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Nintendo Association Football (Soccer) League

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Nintendo World Cup Russia 2018 Bronze Medal and Gold Medal matches:


Gold Medal Final

Sarasaland 4-2 Green Hill Zone - Luhzniki Stadium, Moscow

Goal - Dragonzamasu - 33’, Sonic - 45’, Tails - 62’(pen), Waluigi - 73', Wario - 76', Daisy - 90+4'

YC - Knuckles - 27’, Totomesu - 38’, Waluigi - 50’, Hoiyohoi - 61’, Wario - 77', Tatanga - 90+2'

RC - Totomesu - 83' (ejected)


Bronze Medal Match

Great Plateau 4-1 Great Sea - Zenit Arena, St Petersburg

Goal - Urbosa - 14’, 58’, GP Link - 24’, 82', Tetra - 35’


9pm EST - Matches kick off!


10’ - it’s been a cagey start to both contests, no goals or cards in either as the teams take their time and look for opportunities


14’ - It’s 1-0 to Great Plateau!  GP Link finds Urbosa streaking into the left side of the area, where collects, makes one touch to round the defender, and lays it in at the near post.  


17’ - Golden chance for Sarasaland as a corner kick finds Waluigi unmarked near the penalty spot but he heads just over the bar


20’ - Now its Green Hill Zone with a chance as they find Shadow on a throughball.  But with only Tatanga to beat the black hedgehog pulls his shot wide


24’ - It’s 2-0 to Great Plateau!  A foul on the edge of the area by WW Ganondorf leads to a free kick by GP Link and he puts it over the wall and under the crossbar and in.  What an effort!  Great Sea has a mountain to climb now


27’ - First yellow card of the night and it’s on Knuckles, who was a little too aggressive in trying to reclaim the ball, kicking Hoiyohoi in the back of the knee. The defender is down and needs treatment before continuing


30’ - Princess Daisy lets fly from 25 yards and her curling effort flies just inches wide of the far post.  So close!


33’ - There it is...Sarasaland open the scoring!  Not surprisingly it’s on a set piece as Daisy was fouled just outside the left corner of the area.  Her free kick inswinger is a good one and Dragonzamasu rises highest just outside the 6-yard box to head it home.  1-0


35’ - Tetra gets one back for Great Sea, and it’s a ridiculous individual effort where she gets around 2 defenders before beating GP Ganon at the near post.  Sensational.


38’ - GHZ have responded well since going a goal down.  Tails gets off a good shot that forces a save from Tatanga.  A minute later Sonic is brought down from behind by Totomesu on the near side, which earns the dog pharaoh a yellow card


45’ - GHZ find an equalizer right on the stroke of halftime.  It’s a play of tiki-taka, about 20 passes leading up to the final touch by Sonic who puts it easily into the net from close range.  Fabulous team goal and it’s 1-1


50’ - Yellow card for Waluigi, who catches Eggman with an elbow on a corner kick.  Eggman is furious and the referee has to get between the two 


54’ - Sarasaland nearly reclaim the lead as Tokotoko’s shot is redirected by Daisy, only for the ball to hit the post!  The follow up effort by Wario is blocked behind for a corner kick, which ultimately comes to nothing


58’ - How about this.  Urbosa now has a brace after her 16-yard volley beats Valoo and makes it a 3-1 lead for Great Plateau.


61’ - penalty to green Hill Zone!  On the hour mark, Tails is grabbed and brought down by Hoiyohoi as Sonic attempted to feed him the ball near the penalty spot.  Hoiyohoi is yellow carded.  Tails steps up...


62’ - ...and buries it to Tatanga’s left.  2-1 Green Hill Zone


71' - Sarasaland are more positive coming forward now and Daisy lets loose with another effort, forcing Eggman into a diving stop.  The resulting corner kick is a goalmouth scramble but Dragonzamasu is whistled for a foul against Eggman, easing the pressure on GHZ.


73' - Two minutes later Sarasaland find the equalizer.  It's a cross in from Hoiyohoi that is headed back across by Totomesu, who finds Waluigi, who heads it home to make it 2-2.


76' - Hot damn!  It's 2 goals for Sarasaland in the span of minutes!  This time it's Wario who decides to take a ridiculous shot from 35 yards and it knuckles through the air before hitting in off the right post, past a diving Eggman.  Goal...of...the...tournament!  Wario runs to the sideline and grabs his Warioware cape and grabs the corner flag and waves it around before throwing it into the stands...which obviously earns him a card but he only laughs at the referee.  3-2.


80' - After looking shell shocked for a few minutes after Wario's stunner...GHZ are back on the throttle.  Blaze very nearly equalizes with an audacious effort from 25 yards that narrowly misses Tatanga's far post.


82' - Remember the bronze medal game?  In case you forgot it's still going on...and GP Link scores his 2nd of the night to make it 4-1.  That's the bronze trophy for Great Plateau surely...a memorable run for them in their first major tournament.


83' - Well, this could make for a very dramatic conclusion.  Shadow makes a fabulous move to get around 2 defenders and he is nearly through on goal before being slide tackled late just outside the area by Totomesu.  The challenge earns him his 2nd yellow and thus a red, and he's off.  Sarasaland down to 10 for the rest of the match. 


86' - It's all hands on deck for Sarasaland now as they have all 10 players behind the ball.  Knuckles nearly gets off a good chance but its blocked out for a corner.  Dragonzamasu does well to head the corner out of danger before Blaze re-collects.


88' - Another GHZ attack, this time its Sonic who lets fly from a tough angle, forcing a save from Tatanga. 


90' - Yet another GHZ attack.  This time it's Amy Rose who takes the shot, and Tatanga tips it over the bar for a corner.  The corner is taken short, before Knuckles eventually shoots but it's over the bar.  4 minutes of stoppage time goes on the board.  This is likely to be the longest 4 minutes in Sarasaland history.


90+2' - Tatanga is yellow carded for time wasting


90+4' - Green Hill Zone earn a corner with a minute left and all 11 players including Eggman, reminiscent of the Star Continent match in the quarterfinals.  This time though, its headed out by Dragonzamasu, and then Wario hits a beautiful outlet pass to Daisy near midfield.  With only Blaze in front of her and an empty net, Daisy launches a shot towards goal from 65 yards and the looping ball one bounces into the net for a walk-off goal.  The Sarasaland supporters behind the goal immediately storm the field.  It's over...Sarasaland are world champions!

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Here we go.


Find Green Hill’s weak spots and make sure they don’t find ours.


OH, SO CLOSE! Good try Waluigi.


Phew. Dodged THAT one.




All right guys. Keep it up. We have a long way to go so don’t get too cocky.


Careful Totomesu. We don’t want to lose you for the rest of the game.


You too Waluigi. And now we need to get focused and get the lead back.


And another wasted opportunity. Dang it.


Come on guys. Get that goal back. They are NOT winning it tonight. Dig deep and get that equalizer.


Dang it. Another good opportunity squandered. Still letting those good shots go to waste guys. We’re not out of it yet.


Good job guys. Now let’s get that winning goal. Oh and don’t do anything stupid to let them win either.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME WARIO?! WHAT A SHOT! Oh and silly celebration, even if it meant a yellow card. Don’t let them tie it up guys.


Man, dodged another shot by GHZ. Keep that pressure coming guys. Less than 10 minutes and any injury time left so don’t let up.


Not good guys. See it through in the last few minutes. Don’t panic.


4 more minutes. They’re throwing everything at us... even the kitchen sink so stay focused, even if we’re down 1 player.


As the extra time winds down, Fuzzer, the Sarasaland coaching staff and bench players all stand, ready to erupt when the final whistle blows.


And a yellow for time wasting on Tatanga. Nothing too bad but two minutes of nervous moments left guys.





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Posted (edited)

After storming the pitch into the celebration with other Sarasaland players and fans, Fuzzer finds Daisy and the pair share a loving embrace and share a romantic kiss to cheering fans, awaiting the trophy presentation.


Daisy: It’s coming home.


Fuzzer: Unlike England, yes it is.


Moments later she would hoist the NWC trophy surrounded by her teammates and coaching staff as pyrotechnics shoot up into the night to loud cheers from the Sarasaland fans as fans back home celebrate well into the night in the kingdom.

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At the center of Luhzniki Stadium, a giant stage and podium is assembled, and the match referees are acknowledged, followed by the players from Great Plateau (who beamed in from St Petersburg following conclusion of their match), who are presented with their bronze medals and the bronze WC trophy.  The bronze trophy is lifted by the team who does so with fervor as confetti cannons of bronze, gold, and green shower them.  Then next come the players from Green Hill Zone, who receive their silver medals and then, probably with less fervor than Great Plateau's players, receive the silver trophy, this time without the confetti.  Then lastly come the Sarasaland players, who receive their gold medallions and gather together as the Nintendo World Cup trophy is presented.  Fuzzer takes it, and with Daisy, Wario, Dragonzamasu, Hoiyohoi, and the others holding a piece of it, they raise it up and scream in unison as the confetti of gold streams down and fireworks of white, blue, and red go off overhead!  It's a moment that nobody in Sarasaland will ever forget.

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Fuzzer and Daisy would speak to the media afterwards before the celebrations began in the locker room.


Reporter: Fuzzer has this sunk in yet?


Fuzzer: Give me 24 hours to let this special moment sink in because I’m still trying to collect my thoughts.


Daisy: This is the ultimate goal we’ve achieved. Everyone in the SSF worked hard to get us to this special moment.


Reporter: Fans in Sarasaland are celebrating like crazy now and want to know one thing. What are you saying to them back home?


Fuzzer: We’ve done it. We’re coming home as champions and we can’t wait to share our celebrations with you.


Daisy: I also want to say that you all played a huge part in our success this year at the matches whether at home matches, road matches or on neutral sites. You all showed up and cheered us on and we appreciate your undying support. Thank you and we can’t wait to come home as world champions.

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Following the celebrations in the locker room, the team was awarded a free night at a Moscow hotel since they had left their temporary facilities while the team plane would be prepped for the departure back home tomorrow morning.


Upon heading into their room for the night, Fuzzer and Daisy would collect their thoughts before calling it a night.


Fuzzer: I told the team we don’t need to wake up too early as a reward for our win.


Daisy: *chuckles* No worries. We EARNED some down time for a bit after that win.


Fuzzer: I can’t believe we’ve become NWC champions. We aren’t going to forget this one for a long time.


Daisy: Nope. Good night sweetie. I love you.


Fuzzer: Love you too.


As the pair would get ready to sleep, Fuzzer silently looked inside a small box before slowly closing it.


Fuzzer: (to himself, silently) Is this... the right time to do it after all I’ve been through with her?

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It's been something I've been toying with and was planning to do in Smashville after our friendly with Animal Village but my phone quit and my tablet was dead so that was scrapped, and maybe it's fitting with a champions parade instead.

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As the Sarasaland organization arrived back home to cheering fans, several open top buses are arriving to transport the victorious players and team staff through the capital towards Daisy’s castle surrounded by ectatic fans, many of who now sport brand new gear with a star above the team logo indicating their NWC title.


The players and staff would spend their time on the buses waiving to fans and hoisting the trophy up high at times towards the destination.


The ETA at the castle should be around noon local time.

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10 hours ago, Fuzzer1 said:

It's been something I've been toying with and was planning to do in Smashville after our friendly with Animal Village but my phone quit and my tablet was dead so that was scrapped, and maybe it's fitting with a champions parade instead.

Haha...good thing your electronics took a vacay!

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20 minutes ago, Triforcemaster3 said:

Haha...good thing your electronics took a vacay!

Well my phone and tablet are working fine now but yeah. Some things aren’t meant to happen until the right time.

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After the team arrived at Daisy’s Castle, several players said some speeches to the cheering fans:


Wario: Wahahah! We’re #1 now! At long last, this country is top dog in the Mario realm. And as my gift to all of you, free gold coins for everyone in this crowd.


Waluigi: Being part of two winning goals in the knockout stage myself, I played a huge part in getting us to this great moment. This is a great day for those of us who are tall and have an advantage in the pitch. Let’s keep partying!!!! *loud cheers*


Daisy: For too long, Sarasaland has had to watch as Mushroom Kingdom was the one hogging all the spotlight, thumbing their collective thumbs at us like bullies calling us inferior and unable to amount to anything important. Today, it is no longer the case. We are the ones on top now. Peach, as much as I love you as a cousin, how does it feel to be on the flip side for once? WE DID IT!!! 


She would hoist the trophy in the air as fans cheer like crazy.


Fuzzer: We all played a huge part in this special run and now I have something I’ve wanted to do so can you all please be quiet?


After the crowd stops cheering and becomes completely silent, Fuzzer turns towards Daisy.


Fuzzer: Three years ago, I heard about a woman from Sarasaland that was a great pitcher but was sadly criticized by the Fireflowers off the diamond. And I hated that so much, I vowed to defend her, no matter the cost. Over time, I would get to know her as a wonderful person who was also beautiful, kind and caring towards others. Even when we moved from Smashville to Sarasaland, in a decision I still wish I handled better looking back at it, she didn’t leave my side. I have enjoyed every day and night with her, waking up and going to sleep with a beautiful angel, with smiles on our faces.


Daisy, stunned by his words, was shocked at what he did next when he got onto one knee and opened a small box containing a diamond ring as the crowd gasps in shock at what was happening.


Fuzzer: Daisy my love, will you make me the happiest guy in Sarasaland, and marry me?


Daisy then started to cry tears of joy after hearing what her boyfriend said before collecting her thoughts, knowing that an answer would be needed to his question.




As the crowd roars in approval, he would place the ring on her ring finger before the pair share an embrace and share a passionate kiss while the crowd keeps cheering.


Daisy *at podium*: As if this special day can’t get any better, I’M GETTING MARRIED TO THE GUY I LOVE! AWESOME!!!


A truly special day for Sarasaland had transpired, something no one expected back in June when the NWC began in group play that would lead to a historic title run that no one will forget.

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An interesting bit of symmetry this...Fuzzer's proposal to Daisy takes place at a championship victory parade, virtually the same venue as tm3's proposal to Zelda was.  And oddly enough, it was Sarasaland's victory over Hyrule in the final match of the group stage that was arguably the catalyst that set Sarasaland up for their run through the knockout round, putting them into the arguably weaker half of the bracket.  By the time Sarasaland got past the physical grudge match against Star Continent and into the semifinals, they were arguably the favorites to bring the title home and they did. 


Sarasaland joins Popstar and Kanto as NWC World Champions...Hyrule of course do hold the inaugural Confederations Cup title, so both Daisy and Zelda's countries will be defending their titles in the upcoming tournaments NAFA Confederations Cup France 2019 and Nintendo World Cup Europe 2020.


This NAFA season arguably was disjointed and helter-skelter at times early on, but the drama only grew and grew and I don't think anybody could possibly have any complaints with the endgame.  See you all again in March 2019!

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Actually I think it was Zelda who proposed to you. I remember that.


Pretty rare to see a woman propose to the man.

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