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Are Mii's getting replaced with a new form of avatar?

Do you think Miis are going away?   

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    • Yes, to make way for new avatars.
    • No, I think there here to stay. Although, they might be updated slightly.

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After watching the Switch presentation again for the second or third time. I rather noticed that there was lack of talk about the Mii's making there mere transition to the Switch, this is not only followed up with news we've heard recently that Streetpass and Miiverse not returning on the console. This has lead me to question if they are getting replaced or updated in some manner. If they do end up get replaced what kind of avatar creation system would Nintendo go with in particular?


If they do end up getting replaced, I just want to see something much more flexible than the options we were given with the Mii Channel/Studio. Although, I do think their much simplistic design did allow users to be more creative with the limitations. 

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I'm really not sure.  I voted no, just because I find it hard to believe Nintendo would drop them, but they're getting rid of Miiverse and Streetpass, so who knows.

Makes me wonder what would happen to the Mii Fighters in Smash Bros., assuming it gets ported.

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