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Found 2 results

  1. Ciao paisanos! Welcome to the new pad for all fellow Mario fans! Let's kick the shell off by asking the age-old question... What is your favorite Mario game? My favorite Mario game ever is Super Mario 64. It was the game that introduced the world to 3D gaming and was just overflowing with so much fun! I love the music, the gameplay, the graphics, and just about everything about it. I've completed it more often than any other Mario game to date.
  2. Kodiack

    Specs Thread!

    These threads are always amusing at /g/, and I thought it may be fun to have one here too. Basically, post your system specs. Feel free to use Speccy, CPU-Z Validator, or any other software you please. Or heck, just type your specs out! I have an updated CPU-Z validation in my signature, and here's my current Speccy output with a few more details: Needless to say, I absolutely love this system. It's what I invest my spare income into, and since I don't drink or have any otherwise expensive hobbies, I've been able to piece together a solid build over the years. I've adopted a rapid upgrade policy of sorts, where I purchase a new piece of hardware shortly after it hits market, then resell the existing hardware before it loses too much value. This works well for both my friends and me. When there's a new, worthwhile upgrade available, I jump on it, then my friends get a killer deal on an upgrade of their own, simultaneously making them happier and fueling my addiction. I use this computer for pretty much everything. I use it for gaming, Internet browsing, Netflix watching, programming, video transcoding, etc. I'm really happy with this 6800K. The extra cores that I get on Broadwell-E go to fantastic use. Massive C++ projects compile so fast, and games like Overwatch scale exceptionally well with more threads available. Plus, since I'm targeting up to 165 FPS in many games, I need all the CPU I can get! My computer is my hobby. It's where my money goes. Some people invest in their car. Others purchase nice clothes. But me? I have this.