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  1. Special thanks to ArmoredFrog for the banner! Hello once again, Ninfora members! This is Lt. Surge, host of the widely popular and retired Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart Wii game nights! Every Thursday night, I am willing to host a night of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! All the craziness of the new eighth installment of Mario Kart in what I am hoping to be a successful night of fun, laughter, and nail-biting races! Joining is pretty straight forward: RSVP your spot by indicating your interest in participating and use our tourney code to enter the weekly tournament! Also, the
  2. A Metroidvania starring a ninja protagonist already sounds like a winning combination, but if you make that ninja a tablet in a world of robots, well, you've got something special on your hands. Kunai isn't afraid to get silly, but it also backs up its goofy moments with top-notch adventure gameplay that proves difficult to put down. The game's story begins with a surprisingly somber explanation that the world has been ravaged by an evil AI named Lemonkus who almost wiped out all of humanity. You play as Tabby, a tablet with the soul of an ancient warrior, awakened to help fight Lemo
  3. The oddball mashup of pinball physics and roguelike progression in Roundguard might prove that roguelike elements really can be applied to any other game genre. From developer Wonderbelly Games and publisher The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild, Roundguard combines the gameplay of Peggle with randomized levels and items to create a unique "dungeon-baller." It's an unlikely combo that works shockingly well. There's not much story-telling in Roundguard but you are treated to occasional scenes of quirky and cheesy humor between characters. Otherwise, this game is all about gameplay. You ca
  4. You may have played an MMO before, but have you played a game within an MMO? CrossCode is set within a fictional MMO called CrossWorlds and, as you might imagine, gets a little meta at times as it explores the relationship players have with a game world. Along the way, CrossCode challenges players with a wide variety of puzzles and real-time combat, with all of the trappings you'd expect from an RPG—side quests, gear to collect/buy, level up perks, etc. All of this is wrapped up in a 16-bit era art style and sweeping soundtrack. It's an incredibly ambitious indie developed project and showcase
  5. Developer Thunder Lotus Games already has two games under its belt, but aside from the beautiful hand-drawn visuals you wouldn't expect those action-heavy games to be related to this quiet, pensive management game focused on dying. Spiritfarer takes players on a thoughtful journey of reflection wrapped up in a tidy gameplay loop of crafting, collecting, and completing quests for your passengers. It's an utterly charming experience that only makes it all the more difficult to say goodbye when it ends. You play as Stella, the new Spiritfarer who takes over for Charon as the ferrymaster
  6. Site: https://tetris99.nintendo.com/ Price: Free for Nintendo Switch Online Members (Exclusive) The free to download online software, Tetris® 99, is available as a special offer for Nintendo Switch Online members. In large-scale, 99-player battles, it'll take speed, skill, and strategy to knock out the competition and become the last player standing. You can target opponents by sending them Garbage Blocks, but be careful…your rivals can target you back! Defeat opponents to acquire KO badges that may give you the advantage on future attacks. Survive t
  7. After a 2015 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, the creators behind Skullgirls brought their 2D artwork and animation talents to an unusual mashup of gameplay genres. Indivisible combines side-scrolling platformer environments, Metroidvania backtracking, and action-RPG battles for a pretty unique experience. Not all of the game's elements are perfectly fleshed out, but there's still a lot to enjoy in this hybrid adventure. The story follows Ajna, a hot-headed but friendly young woman who sets out on a quest for revenge after the evil warlord Ravannavar destroys her village. Equipped wi
  8. It's the end of the year and that means it's time for the 4th annual Ninfora Game Awards! As always we've had an extensive panel of one person (me) look back on his (my) favorite games of the year and highlight a little bit about what made those games special. Let me know what are your own top picks for 2020, what games you're looking forward to playing from this year, or just to tell me how wrong my choices are. Most Mario Game: Super Mario 3D All-Stars Three Mario games in one? Aside from the original Super Mario All-Stars, it doesn't get much more Ma
  9. If you follow the indie gaming scene at all you've probably heard of Kentucky Route Zero at some point, given its extended release schedule. Originally Kickstarted in 2011, the first part of this episodic adventure was released in 2013, and the fifth and final part was only released at the beginning of this year. But whether you've been a fan since the beginning or are just jumping in for the first time, this story-driven exploration of community, the self, and the surreal is well worth the drive. If the developers were hoping to capture a certain undefinable glimpse of the mundane through mag
  10. 🔗https://switch.nintendo.com/year-in-review/ Here's mine...
  11. When Immortals: Fenyx Rising was initially revealed, plenty of people joked about how similar it looked to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Now that the game is out, I can safely say that…well, it's really similar to BotW. That's not inherently a bad thing, though. What Fenyx Rising has going for it is a massive open world packed with challenges and items to discover, a simple and snappy combat system, and the joy of gliding through the air as you leap from a mountain down into a grove of trees, climbing over everything in your path. The downside though is that this isn't nearly as pol
  12. Christmas is just around the corner and Halloween is well past us now, but you can still get into the holiday spirit for both celebrations with the recent Christmas update to Pumpkin Jack, a 3D platformer from one-man developer Nicolas Meyssonnier and publisher Headup Games. With a mix of combat and platforming challenges in a cartoonishly spooky world, Pumpkin Jack is a charming mix of classic concepts seen through a fresh lens no matter what time of year you're playing. The Devil, bored by the calm and carefree lifestyles of humans, sends all manner of monsters to wreak havoc and d
  13. You saw the title, the last demo for BD II is out now. In addition to DLing the demo before this game release on 2/26/2021, you can get 100 platinum coins. Thought I share that if anyone is looking forward to this game and want a taste of this game more. Not sure if its the same demo with listed improvement from the last mini direct or something else but the last one in March was good playground. So check it out!
  14. More indie game announcements for the Switch. Cyber Shadow looks like a fun Ninja Gaiden-esque game, Hoa looks beautiful, and Happy Game looks insane, in a fun way. And Among Us has made the leap to the Switch! Still seems crazy how that game took off virtually out of nowhere. Here's the press release with all the deets:
  15. After thirty years, Fire Emblem fans finally have the chance to play the game that started the entire series—not as a DS remake, but as a port of the NES original (plus a couple of modern additions to make the experience a little more palatable). Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light started it all, the series that had six installments before one was finally localized in English, and then only truly soared to its current popularity after another six. But this is the original, before any fancy additional features were included, when all you had was an 8-bit battlefield and your wi
  16. From Hello Games and the minds behind LostWinds, an early WiiWare indie platformer on the Wii, comes a new puzzle-platformer adventure with a somber and melancholic tone. The Last Campfire takes players on an atmospheric journey rife with introspection about life and loneliness, peppered with simple exploration puzzles. The gameplay may not ever feel particularly challenging, but the subject matter may make this game a must-play title for 2020. You play as an Ember, a diminutive traveler who has gotten a little side-tracked from their original journey. Your path now takes you through
  17. Switch firmware update 11.0.0. is now available and adds quite a few new features... 🔗https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/22525/~/nintendo-switch-system-updates-and-change-history#v1100 Nice to see they finally added a way to prioritize downloads. The Wii U had a Download Manager, so why did they get rid of it on Switch? BTW, is it just me or does the NSO button on the home menu stick out like a sore thumb? >_<
  18. The original Hyrule Warriors, especially with all of its DLC additions, was a charming love letter to the entire Zelda series in the guise of a Warriors title, but it's the more narrowed focus of this sequel that might have produced a better game overall. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity explores the disastrous conflict 100 years before the events of Breath of the Wild, when Link, Zelda, and the four Champions prepared to battle Calamity Ganon. Our heroes face hordes of hundreds of Bokoblins, Moblins, and more fearsome creatures in the hack 'n' slash action that Warriors games are known for. T
  19. The latest in the Gunvolt series from developer Inti Creates, Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX carries the same fast-paced, 2D action gameplay that the franchise is known for. Although experienced players and die-hard action game fans may enjoy the flashy combat mechanics, more casual players may find this game to be more style than substance. In the future, normal humans are controlled and hunted down by a ruling class of enhanced humans called Adepts. You play as Copen—returning from the previous games—who is fighting on behalf of humans to stop the tyranny of the Sumeragi,
  20. It was a pleasant surprise earlier this year when a brand new Paper Mario game was not only revealed and released within a two month span, but also delivered a charming adventure with a unique battle system. But those of us longing for the more traditional RPG mechanics of the first two Paper Mario games are better off looking to the world of indie games, as Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling draws clear inspiration from the battle mechanics, badge system, and visual design of those classic Mario RPGs. This is far from some cheap impersonation though. Bug Fables is a lovingly crafted homage t
  21. Update: Lawsuit officially filed. https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3325-switch-joy-con-drift-class-action-lawsuit... If you don't know about this whole deal with the Switch Joy-Con drift, watch the video in the spoiler bellow first. Luckily I haven't experienced this, yet. Though, I know there are a lot that have. I really hope this goes somewhere, because this is a major design flaw and Nintendo hasn't said a world. Joy-Con aren't cheap, ya' know ...Even for a single one. If you haven't experienced this yet, you will eventually.
  22. Drawing inspiration from both George Orwell's novel 1984 and the classic 2D Prince of Persia game, Ministry of Broadcast combines a dystopian narrative with a challenging mix of platformer puzzles. It's definitely a unique mixture, though some of the gameplay mechanics could have used some fine-tuning. In a dystopian society run by a totalitarian regime, a massive wall created by the rulers has both literally and figuratively divided the people. In the hopes of seeing his family again, one man (never named, but generally referred to as Orange due to his hair) signs up for a reality T
  23. A presentation on PKMN SW/SH expansion pt 2 will be shown off tomorrow morning. The release will most likely be revealed along with expanded look at the features we know will be Crown Tundra.
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