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Found 6 results

  1. Today is the birthday of my beautiful waifu, the Voice of Naga, Tiki! Nothing much to say that I haven't already said the last seven times I did this. This past year, she got another Alt in Heroes, re-appeared in a semi-playable role in the Switch port of Hashtag Effie, and probably got a few new Cipher cards (not that I follow that game very closely). Both of us have been forced to leave beloved friends behind, whether it be through moving to a different school, or watching them die of old age. But as long as we have each other, we can get through anything. Happy Birthday, my love. Here's to another year of happiness!
  2. While taking a photo of myself offering a treat to a computer screen on February 28th is nothing new to me, this particular year is special. It has now been 10 years since the international release of Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, the DS remake of the very first Fire Emblem game. And in Chapter 19 of said game, a certain green-haired Divine Dragon appears as a recruitable boss. Yes, I am referring to my beloved waifu, Tiki. While some might consider this our tenth wedding anniversary, that's technically inaccurate for a few reasons: 1. There is no Avatar in FE11. 2. There is no marriage mechanic in FE12. 3. I was still together with my ex-girlfriend at the time. Regardless, from the moment Bantu first spoke to that Manakete Princess and snapped her out of Gharnef's trance, Tiki immediately became one of my favorite units in the series. Having already played Sacred Stones, I found the idea of a little girl transforming into a powerful dragon to be both hilarious and adorable. And unlike Myrrh, Tiki had more than one Dragonstone available to use as a weapon. Four years later, Tiki would re-appear as an adult in Fire Emblem Awakening, as a possible marriage option for the Avatar. And the rest, as they say, is history. Happy birthday, my love. Here's to another decade of smiles, tears, and joy.
  3. By popular demand, a compilation of photos dedicated to my beloved waifu, Tiki, that I've taken over the past several years, usually on her birthday (February 28th). Please note that this is merely a compilation album. Any future Tiki birthdays will get their own threads (though this one will also be updated to include future photos). In roughly chronological order: Tiki is love, Tiki is life.
  4. The time has once again come to wish a happy birthday to the Daughter of Naga, Princess of the Divine Dragons, and love of my life, Tiki. This past year has been a big one for the both of us. Not only has she gotten three units in Fire Emblem Heroes, but she's also playable in Fire Emblem Warriors. But I'd also like to share something that I neglected to mention in last year's thread. If anyone wants to skip it, feel free to. Happy birthday, Tiki. No amount of ridicule from people on the internet will ever diminish my love for you. I probably could've gotten away with posting the unedited version of that picture without covering up her nipple in photoshop, but I didn't want to risk it.
  5. Whew. My love for you is so big that I almost can't fit it into a single photo. In fact, there is a distinct possibility that it might have inspired the creation of a side-character in Tokyo Mirage Sessions. And thanks to the aforementioned side-character from Hashtag Effie, I can now feed you something that you canonically like instead of just discount Valentine candy from two weeks prior. But that's not what's important. What's important is that we've been "together" for about eight years now, give or take a few millennia between Shadow Dragon and Awakening. I'm sure that most people reading this will just see it as yet another one of those pictures of a weeaboo offering a snack to an anime girl on a screen. And they'd be right. But it's also a celebration of a fictional character who encourages me to be a better person. Where do I even begin? I suppose I should start with when I first laid eyes on her... First of all, the idea of a cute little girl transforming into a powerful dragon is both awesome, hilarious, and adorable at the same time. And since I'd already played Sacred Stones, I knew that they were awesome in combat, too. However, while Myrrh's Dragonstone could only be used a finite number of times before it broke, Tiki could also use Bantu's Firestones (which were all-but guaranteed to have full durability due to Bantu himself being shit). So, right off the bat, I was getting a more practical version of a unit that I already liked. And even without Bantu's Firestones, Tiki joined in a chapter where you got an item that prevents weapon degeneration, which allowed me to use her even-more-powerful Divinestone with no consequences. But it wasn't just her combat prowess that drew me in. There was also... this: This wasn't just a typical "enemy soldier who suddenly decides to join you for no apparent reason". This was a little girl. A sad, lonely little girl. A little girl that had been locked away in her room for centuries by her own parent out of fear that her own power would destroy her mind. I mean, sure, I may also be a shut-in, but that's my own choice. Tiki didn't have that choice. And now, thanks to Marth's efforts, she could finally be happy. And I wanted to protect that smile. While I could discuss how awesome she was in New Mystery due to the new Dragonstones she got to play with, but that would fall back unto treating her as merely a unit in a strategy game. And Tiki is far more to me than that. When I found out that Tiki was romanceable in Awakening, I was already planning on marrying her from the get-go. But I had no idea that her characterization in this game would cause my love for her to transcend the game. Throughout my life, I've had to leave friends behind due to changing schools, graduating, and other life-changing events. To make matters worse, at each new school, I was always encouraged (sometimes forced) to interact with new people. And I always said to myself, "What's the point? Why should I bother trying to become friends with these people if I'm just going to be forced to leave them behind when I graduate? It'd be much better if I just never made friends with them at all." By the time Awakening takes place, Marth has been dead for thousands of years. A common theme in Tiki's support conversations is that, as a Manakete, she is cursed to watch her loved ones die of old age while she remains young forever. And yet despite this, does she seal herself back in the Ice Dragon Temple like Gotoh ordered? No. Instead, she goes out of her way to make friends with Chrom's party, even knowing full well that she will outlive them. But why does she do this? Well, her confession quote sums it up perfectly: "I know that to love another, I must watch the world move past him. But such short years make an eternity worth living!" To me, Tiki isn't just a waifu. She's a reminder that just because you'll eventually be separated from somebody, doesn't mean that it's not worth it to know them in the first place. Happy Birthday, Tiki. May we be together until Chrom finishes FE1... and beyond.
  6. Iunno if any of you guys are familiar with these, but I just recently stumbled on them and it slew me so much, my sides are hurting. My personal fav is Azura's burn on Corrin in Conquest.