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Found 18 results

  1. Bayonetta Nendoroid: Melia 1/7 Scale (wip): Off the Hook Figmas: Lyndis 1/7 Scale: Marnie and Morpeko Nendoroid (wip): Which ones are you going to pick up?
  2. My uncle was riding a bike through Phoenix and took shelter in an air-conditioned store, where he came across a box of old games and anime DVDs that he thought I could either keep, or re-distribute among fellow weebs and gamers. Some of this is stuff that I either already have, or am otherwise curious about. PC version of FF7, which I already have on my PSP. Already have Cowboy Bebop and Spirits Within. Any of these Street Fighter movies the one with naked Chun-Li? Never heard of any of this stuff. Already have FFX. Curious about the PS2 version of DQ8, as I've heard that the 3DS version is censored. Vaguely familiar with Dot Hack thanks to Project X Zone, but these are the second, third, and fourth games, with no sign of the first. Don't think *Japanese words* IIDX 3rd style will work on an American PS2. DDR didn't come with the dance pad. Already have Crystal Chronicles for the Gamecube, not to mention the Switch version coming out next month. These are VHS tapes. Do they even make VCRs anymore...? Is any of this stuff any good? And if not, is it at least worth anything?
  3. Welcome to the first convention thread of the decade! Dragon dildos, day 1: I also got to speak to Brianna Knickerbocker for a bit: *Bridal Charlotte is her favorite seasonal alt in Fire Emblem Heroes. *Halloween Charlotte is an alt that she would most like to see. *Her fondest memory of recording for Fire Emblem was Sakura's support with Camilla in Warriors, as Wendee Lee and the audio technician were constantly giggling whenever Sakura had to react to Camilla's touchy-feelyness. More tomorrow. Sleep soon.
  4. Last year, my parents got me a $400 premier pass for Christmas, allowing me to skip the worst of the lines. This year, however, I'm not so lucky. To give an idea of just how awful the lines are, I picked up a ticket this morning to get Sandy Fox's autograph at 10AM. By the time I finally got to the front of the line to enter the building (over 3 hours of waiting), Sandy's autograph session was already over. Apparently there was an earthquake in LA earlier this morning? I don't fucking know. Trying to get to bed early so Greentext-chan can sneak me into the convention center before the crowds get too bad. More tomorrow.
  5. SacAnime is two months early this year because they're doing some remodeling of the convention center in August. Dragon dildos, day 1: More tomorrow. Sleep now.
  6. Got back to my hotel about two hours ago because my phone was too dead to even connect to my computer. Dragon dildos, day 1: More tomorrow.
  7. Just got back from a Panty and Stocking panel with Jaime Marchi and Monica Rial. Also hung out with @jnmario959 for a little bit. More tomorrow. Crash now. No, seriously. Crash. I witnessed a car accident on the way back to my hotel. Ten feet away from me. Scary shit.
  8. You know the drill. Today's batch is relatively short due to spending much of the day standing in line. Dragon dildos, day 1: More tomorrow.
  9. I actually don't have anything to post yet. It's still technically pre-show night, which means while I have gotten my badge and program and been to a panel where a bunch of voice actors acted out a Popeye radio show from the 30's, but I haven't run into any cosplayers or bought anything yet. In the meantime, I'm just going to layout my tentative schedule here because my phone is dead so I can't just use the app:
  10. Note to self: Booking a hotel two miles from the convention center is a terrible idea. Dragon dildos, day 1: More tomorrow. Crash now.
  11. >plane leaves at 1 >arrives at 3 >get to hotel at 4:15 >vendor's hall closes at 5 FUCKING GAMESTOP
  12. You know the drill. Dragon dildos, day 1: I also asked Laura Bailey whether she gave any advice to Alexis Tipton when she took over the role as Lucina. Laura replied that she hasn't heard Tipton's Lucina yet, but that Tipton had done a great job on another "inherited" role of hers (Kid Trunks from DBZ). However, Laura concluded that she would love to reprise Lucina in the future, as she knows how much Lucina means to the fans. More either later tonight or tomorrow.
  13. Spent Thursday night at my brother's house since he lives closer to Amtrak. Probably unnecessary, as this has been one of the most uneventful "first days" of any con I've ever been to. More tomorrow. Crash now.
  14. Note to self: traveling to a convention immediately after clocking out of work is a terrible idea. some cosplays or something i dunno More tomorrow. Crash now.
  15. For some retarded reason my MacBook can't connect to my hotel's internet, even though my iPad can. But whatever. Paging @jnmario959 to let him know that no, I didn't abandon him. Dragon dildos, day 1: More tomorrow.
  16. After spending an hour on the phone with tech support, I'm pleased to welcome you to the first dragon dildo thread on N4A! Only a few photos at the moment, but more are on the way! Dragon dildos, day 1: More later.
  17. DISCLAIMER: This thread, by its very nature, is not safe for work, school, the public transit, or any other place where you can get in trouble. It may (read: "will") also contain images that range from "sexually suggestive" to "holy fucking shit Ty why in the actual fuck would you post that". However, as they are intended to be educational in nature, I will appropriately censor them according to the guidelines posted here. Along with the thread itself, these images will clearly be labeled "nsfw" and hidden under spoiler tags. With that out of the way, let's get started! Starting off, here we have the packaging. Note how J-List went so far as to classify it as a "health item". Additionally, the price tag of 700 yen is roughly equivalent to three copies of Bad Rats in US Dollars. Thus, the majority of the seventeen-dollar purchase went towards shipping and handling. Off screen, my mailing address. After a few minutes struggling to undo the tape... ...we reveal prize number one: a flier for J-List, and some complimentary tissues. And now, wrapped in what appears to be some sort of Japanese magazine page, is the main event. Those of you who are offended by nsfw material, this is your final warning. There you have it. Nowhere near as satisfying as I was expecting, but for seventeen bucks, it could've been a lot worse. It did say that it was meant for beginners, after all. Never ask me for anything, ever again.