who gets picked up by a famous detective
but rn i just cannot get over how cute the characters and animations are hamnap;

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3 hours ago, April said:

... i was going to post the above because i was actually up at almost-4am, and almost as soon as the clock ticked over, the site went down :v

That would've been me doing a few updates hah. I try to do them when there's the fewest people online!

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Been working on adding things to my BrickLink wishlists from scratch after deleting everything  the past week


Been combining a few different series/lines into one list/lists since some are similar in concept and theme - figured it was logical to do so, anyway 


Aside from buying the full series #1 and #2, a lot of the Vidyo sets are pretty low priced there new/sealed


Some are a lot cheaper than what they were at retail originally - don’t recall it being a popular theme, so that might be one reason they aren’t too expensive….


Always liked and wanted to collect the Minifigures, but never got around to it


This should save me some money whenever i buy these sets and Bandmates series at some point 


Most of the holiday sets aren’t badly priced either at new/sealed

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Was looking around and saw that Monster Rancher 1&2 DX came out already on Switch


I heard we were going to be getting it, but i thought it hadn't been released yet....going to download that at some pint


Though i used to have a PS1 many, many years ago, i don't remember if i rented either or not


Had a GBA Monster Rancher game at some point, but lost that years ago and have no idea what happened to that game at all

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It’s gotten up to 63° today 


It’s been quite out today- gotten a decent amount of rain lately too


Not going to complain- would rather deal with rain over snow


Can’t wait for Spring and nicer weather to come around with how nice it is currently 


Though there’s a large chance it might get cold and chilly again…

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Got Portillo’s for lunch earlier in the day - nice to have again after… 5 years, i think? it was August 2018 when i went with a group up to a Comicon that was in Rosemont, IL


So i think 5 years is roughly correct - or will be next August 


Ate about half of the burger and most of the fries for lunch - those burgers are pretty big though… fries are really good though


The Cake Shake is really good though


Worth getting if around Springfield, Il or the one up towards Rosemont or Chicago… think there’s one somewhere between here and there, i just don’t remember exactly the location 


At least, I haven’t had a bad experience either time i had it


Was going to finish it off tonight for dinner, but think I’ll do that tomorrow for lunch

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