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27 minutes ago, Link, the Hero of Dreams said:


Shiny while roaming. I was caught off guard when I saw it. It's not like in Sword and Shield. 

I've heard spotting shinies in Pokemon S/V will be a little harder because they don't glimmer on the field nor do they make that sound to indicate one is near by, like in Pokemon Legends Arceus. I guess that is the off set of this gen again, despite that trade of of the senses for for shinies, this gen odds are the highest I believe ever if find the right methods.

23 minutes ago, Link, the Hero of Dreams said:

By the way, can we change the title to "Poke'mon Gen 9 Discussion or whatever"? Before it was about the leaks and new Poke'mon, but it's become a different thread now. 

Yeah, I didn't post soon after the game release because of this same reason but I saw ppl were posting Pokemon S/V about their experiences and such. So, in this case followed the crowd.


That said there are few Pokemon S/V, similarly name cause of new trailers. (I think most were from me) This one here was one of the last one made for one of the new trailers.

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  • EH_STEVE changed the title to Pokemon SV Discussion

4 gyms, 2 titans and 2 bosses. On my way to do my 3rd titan then maybe a another gym or boss after that titan.


Don't forget, since I last spoke of Tera Raid Battles. Eevee of all Tera types are available to get November 27!


EDIT: Also, done all my midterm exams at school. I also must say, the coolest teacher at this school is that suave guy with the mustache and usually have a fist near his chest.

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A few days ago, I heard a unconfirmed rumor that if you have Pokemon S/V digitally and its DL'd on system memory (instead of the MicroSD which it was) that some or all the performance would be no more.


I tried this out docked and not long undocked. At first for docked I didn't notice any framerate stuttering but as soon as I was wondering big city I saw some. If I had to say, I saw less of them I thought I used to see in big cities. (I could be placeboing myself there) Now for undocked, more or less the same as docked, less framerate stutters. (I played little handheld, first play in on MicroSD but I can't recall if it the same as that)


Tho interesting, in on of the cities last night on system memory on docked, I walked in to one of the few indoor place you can go in (it was the sandwich shop) and the game crashed. I lost about 20 minutes of play. Those 20 minutes were spent shopping for clothes in the new city I was in.


So yeah, that's my performance check on this rumor, plus a crash on system memory.

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Got Violet earlier in the evening 


Still mildly annoyed that I’ve been somewhat spoiled at glimpses at some of the Pokemon though through Twitter despite trying my best to avoid seeing Scarlet/Violet stuff in general 


Spent more time deciding between make of female trainer


Sometimes I’ve chosen the female trainer in games if i prefer it


Considering the lack of outfits from what I’ve heard, i guess it doesn’t matter too much in the end - guess I’ll just choose the male trainer


Still going with the cat, though - can always trade for the others

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I know starters are Shiny locked but reset until i got a female - took multiple resets, though but i managed to get one


unfortunately got spoiled on a glimpse at one of the evolutions which is annoying 


Not the only one, though - not that iit changes anything in the long run


Surprisingly you can catch quite a few Pokémon between the first route and the school - caught 21 so far


It says there’s a Happiny around on the map but I don’t see it anywhere… must be a rare spawn…?




Taountula is now my least favorite and disliked Pokemon 


Granted, I don’t like Spiders in general… only keeping it around until it evolves once or twice then boxing it or something 



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I'm in the postgame now, with all legendaries caught and all teacher "quests" completed. My dex is around 360ish.


Of the three stories, I actually liked the gym badges the least. I mean there's no story really there, sure, but I wasn't a fan of the rival compared to the characters of the other two.

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Lost my first Gym battle yesterday 


That’s…. Not something that’s happened in quite awhile - that Teddiursa is way strong with Tera


granted, some of my mons are a tish underlevelled…


Also quite like TERA Raid Battles - a lot more enjoyable and fast paced than the Raids we got in Sw/Sh - those were so bloody slow and time taking


Much better implement 


Also didn’t get as many Eevee Raids in as i was hoping to - was hoping to get a set or two of each Tera type, but no luck on that


Been spending more time exploring and catching mons than anything story related and leveling up a bit more after receiving that gift Pikachu


Though, before i get into that too much into Violet, i should finish up Diamond and Arceus first…


Really need to learn on focusing on one Pokemon game at a time 

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Honestly, somewhat similar to Cyberpunk 2077 tho the developer must of felt really bad to release a game in a sorry state for the higher ups to apologize almost seem pointless, if you knew could fix it later. Well its better than not doing anything and still big of Nintendo (notice it s not TPC but I guess the publisher Nintendo had to share this news) to say they take feedback seriously but yeah. We'll see what these 'select bug fixes' will be and when and what performance issues will be taken care of.


Speaking of bug fixes.....

He listed a few, not all as there's a lot and when it comes Pokemon wiki, and discovery exploits. He's on it no matter passe it is. He has seen and experience all since he dives into this stuff.


@Art_de_Cat: Which path you didn't complete, curious?

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32 minutes ago, Art_de_Cat said:

Um the path of becoming champion hince why I was on the way to elite four. :p.  Im in post game now.  The elite four.....was so bland.  Like they had good teams, but all suits and only one room to fight in?  Couldnt even decorate it to match who you were up against? And unless i missed it, no hall of records to record your final team?

Yeah, I didn't like that either... And you can assign a ribbon to your Pokemon now for a "title"... but they don't even have to have been on your champion team to get it...


Also, random-ish, what the fuck was the point in having a dorm when you CAN'T EVEN DECORATE IT?! There's like, two conversations there, that's it.

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