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Found 8 results

  1. I thought it might be useful to have a separate thread to discuss Avengers: Endgame where we don't have to spoiler tag everything and trip over ourselves to not ruin anything for anyone that hasn't seen it. So: holy shit what a movie. I mean, that's how you wrap up 11 years and 22 movies worth of filmmaking, with a spectacle that truly rewards fans that have been watching since the beginning and remember all of the callbacks and references that have become part of the superhero film zeitgeist. I know Disney will never stop making these films (and I'm sure I'll see all of them in turn) but I think I'd be pretty happy with Endgame as the cap on this cinematic universe. There's a lot to process so here are some scattered thoughts: I was really impressed by the emotional grativas of the first part of the film. It's not at all unexpected given the events of Infinity War but still, it was handled perfectly. Opening the film with Hawkeye's family's disappearance was heartbreaking, and Tony's despair, rebounding confidence, and then sacrifice at the end was an incredible way to send off the character that started all of this MCU business. Beautiful ending for Cap too, as a soldier who finally gets to rest. Revisiting scenes from the previous films, oh man that was so much fun. Cap's "Hail Hydra" moment in the elevator had the whole theater in an uproar and seeing Starlord dance without hearing the music was a hilarious touch. Cap wielding Mjolnir in the final battle was perfect, another one of those moments where everyone in the theater just wants to stand up and cheer. I love that they brought back that reference to Age of Ultron as well when Thor yells out "I knew it!" The time travel stuff was handled about as well as it ever is when introduced into a work of fiction. That is to say, it might have some holes if you stare too closely at it, but if you sit back and enjoy the ride it works well enough. Somewhat related to the above, with retaining the five year jump in time it's going to be interesting to see what, if anything, significantly changes from it. The biggest question is what does it mean for Spider-Man since he's still a kid so a five year difference is pretty significant for him, but his last scene seems to imply that it'll mostly be a return to status quo for him. Hulk/Bruce Banner's merging seemed a little too simple considering it was a somewhat major issue in Infinity War, but oh well. I would've liked to actually see his two halves reconcile with one another but I'm not too upset that it was glossed over. Honestly surprised Captain Marvel wasn't a more significant part of the film. Her scenes were great but I just expected a more central role. That final battle was epic, I really want to rewatch that just to take in everything happening. Also check out a fun Easter egg on Google: search for "Thanos" and click the infinity gauntlet on the right side of the search results. Then click it again.
  2. In the middle of watching the first new episode of the season... I fucking hate Negan. It's very bloody and intense. I hope that they kill him, sooner rather than later.
  3. To help try and keep some spoilers contained since we're now less than 30 minutes out. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAbu0LaQxmc https://www.nintendo.com/nintendo-direct/11-01-2018/ https://www.twitch.tv/nintendo
  4. You know those moments, ones that happen out of the blue on the game. A few of my favorites: I had one where I was dealing with some Bokoblins and one picked up an explosive box/barrel to try to throw at me and another one swung a stick towards it and they all got killed off before I got over to battle them. Another time, I knocked an enemy off and then instead of trying to go and attack me, he kept on running at a wall and trying to attack it. And recently I was facing off against a group of Bokoblins and Moblins and the latter tried throwing one of the former at me. It was pretty random. How about you guys? What are some of your favorite funny moments from the game so far?
  5. So, I didn't get my 80% completion by LAST Tuesday like I thought. In fact I didn't finish it until last night (though I was trying to get as much as possible before the FINAL battle) Anyways.... What. A. Ride. The visuals and the entire sound department were completely on point. The vibrant lush fields and chilly landscapes, the decrepit ruins of old temples and destroyed villages made you feel like you were really exploring something wonderful here. And you were. When you see my stats below, you'll see just how thoroughly I explored this world. Putting in about 10 hours a day I explored pretty much every inch of this beautiful world. Recalling memories with wonderfully voiced cutscenes. Discovering peaks and valleys and towns with phenomenal renditions of classic Zelda music mixed in (Rito Village gets high marks here and I hope other people caught on to the Death Mountain tune homage to the first game!) The story was excellent, though I will admit the ending a fell a little flat to me, but I guess when the antagonist AND protagonist don't talk, you can't play much. But at least they basically explained why they don't. Reading through diaries, journals, and talking to all the townsfolk in addition to the memories gave you a nice feel of what's happened to the world in the past 100 years. As most of you know, I went into this pretty blind. So tickle me surprised when I come to find out I won't ever be getting a hookshot, or other items in the game. And no dungeons! Absurd! But this quickly dissipated with each passing moment in Hyrule. In fact some of you might remember my old thread about Zelda going in direction where Link heads to each town scattered over the world to get the MacGuffin by helping the local town, and making the Master Sword and unnecessary and completely option sidequest. Well guess who what they wanted? Getting to know all the different facets of Hyrule and their people was wonderfully done, I didn't bother caring about trying to place it in the timeline, yet. I was too busy soaking it all in. I was a little upset I never found/got the green tunic or Epona (but I found a few other special horses), but then again this post is LITERALLY my first stop since I left the internet a week and a half ago. So maybe I missed them, maybe they're not in the game. I might just look that up today... This game has set a new precedent for the series, and I'm excited to see where they take the series after this massive entry into the series which I've welcomed with open arms. So, onto stats! Here's where I was at when I finished the game in photos! Keep in mind, every piece of gear you see has been upgraded to 4 stars (if possible). Korok seeds killed my completion percentage, but oh well!
  6. Ok, I finished this a week ago, and while I compiled thoughts throughout it, it seemed kind of dumb to waste my time on talking points probably anyone who's played these games know. But it seems a shame to waste all that pent-up rage and disappointment, so here we go. 999 was actually pretty amazingly cool contrary to the impressions of anyone reading my last thread title. The gameplay worked - it challenged but never stumped me, the controls were pretty intuitive. The other half, narration, was pretty thick, but quickly something that gave the game its purpose. The characters were pretty oddball looking, but eventually all had depth. And of course the ending blew my socks off. Ultimately it's a game that lives for its twist, but the journey along the way was tense and well-structured, and that mattered. VLR is not great. It's a game worse in every way except it has 3D graphics now, woo. Except that's not really an improvement unless you're Ace Attorney and discovered dark magic to create sprites that actually are 3D models. The controls are immediately less intuitive. I played it on a 3DS because even if it was inferior in some aspects, I don't have a Vita. My impression is this was developed Vita-first, because the downgrade in touch controls and focus on a circle pad pointer is far from an improvement. Dragging the stylus to spin the room is always clunky and slippery. No longer can you intuitively press the 'down' button to back out of a scene - instead that hot button now opens a flowchart, uh, thanks. Scrolling through items using a single button is gone, now you have to use the clunkier item selection screen, woo. Items you touch don't have a nice outline around like 999, so you often touch the same item multiple times by accident. It's worse. There's all sorts of extra jank, like framedrops in the escape rooms, cut off lines of dialogue, 3D backgrounds that overlap the characters, the memo function actually covered a code cracking sequence with no way to dismiss it - that's amateur. The map is at first a nice way to get a grasp of what's going on, but gets immediately tiring and you can't speed it up. 999 had narration that added subtlety to the expressions of every character, but here we get a throw-away "EVERYONE IS SURPRISED" cheap animation every few moments. No nuance here. One of the first lines of substance in the game is this new character I met drone on about she's not superman, batman, aquaman or whatever. It's some sort of clever joke that's entirely misplaced and goes on far too long to be a quip. The voice acting isn't really inspiring to the atmosphere but I'm not going to harp on it. I'd dread ever going back to a voiced 999 now though - some things might just work on paper but not out loud. The rabbit though - what purpose does it serve? I'm glad the voice actor had fun, but what about this setup is benefitted by a weird looking, wise-cracking rabbit speaking in a weird voice? And then it totally disappears in the second half, having no ultimate purpose except for adding to the weirdo tone. Why even have a gas-masked kidnapper? It's a shame it's a sequel to 999, they must have regrets, maybe it should've been a rabbit costume as well - it would've made it more fun! Duh. The weird tone and jokes are everywhere here. The help text is constantly joking around with me, and I just have to question why? What about the tone of being locked in a deadly game after being kidnapped says to the writer or translator - that jokes are needed here and enhance the experience. They don't. They're out of place and actively lower the stakes. 999 really impressed me because it felt logical. Characters really thought about the situation they were in and proposed obvious and not-so-obvious solutions. They didn't immediately believe information given to them and they felt smart in actually keeping information close to their chest. Here, I have to doubt everyone, because my first run through the game fell apart when Phi explained to me how in "The Prisoner's Dilemma", the most intelligent choice is to always pick Betray. ...but is it? Is it really? The rules are barely established in the first AB Game. You know nothing about the system except that if everyone gets 9 points, they can escape through the door together. This would take 3 rounds. Nothing else is established, like penalties or what happens if people don't vote, etc. They just thrust you into this. So what is logical about betraying people? The difference between 2 and 3 points is negligible without knowing a time limit - you only have to play 1 extra round. No penalty has been explained for this, and eventually it's revealed you can play the game unlimited times. If you betray/betray with an opponent, you've immediately lost that advantage of betraying in the very first place. But whatever, most of that is standard Prisoner's Dilemma spiel, some statistician could probably school me. But the clincher is that really, it actively hurts you to betray in the first round because you have no idea what's going on. Maybe once the voting is over, the other players could immediately beat you up for betraying - why shouldn't they? A vote for betray ruins the whole game and makes you a complete liability to everyone in the future. When it's found out a player who doesn't vote automatically allies, it's even more preposterous - taking those bad players out of the game can only benefit everyone. Even if that would cause chaos, the game is ruined immediately for Level 1s, because they really have no option but to always vote Betray when you're risking your life, effectively nullifying the game for them. And even if they had confidence they could make back their points, it would take them an eternity now. Their best option is violence. So why is it smart to visibly betray again? So sure, Dio is guaranteed to Betray, but otherwise everyone is ultimately a "good actor". In the billions of paths, Dio and everyone else loses just as often as they win, so everyone's strategy is garbage. When I ultimately do get 9 points, they actually beat me up anyway. How convenient. Ultimately, even if that reasoning isn't foolproof, this whole setup just pales in comparison to 999. 999's scenario felt airtight and the characters really thought through their situation. The stakes were immediately raised and the game explained. And after you play 1 million of these AB games and paths through the game, the characters just dissolve into mush because the decisions cease to carry any consistent logic. One time K promises you his word he shall never betray you, then immediately betrays you and leaves. In another branch, K promises Phi his word he shall never betray her, and then doesn't betray her because of his word. Like why? In my first path, Alice betrayed me, gave me some crap justification why risking my life was no big deal and obviously everything will be fine... and then explicitly volunteers to partner up with me in the next room??????????? I have 1 BP - I have no incentive to do anything but Betray/Betray with someone who just betrayed me. How. Why. What. And then the game has the gall to change her vote in the other timeline, explaining to me why that's weird, and offering no ultimate explanation. That's cool. Great to know I can't take any useful character information from these interactions. Like how Alice says she trusts Clover more than anyone else, right after she was just betrayed by her. Ultimately 999 gets contrived by the end when all the cards are laid out on the table, but by that point I was invested, and with VLR I'm raging right out of the gate. That coloured my entire impression. It never got better. Along with all the other jank - the game offers up these "Gold Files" as rewards without explaining much about them. Very first Gold File I got, explained how Ace from 999 was actually part of Free the Soul, what Free the Soul is, and had Alice in a shadowy background behind an article about the "SOIS" - wow, uh, thanks for those details game? The game literally just spoiled itself unceremoniously, and then left it until the last 90% to actually explain that stuff in-game. This isn't good game design. Half the files are like this, explaining details RIGHT before you get to them, making sure you have to self-police yourself as long as you catch on. Great. Cool. Along with all the bad humour messing with the tone. Sometimes getting the gold file is actually easier than the real solution, guaranteeing you seeing some of these at some point. There's piles of "To be Continued" endings, finishing the first run with that is the most sloppy ending - 999 had you hooked when the game suddenly ended in blood. Here you just get a "To Be Continued" after I'm baffled at all these characters, and I get to start again, with no explanation on skipping text or what replaying actually means. The amount of branching just makes the whole story become mush, and while it might reinforce the ultimate point of the plot, it doesn't make it fun to play. 999's paths were consistent 90% of the time so you could put information together from one to the other, but here people's motivations fly around, making it hard to grasp what carries over from one to another. You just have to wait for the game to remind you what you need to be reminded of. The perverted stuff in 999 was pretty weird, but kept very uncommon between two characters who already had sexual tension anyway. I'm not sure why anyone would look at this and think the main character needs to really show off his weird side to make the game better - creeping on every girl, and talking like a cat for no reason, and therefore coming across like a dunce half the time when talking to Phi even though he's a pHD student. And this all becomes even worse when you realize he was an old guy the entire time. I'm also sure 1 million words can be said about Clover, but really, she wasn't a ditz in 999. It's that simple. She actually gave off a strong impression of intelligence in that game, doing a lot of the mathematical calculations and ultimately scheming how to get her 'revenge'. So combining that weird shift in tone with her costume is just, not impressive? It doesn't help that the bad 3D models, she always looks like she's smiling, even when she's angry. More cheap quality. But really, how does that old guy twist EVEN WORK. All he does is look into the water at the end of the game and see his flipping EYEBALL is mechanical. He's drugged up, but really? No one ever commented on this with a joke the entire time, called him out for being an old fart? I was already annoyed he wasn't voiced the whole game when everyone else was - really no good reason, made it really jarring and made him less likable in comparison - but now I see it was part of this 'genius' gimmick. Ugh. I get the twists can be crazy, but this is Professor Layton level stuff in a game that isn't Professor Layton. Ultimately, the game's plot literally relies on Dio giving me two or three of the passwords like a goof for literally no reason except "Muhaha, have a taste of my evil plan!". Augh. I didn't want or expect a fate of the world plot. I just wanted a game that gave the resolution the last game decided to skip out on. None of this matters to that at all. So I'm not playing ZTD, it cares about different things than I do. 999 was a romance, VLR is trying to be a science fiction epic. I'm sad I've spent more time now chasing the high than the high itself. VLR sucks.
  7. Thought there should be a separate thread for this for those of us who've finished the E4. That way anything in the main game can be discussed freely without spoiling anything. Is that cool? Anyways, I finished the E4 early yesterday: Decidueye Greninja Alolan Raichu Alolan Ninetales Aracanine All about level 55. Honestly I found the battle in Ultra Space against Lusamine to far harder than any on at the Pokemon League. I think the family triangle was a little predictable after a little bit of play. Hau is probably my favourite "rival" and although I hated Lilly at first, she grew on me once she got her "Z Power" All in all probably one of my favourite gens, I love all the small nuances like the item get noise being a ukulele and the no HMs and the freakin' soundtrack. Although it's been revisited to death, I'm hoping all the mentions of Kanto will lead to a remake of sorts. Post-game: Already went and caught all island guardians (in regular Pokeballs I might add, same with Solgaleo). Met with Looker but didn't start that yet, so I'm unsure how it plays out but I'm asusming it's catching the UBs. And was plodding my way to the Battle Tree when I bailed and decided to fill my dex out a little bit. I really hope Alolan Oak plays a role sometime in the post-game as it seems almost like he was pointless. My dex is at around 130 right now, working on living dex right now for when the Bank update comes so I can fill it up asap.
  8. You've probably all seen the rumours of a Pokemon "Star" coming to the Switch. My wishlist for this would be to have it be a sequel to Sun and Moon. When you're asked if you're a boy or girl this assigns you as either Lillie or Gladion. Lillie - You're determine to become a new and strong trainer and take on the Kanto league (with "Sun" or Hau as champion) and then return to Alola to take on the newly formed Alolan league where you face off against your brother who's the new champion Gladion - Also determined to become a stronger trainer and track down your sister to show that you're a kinder trainer than reputation may have given off. You start by officially taking on Alolan league (with "Sun" or Hau as champion) then go to track your sister down in Kanto where you find out she's the league champion there. Two regions, two different storylines.