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Found 20 results

  1. http://imgur.com/a/EFOqs Beware spoilers if you're refraining from seeing Pokemon from this region.
  2. The Guardian Mew

    Are you an Alola Champion?

    Post your Alola completion info. Time: 45 Hours Team: Ella - lv 60 Ninetails(Alola) Dodger - lv 60 Lycanroc(day) Ollie - lv 60 Decidueye Wingnut - lv 62 Raichu(Alola) lv 60 Mudsdale lv 52 Kommo-o (Basically a last minute addition. :P)
  3. Surge135

    Alola Pokédex Progress

    Hey everyone, just curious how everyone is doing on their Alola Dex now that the games have been out for over a week now. Share progress, let us know what you are struggling with, etc. Has anyone already gotten the Dex completed 100%? Only up to the third Island so far, but I've been making sure to catch just about everything I can and evolving things if I have the opportunity to do so. My Dex at this moment is at 128/158, a 42% completion rate. My most completed Island Dex at this time is likely the Melemele Dex, followed shortly by Akala and Ula'ula, though they are all above the 50% mark.
  4. This is supposed to start today I think. The sixth, in Europe. It's done via a special QR code. You need to beat the game first, so no resetting for multiples! Can't make a fancy OP on mobile, but such is life. The QR code will be posted on the official Sun and Moon website; also, probably, on any major fansite like Serebii. Last I heard, the event does not expire in North America. Further details will probably come out today. Discuss.
  5. From now until the 13th you can participate with trainers across the world in a goal to catch 100,000,000 Pokemon. If you're playing the game, the sooner you sign up the better. To register just go to the castle in the plaza and talk with the first girl on the right. You'll clearly need an internet connection, but signing up is simple! Everyone that participates will get 100 FC, but if we meet our goal we get 1000 FC instead! So let's do this!
  6. Everything I'm about to say is a spoiler, so if you don't know the story of Sun and Moon get out now. I'm not using spoiler tags, so this is your chance. Okay, now that that's over with, on with the facts and theories. First the facts. There once was a professor who lead the research at the Aether Foundation regarding ultra wormholes, alternate dimensions, and the beasts there-in. That professor eventually 'Mysteriously disappeared through a wormhole', and left behind a wife, two kids, and a Pokemon who he named. Their names were Lusamine, Lillie, Gladios, and Nebbie. Lusamine couldn't come to terms with how she lost her husband, and that was the beginnings of her descent into madness. Already pretty crazy, right? It gets better. The professor's name was Mohn, and you may not have noticed the family resemblance, but it was staring you in the face the whole time. Boom... and that itself opens up a whole new can of worms. I mean, logically, one of three things has happened. A) Mohn faked the wormhole thing, just to get away from the pressures of his family and job. Or the wormhole just spit him out there, and he stayed for the reasons mentioned. (AKA he's as scummy a father as Lusamine is a mother. This one is unlikely IMO.) B) Mohn found a way back to our realm and has not yet reunited with his family, meaning he's either a really crappy father, or an amnesiac. C) Mohn is still in the alternate dimension, and that's where Pokemon stored in the PC actually go. Kind of still a crappy dad unless the AU has taken away his memories, but his reluctance to contact them would be more understandable. We can give a lot of conjecture on which is true, but none can really be outright proven. I prefer to think that it's the last, because that could mean soooooooooooo much for the Pokemon universe. Think about it, what if Bill is the reason these wormholes exist??? What if he tapped into that universe to create his storage system, or maybe even created it? Is each box a different dimension, or a different dimensional pocket? And what if Ultra Beasts are actually just Pokemon, who were somehow changed by being stored there? Or maybe they are messed up bits of code that have formed as Pokemon are transferred back and forth... There are so many questions, and we'll probably never get the answer to even most of them. But either way these story revelations are pretty crazy. I see people talking about how dark Alola is, and this just further pushes that thought. Lillie misses her dad... she sometimes even struggles to say the name that her father gave to Cosmog. But he's alive, and able to contact people in the central dimension, and she just doesn't know it. We know that being in the alternate dimension can effect humans in negative ways, so it's quite possible he doesn't remember his family anymore, no matter where he is. You talk to them both throughout the game, but have no way to tell either one of them the truth. It's kind of depressing, if you think hard enough about it. This has definitely been my favorite Pokemon game in terms of characters and stories. None of the others even come close, for me... most characters felt throw-away, and events of the games even more-so. But not this one... I really enjoyed this one.
  7. I suppose this is technically an event too. For the next month-and-a-half, you'll be able to redeem a special Pokémon in Pokémon Sun & Moon: a Munchlax holding the rare Snorlium Z! This item cannot be obtained in any other way, and allows Snorlax to use the special Z-Move "Pulverizing Pancake" -- an upgraded Giga Impact with a base power of 210 and no recharge, thus making it marginally stronger than Breakneck Blitz. While this move is unlikely to ever see serious use, it's a fun little thing only available now, for free, so you might as well get it! Possibly more importantly, this Munchlax gets the special event moves 'Hold Back' and 'Happy Hour'. The latter doubles the amount of money you gain upon clearing a battle, while the former -- a clone of False Swipe -- gives it rather unique utility in being able to use Hold Back, Fling, Recycle, and Yawn for the purposes of chaining Ditto in SOS battles. You really shouldn't ever need either of these qualities, but Munchlax is willing to offer them. Otherwise, it arrives at level 5 and you're the OT so it provides a slightly early chance to get the reasonably strong Snorlax if you're not tired of using it in almost every previous generation. Uh... and this has actually been going on since the game came out, but I was too busy breeding with Zora to remember to make the thread. Please understand. It ends on January 11th, either way, so claim it by then. This is the first event for Generation VII. The second, Magearna, begins next week. Look forward to it! Discuss.
  8. Thought there should be a separate thread for this for those of us who've finished the E4. That way anything in the main game can be discussed freely without spoiling anything. Is that cool? Anyways, I finished the E4 early yesterday: Decidueye Greninja Alolan Raichu Alolan Ninetales Aracanine All about level 55. Honestly I found the battle in Ultra Space against Lusamine to far harder than any on at the Pokemon League. I think the family triangle was a little predictable after a little bit of play. Hau is probably my favourite "rival" and although I hated Lilly at first, she grew on me once she got her "Z Power" All in all probably one of my favourite gens, I love all the small nuances like the item get noise being a ukulele and the no HMs and the freakin' soundtrack. Although it's been revisited to death, I'm hoping all the mentions of Kanto will lead to a remake of sorts. Post-game: Already went and caught all island guardians (in regular Pokeballs I might add, same with Solgaleo). Met with Looker but didn't start that yet, so I'm unsure how it plays out but I'm asusming it's catching the UBs. And was plodding my way to the Battle Tree when I bailed and decided to fill my dex out a little bit. I really hope Alolan Oak plays a role sometime in the post-game as it seems almost like he was pointless. My dex is at around 130 right now, working on living dex right now for when the Bank update comes so I can fill it up asap.
  9. So, I've been trying to trade with a friend online for over the past hour, and we just can't get it to work. I've followed all the steps according to this guide: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/291719/how-to-i-trade-with-friends-over-the-internet-in-pokemon-sun-moon We disabled "Communication with Guests", and that didn't help. Anyone have a guess as to what's going on? Are there any additional requirements that need to be met?
  10. The Guardian Mew

    Sun and Moon tips

    Tired of wasting time checking doors? Save the effort, most small doors you can enter have a welcome mat. Early game and want to stock up on cheap healing items? Head to the vending machine in the Game Freak office on Island 2, after you beat the first trial of the island. Fresh Waters there are 150 Pokedollars, which is a pretty significant discount. (This may discount may extend as more drinks become available through progress.) What are some tips you have found from playing so far?
  11. The general pre-battle theme is one of the best for the franchise. Honestly most of the music shines, and Gladion's battle theme amazing. X3 What have been your favorite themes so far?
  12. It's possible that Sun & Moon flat-out do not have a National Pokédex, or at least will not until the Bank update. And you know how good Game Freak is about patching their games for compatibility. Out of all of the baffling features Game Freak has ever removed, this is by far the most baffling. I can't even believe it. Discuss.
  13. These Train On ads for Sun and Moon are amazing! If you haven't seen the other 2, check out on the spoiler below.
  14. I can't help but feel Pokémon GO helped a quite bit in all this.
  15. The Pokémon Sun & Moon demo will be available in at least some language by the end of the day. When that happens, it is almost a guarantee that the demo will be datamined. How much are you looking forward to or dreading this? Is there anything you're hoping to find out? Anything you're hoping doesn't get discovered, for one reason or another? And even if we don't get anything new from it, we'll probably at least get base stats/moveset for anything involved with the demo, which would be something. (Please try to avoid posting datamined material outside of this thread, since inevitably it's going to get posted somewhere anyway.) Discuss.
  16. I can't tell you this is an official commercial... the fact it doesn't have 500 logos stamped on it tells me it's probably not. But if it's entirely fan-made it's incredibly well done. It's more understated than anything the big N has done in years. This just isn't the kind of advertising they're doing right now, even if it's really nice to see. Either way I like it a lot, so I'm sharing. X3
  17. More details and confirmation on trial captains and big Kahuna's and overall number matching the 18 types between the 2 master type bosses in game. That guy on top of the Wailord boat, looks pretty clean.
  18. Lina Inverse

    Poké Board, yes or no?

    There's been ongoing back-and-forth about whether or not, in light of trending Pokémon news, previews and the upcoming release of Sun & Moon, the site should have a Pokémon board or not. To decide now and for all time I decided to make a thread poll at Chrom's suggestion. Feel free to share your opinion on why you voted either way. Editor's Note: I originally had this in General Nintendo, thank you for moving it to Feedback.
  19. What's your favorite Pokémon game to do Nuzlocke runs on? I've tried it with most of the games, in every generation, and my two favorites so far are HeartGold/SoulSilver and Black 2/White 2. I like B2/W2 because it's one of my favorite Pokémon games (I prefer it over B/W), has a wide variety of Pokémon from multiple generations from the start, and has the useful Habitat function on the Pokédex to keep track of your Pokémon encounters and catches on every route. I like HG/SS because I grew up with Gen II, you get an extra-long game with two regions, and have Pokémon followers, which really captures the spirit of Nuzlocke in my opinion (feeling an extra bond with your Pokémon). I think Sun/Moon will be great for Nuzlockes as well. Can't wait to try it out.