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Found 4 results

  1. Twenty years ago, as the N64 entered its final days, some genius named Shouzou Kaga decided that it would be a good idea to develop a game for the SNES. However, with the GameCube due to come out a year later, nobody wanted to buy a game that was effectively two console generations behind. Sales were so poor, that Nintendo fired Kaga. Enraged by their sudden betrayal, Kaga declared, "Fuck you guys, I'm gonna start my own studio and make my own Fire Emblem game for the PS1!" And then he proceeded to do just that. Humbled by this, Nintendo decided to gift Kaga with a big fat juicy lawsuit. As the Fire Emblem series continued to find success on the GBA, almost died off on the GameCube and Wii, and eventually became an A-List franchise on the 3DS, Kaga's final installment became lost to the sands of time. Even as the Western fanbase discovered the pre-GBA games and translated them into English, nobody ever bothered to translate this one... ...until now. Before we get started, just a couple of notes: *Unlike FE3 (which I had played the DS remakes) and FE4 (which I was familiar enough with to attempt a challenge run by intentionally sabotaging the gene pool), this is going to be a completely blind playthrough. While I will be following a guide, I'm otherwise completely unprepared for any sudden shenanigans that may happen. *I will be attempting to get all of the gaiden chapters, as well as recruit as many characters as I can. However, if a character proves to be too much of a hassle to recruit, I reserve the right to leave them behind. *Save-states will be used, but I will try to limit them so that things aren't completely boring. *In the four years it's been since the last time I did this, I have gotten a full-time job. As such, the era of multiple episodes per day is long gone. Depending on work, stress, and other factors, there may very well be some days where there are no updates. Rest assured, however, that unless something really fucking stupid happens (i.e. corruption of save data, hard drive wipe, etc.), I will see this through to the end. So, will Kaga's career at Nintendo go out with a bang? Or will Leif be forever overshadowed by his uncle and cousin? Let's find out! --- Table of Contents: *Chapter 1: A Weismann Once Said *Chapter 2: The Bucks Stops Here *Chapter 2x: Can't See Shit, Captain *Chapter 3: The Kids Are All Right *Chapter 4: Don't Drop the Soap *Chapter 4x: Fuck You Ced *Chapter 5: Tags: Mind Break, Guro, Oyakodon, Petrification, Inseki, NTR, Ugly Bastard *Chapter 6: Karin's Delivery Service *Chapter 7: Hannibal Rising *Chapter 8: Callion, Callion, 'Cause Nothing Really Matters *Chapter 8x: Dagdar's Mansion: Dark Moon *Chapter 9: Family Reunion *Chapter 10: Clash on the Small Bridges *Chapter 11: Kempf's Trap (In America) *Chapter 11x: Another God Damned Fog of War Chapter *Chapter 12: Fuck, I Should've Used That Title For This One *Chapter 12x: Pan's Labyrinth *Chapter 13: The Biggest Loser *Chapter 14: Ten Turns in Five Days *Chapter 14x: Do the People Have to be Freedom Beef? *Chapter 15: The Choice is Yours, and Yours Alone *Chapter 16A: Revenge of the Stupid Bitch *Chapter 17A: Who Needs Warp-Skipping When You've Got Arena Abuse? *Chapter 16B: Hot MIL(le)F(euille) Gets Pounded By Huge (Rine)Cock *Chapter 17B: You've Seen One, You've Seen Amalda *Chapter 18: Untitled Gustav Game *Chapter 19: The Empire Strikes Back *Chapter 20: Bharat: Cultural Learnings of Leonster for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Friege *Chapter 21: The Virgin Leif VS The Chad Seliph *Chapter 21x: No Political Commentary Here, No Sir *Chapter 22: Magic is Everything! *Chapter 23: No, Seriously, Fuck You Ced *Chapter 24: My First Girlfriend is a Galzus *Chapter 24x: Beyond Good and Eyvel *Endgame: Most Pathetic Final Boss in Fire Emblem History
  2. With NS2 likely to disappear forever at any moment now, I figured now would be a good time to archive the Let's Play I did of FE4 from 4 years ago. A few of the screenshots in the original thread are missing from imgur, but luckily I still have all 2,443 of them safe on my hard drive. Also, note that this was played using an older version of FE4's translation patch from before Heroes came out. As such, the names of some characters, locations, and items might be inconsistent.
  3. something something green blue hair i'll update this to better standards soon but for now here's the complete fire emblem gaiden lp in its purest form feel free to shitpost so the loading times aren't as bad discuss
  4. something something silver hair micaiah sucks trails joke this run is shit don't read it will fix formatting later i guess discuss