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Super Mario Bros. Movie Teaser Trailer - Oct. 6th @ 4pm ET (NYCC)

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We're finally going to get our first look at the Super Mario Bros. animated movie!...


Odd that our first look will be at New York Comic Con. I would have totally expect our first look to have been in a Nintendo Direct. Hopefully we'll get our first full trailer in a Nintendo Direct.



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Tho I am sure all appreciate a look at the Super Mario Bros animated movie, the thinking for this showing to be at a Direct is at odds with me. Yes, the news of voice cast for the movie was shared in a Direct but even before Nintendo shook up expectations of Directs this year, I had no expectations of any news on the movie in a Direct. I knew like when we finally got Tears of the Kingdom name and release date, it will be shared when ready and where appropriate.


Also, movie trailers are released all the time at NYCC every year, yeah it's strange from a Nintendo perspective but this is movie so I guess no one never thought to think oh it might show up here.


Regardless looking forward to the teaser.

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🤔 Hmm... First we have Miyamoto promising it will be worth the wait for the movie (when it got pushed back to 4/7/2023) and now we have Chris Prat praising the teaser trailer... *see tweet below*


I know we're all expecting the worst, given the ENG voice cast, but the Big N seems to be pretty involved with the project, especially since Miyamoto overseeing things. I don't think this is going to be as bad as people are expecting. Sure, it may not be what they are expecting, but what from some of the people involved have said, it seems fans will be unexpectedly surprised (in a good way) at this first look. 


I mean this can be any worse that the live action SMB movie... Right? I've never realized how much people love that movie for being it own "unique" thing, until I watched it with a small group of random people in VR via the app Bigscreen, which was a ton of fun! People where drawing SMB characters/items (I wish I had screenshotted that) and there was also some light commentary/discussion during the movie. Anyway, I get the movie takes A LOT of liberties with the source material, but I guess that's why people like it (like a fun bad movie. Ex: Th Room). 



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