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Nintendo Association Football (Soccer) League

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2 hours ago, XLW said:

Here’s to Great Plataeu, the biggest upset so far!

Yeah I’d have to say that’s probably true, especially considering GP won the group outright over Graymalkin, Corneria, and Bionis.  The fact that Bionis and Corneria are going home, especially the latter, is a bit of a shock.


Mushroom Kingdom going home is a shock as well.  Granted, with Green Hill Zone, Kongo Jungle, and Mushroom Kingdom all getting drawn together, somebody was going to get shafted there. Dixie Kong’s late goal last night kept her country alive at MK’s expense.

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Posted (edited)

Nintendo World Cup Group Stage Matchday 3 continued: (bringing a few more cities out east into the mix here as the stadiums in the west are prepared for the knockout round)


Animal Village 3-1 Weyard - Sibir Stadium, Novosibirsk

Sarasaland 3-1 Hyrule - Yenisey Arena, Krasnoyarsk

Gondwanaland 1-2 Mute City - SKA Energiya Arena, Khabarovsk

Tatooine 1-3 Great Sea - Luch Energiya Stadium, Vladivostok


10:15pm Eastern - matches kick off


5’ - Niko Scores for Great Sea


7’ - Daisy Scores for Sarasaland


10’ - Copper Scores for Animal Village


18’ - Wario Scores for Sarasaland


22’ - Pelly Scores for Animal Village


25’ - Anakin Skywalker Scores for Tatooine


33’ - Lily Flyer Scores for Mute City


39’ - Issac Scores for Weyard


45’+1 - Ashei Scores for Hyrule


51’ - Dangoro gets a red card and is ejected, Hyrule down to 10 players


58’ - Tetra Scores for Great Sea


62’ - Toon Link Scores for Great Sea


67’ - KK Slider Scores for Animal Village


70’ - Freedan Scores for Gondwanaland


77’ - Waluigi Scores for Sarasaland


81’ - Captain Falcon Scores for Mute City


11:50pm - full time in all matches

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8 hours ago, Triforcemaster3 said:

Nintendo World Cup Knockout Round Bracket:



Isle O Hags


Great Plateau

Kongo Jungle


Star Continent









Green Hill Zone






Great Sea



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Posted (edited)

And we still face Tatooine.


And Animal Village is out? Guess that draw against us wasn’t  good thing for them.

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Xander, I’m going to be quite busy tonight and Saturday...would you like to do the round of 16 matches?


i was planning to do 4 matches today and four tomorrow but you could consolidate them all into one day if it works better for you.

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... Almost forgot! 


Round of 16 scores: 


ACDC Town- 0

Isle O Hags- 2


Great Plateau- 2

Kongo Jungle- 1


Star Continent- 2

Tellius- 1


Sarasaland- 2

Tatooine- 1


Earthsf -4

Outworld- 0


Green Hill Zone-  4

Graymalkin- 3


Earthdbz- 2

Kanto- 3


Great Sea- 3

Hyrule- 1


3:40 PM PST, All matches kick off!  


'5- Ryu takes the first goal of the day! Everyone else has just been a little bit quiet. 

'6- Not wanting to be late for the surprise, Vegeta follows with the next goal, and it seems like one of the old champion teams will have a hard time here. 

'8- Ike strikes the iron, and the crowd is going wild! 

'10- Black Widow with the speedy goal against the speedy team! This is getting wild! 

'11- Axem Red... Axem Read it! 

'19- For a while... nothing... until Gruntilda make a wicked maneuver!  

'25- ... MORE ACTION! BOTW Link flung the ball through the grass... into the goal post!  

'29- Android 17 gets an assist from his sister, and Kanto's not looking good!  

'37- Sonic tells Graymalkin what is what. 

'38-  Cammy makes Outworld look like total chums. 

'40-  Too bad for Sonic, Black Panther makes the game too easy for his team! 

'41- Toon Link showboats! OoT's Link's face is all too priceless! 

'43- Finally, a score from a match we've been looking at! ... Kylo Ren proudly helps his team before the halftime comes... Well... 




'49- Ellie swings it back for Kongo Jungle! 

'55- And now Captain America shows Green Hill how it's do- Man, this game is strange... 

'60- Shadow isn't having any of it, and helps his team! But, will it be enough? 

'67- Charizard. Just Charizard. 

'68- OoT Link showboats! Toon Link's face is even more priceless! ... At least he can emote! SHOTS FIRED! THANK YOU TETRA! 

'69- Okay, Pikachu made it rain! That game's gonna be tight! 

'72- Tetra makes the countermove~!  

'77- Chun Li made sure their realm owned Outworld! 

'80- Last ten minutes left, and... That was really close for Saras... as Wario is making his garlic magic work! 

'81- Ken just made Outworld lose hope! 

'83- ... A miracle for Kanto, as Mewtwo made the DBZ guys rue the day they met Kanto! 

'85- Banjo for his team! 

'86- And cheers were made for Urbosa! 

'87- It was a big dream for Saras thanks to Waluigi! 

'88- Silver makes it... in time to save his team from chaos! 

'89- Thanks to Niko, the Great Sea lives on another day! 

'90- I hate Culex, but I can't deny Star Continent the win for this night! 

'90 + 1- Knuckles. He's not Ugandan. Or Wokandan. Or Jamaican. But, his shot helped his team to victory! 




Now, it should be... 


Isle O Hags

Great Plateau


Star Continent




Green Hill Zone



Great Sea 


A Zelda team takes on another RARE team! 

Sarasaland takes to the skies again! 

Two third party titans finally collide! 

And... uh... I don't have a thing for the last match-up! 


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Nintendo World Cup Russia 2018 Quarterfinals:


Isle O Hags 1-2 Great Plateau - Kazan Arena, Kazan

Goal - Banjo, Revali, Fyson

YC - Mingella, Zyle, Nazbi, Gobi, Mumbo Jumbo

Star Continent 3-2 Sarasaland F/AET - Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi

Goal - Daisy, Valentina, Wario, Frogfucius, Waluigi

YC - Bowyer, Jonathan Jones, Dragonzamasu, Wario, Yaridovich, Hoiyohoi, Valentina

RC - Yaridovich, Bowyer (2nd yellows, misses next match)

Earthsf 1-3 Green Hill Zone - Krylia Sovetov Arena, Samara

Goal - Shadow, Amy Rose, Chun Li, Sonic

YC - Ken, Shadow

Kanto 2-3 Great Sea - Ural Arena, Yekaterinburg 

Goal - Tetra, Pikachu, Hitmonlee, Komali, Medli

YC - Ash Ketchum

RC - Ash Ketchum (2nd yellow, misses next match)


10pm EST - matches kick off!


2’ - Star Continent vs Sarasaland promises to be a heated battle, and Bowyer gets booked after just 90 seconds after taking Daisy out with a kick at the ankles.  


6’ - First goal...comes in Yekaterinburg!  It’s Tetra who converts a free kick following a foul by Brock.  Huge start for Great Sea.  Kanto won’t panic though, they overcame an 0-2 hole last match and they are defending champion


9’ - Mingella goes into the book for a foul against Urbosa


11’ - Jonathan Jones gets tangled up with Dragonzamasu in the area and the two butt heads and give some heated words.  The ref books both of them and tells them to cool it


15' - Ken goes into the book for an intentional foul against Knuckles as the latter was breaking down the field on the counter.  Knew exactly what he was doing there.


18' - This time it didn't take Kanto long to find an equalizer.  They are deadly on set pieces, and once again it's Pikachu with an agility header at the back post, leaving Valoo with no chance in the Great Sea net.  Game on!


19' - Very next minute and the tournament cinderellas Great Plateau have conceded.  It's Humba Wumba who makes a great move down the left and she chips it in for Banjo, who buries it from near the penalty spot.  Some very poor defending there but an outstanding finish.


21' - It's getting very chippy in Sochi.  Wario goes into the book for a takeout slide challenge against Croco, who had some choice words for his adversary.  You can almost tell that these teams have a score to settle here.


23' - Shadow goes into the book for a rash challenge against Vega as the Spaniard was looking to counter.  This game is an interesting battle of speed versus power...no goals yet.


30' - How about that?!  On the half hour mark in Kazan, Urbosa's free kick is headed home by Revali, who simply beat Gobi and Mumbo to the ball.  1-1!


32' - Yellow card comes out for Zyle, who was a little too physical and bowled over Tooty near the center circle


35' - Kanto go 2-1 up!  Great Sea's defenders do a better job against defending the initial set piece, but the ball is recycled to Hitmonlee, who takes an audacious shot from 25 yards out and puts it in off the left post.  What a snipe!


37' - Yaridovich gets booked for a fairly blatant elbow against Waluigi on an aerial ball.  That was dangerous, and could well have been a red.  He might be lucky to still be on the pitch.


38' - Less than a minute later, Hoiyohoi flattens Geno with a hip check as the latter made a move toward goal about thirty yards out.  He sees yellow.  It'll be a miracle if nobody is sent off in this match the way it's going right now. 


47' - Right off the halftime break, Green Hill Zone break the deadlock.  It's a great move by Sonic to get into the area, and he squares it off for an oncoming Shadow, who pounds it in past Edmond Honda.  1-0 to GHZ


49' - We also have a goal in Sochi!  And it's just who you'd expect.  It was Totomesu getting forward from the fullback spot and squaring a cross toward Waluigi.  His header is initially saved by Frogfucius but SC fail to get it clear and Daisy cleans up the mess with a tidy finish into the bottom corner.  1-0 Sarasaland!


54' - Nazbi picks up a yellow card for a tackle against Banjo


57' - Great Sea are hanging tough and it's now 2-2.  Tetra makes an incisive move before finding Toon Link, who lofts it to the back post where Komali rises highest to score.  The aerial prowess of these teams is on full display in this match.


60' - Earthsf is in real trouble now.  Amy Rose isn't closed down at all, and about 30 yards away she pulls the trigger.  The result is a rocket that finds the top left corner.  Amy runs to the corner and proceeds to "hammer" the corner flag in celebration.  Awesome stuff.


62' - Guile goes into the book for a rash challenge against Knuckles.  The frustration might be setting in a bit for Earthsf.


64' - Valentina scores a stunner to level the match for Star Continent!  Geno set the play up with a solid run down the left, played it into Mallow who laid it off well in the box for Valentina, who drills it past Tatanga.  She then proceeds to take off her jersey...revealing "I <3 You Booster" on her abdomen as she points into the crowd.  This gets her a yellow card but she cares not.


67' - Ash Ketchum goes into the book for a tripping challenge on Toon Link.  In contrast to the mayhem in Sochi, that's the first card of the night in Yekaterinburg.


69' - Earthsf might have a lifeline after all.  It's a shot by Ryu that is saved initially by Eggman but on the rebound Chun Li tries an audacious bicycle kick and finds the net.  Spectacular. 


71' - Gobi gets his challenge all wrong and into the book for kicking Mipha in the dorsal fin.  That was bad but unintentional in the eyes of the referee.


74' - Sarasaland go back into the lead.  The shot by Wario is off the crossbar and Frogfucius appears to make an incredible save off the line, but after consulting with the VAR, its clear that the ball was over the line.  2-1 to Sarasaland!


78' - Great Sea have the lead once again!  Orca, just subbed on, makes a brilliant run down the left and feeds Toon Link, who again plays distributor, this time finding Medli, who deflects it in past Mr Mime for 3-2.


82' - Mumbo Jumbo picks up a yellow card after knocking over GP Zelda. 


84' - That could be the goal that sends Cinderella one step closer to the big ball!  Kapson plays it across to Urbosa, and then she finds Fyson, who directs in the ball with his beak.  2-1 to Great Plateau.


85' - Ash Ketchum picks up a second yellow card for a foul on Tetra and is ejected.  Kanto down to 10 players!


90'+1 - That seals the deal in Samara...Tails leads out a 3 v 1 breakaway thanks to EarthSF committing so many players forward, he then finds Sonic who buries it past Edmond Honda to send Green Hill Zone to the WC Semifinals


90'+4 - Star Continent earn a corner with 30 seconds left and bring everybody forward including the keeper.  The corner is swung in by Geno and would you believe it, Frogfucius rises highest to head it home!  SC save themselves right at the death!


11:35pm - Full time


It's over in Kazan, Samara, and Yeketarinburg, as Great Sea, Great Plateau, and Green Hill Zone advance to the World Cup Semifinals this Wednesday.  Thanks to some late drama we don't yet have a winner in Sochi, as Sarasaland-Star Continent now goes to extra time, which, as per NAFA rules, will be "golden goal"


94' - Yaridovich knocks over Daisy on the counterattack, and is shown a second yellow card and is ejected!  Star Continent is now down to 10 players.


99' - Oh my goodness...now Bowyer commits a foul against Tokotoko and he is yellow carded and then shown the red.  SC has now lost 2 players and must play 9 on 11 for the remainder of overtime.


104' - Following 2 amazing saves by Frogfucius to keep the game alive...there's a goalmouth scramble and in the end Waluigi gets to it and tries to kick it home into a mostly empty net but the ball is batted away off the line intentionally by Mallow.  He's shown the red card, the 3rd SC player to be red carded in the last 10 minutes!  Penalty kick coming up.


105'+1 - Waluigi's penalty is perfect and he buries it.  Frogfucius guessed right but couldn't get to it as it hits the net.  Ballgame.  Sarasaland advance to the WC semifinals. 

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Foul for SC right off the bat. Gonna be fun.


Easy there Dragonzamasu. Don’t take yourself out for a possible semifinals match with another yellow card.


You too Wario. Keep yourself together or you’re ejected.


Im gonna be stunned if no one gets booted too.




Well they tied it. And she STILL loves Booster! Wow.


And what she did brought back memories of THAT in Paris 3 years ago. Good tines.


The lead is ours thanks to VAR. That and a good shot by Wario too.


Well we’re going into the sudden death overtime and the winning goal ends it. Hopefully it’s us.


Use that 1 man advantage and get the victory. Don’t blow this golden opportunity given to us.


Make that a 2 man advantage. Or just let them get three more ejections and we win via forfeit on account of 5 ejected SC players in one match. Either way, don’t blow it.


A 3rd SC player is out? Oh my. And a chance for Waluigi to put it to bed. Good luck.


Waluigi, if you want to have some fun with the Russian women tonight, go ahaead. You’ve sent us to the semis so you’ve EARNED a break.

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Great Plateau vs. Sarasaland  




Green Hill Zone vs. Great Sea  




6:20 AM PST: All matches kick off! 


'3- Starting things off is Waluigi, with the early goal! 

'4- Sonic kicks things off with his team, only a minute later! 

'5- But, Paya, using her shy demeanor as an advantage, helps her team with the next goal. Fun action all around! 

'8- Amy Rose with another kach-ow!   

'19- Nearly after ten minutes, more stuff happens! Dragonzamasu... (really, this joke?)... slithers for success. BA DAM CHOO! 

'27- I'm just wondering what's going on with the minds of Great Sea, as Shadow just steamrolls through their defenses. Maybe they're up to something...   

'40- (Am I reading this right? Nothing happened for 13 minutes? Not even yellow or red cards? ... Okay...) Another Sheikah for the win, as Symin corrects his shot!  

'42- I was bound to lose my patience for Great Sea, but Tetra turned the tides around! 


'45- HALF TIME! I want me some nachos! (Wait, do they serve that stuff in Russia? I don't know what they serve as food...)  


'49- And we begin again when Totomesu follows his companion with another goal! 

'55- Here comes Great Sea's comeback, as Niko delivers the save!  

'60- Another rush of waves, as Medli transitions the last goal into another!  

'66- The devil moon's number comes crawling in, as Wario pounces any chances Great Plateau might have left. 

'69- Here comes THE KNUX! 

'77-  Urbosa with the high strong kick! It's downright extreme these last thirteen minutes! 

'79- Komali with another goal! 


'82- Tremendous power with the Great Sea, as Toon Link decimates the field! 

'83- BOTW Link follows his grand brethren to the punch! 


'89- In all of my life as a commentator! DAAAAAAAAAISY WITH THE GOAL TO SETTLE THINGS! 






It's now- 




Edited by XLW

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How about that, a pair of semifinal matches decided in extra time by 6-5 scores.  That’s just too good.  


Xander, I thank you for the work you’ve done on this tournament, particularly here in the knockout stage.  Very gripping and dramatic theatre on the pitch.  


The World Cup third place match and final will take place on Friday evening...matches will probably start early around 7 or 8pm Eastern

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All right then.


Factoring in a 9 hour time zone difference, the match would be played on Saturday morning at 2-3 AM, Moscow time.

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