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Found 3 results

  1. I knew there were devices like the SEGA Channel on the Genesis and the Satellaview for the Super Famicom in Japan , but I've never heard of this device. WOW! It's pretty impressive that they were able to do online gaming on the SNES/Genesis via dial-up back in the day. It's kind of funny that they had to deal with some of the same issues we had to with modern online gaming, like people disconnecting when they are about to lose, people harassing others, etc. This video is very well produced. I like how they have interviews with people who worked on the device/service and people who actually used the device back in the day. It's pretty cool that they revived the service via a modern day internet connection. *Note* Video is over 1 hr long
  2. During SEGA's 'SEGA Fes 2018' stream they announced that they will be releasing a Genesis (Mega Drive) mini this year!... Nice! I'd be in depending on price, games and most importantly, this better be developed by SEGA and not At Games, Those clone/plug-and-play Genesis systems At Games released are a steaming pile of 💩. If it's not made by SEGA, I'm not going to bother.
  3. Arcade cabinets, I know where I live there's not many of these unless they're in a Chuck E. Cheese or something. But these were my go to as a kid in the mid 90's and early 2000's. I have a lot experiences I can list with arcade machines but the most notable one has to be when I was 13-14 years old and at school no less. I went to a junior high school that had 9th grade in it. I stayed there cause most of my friends stayed instead of going to another school for high school. So at lunch time there was this convenience store that had 2 arcade cabinets, I don't remember the other one. (it might as well be off cause till this day, I don't what game was there) The game of that arcade cabinet me and friends, and even strangers played was Power Stone. This game came out when Smash Bros was hit and using items to beat up people was cool. So to my surprise to see another game like this minus the 4 players at once, was pretty cool. I'd quickly eat my lunch and run down to the convenience store, drop 50 cents on the side of the machine to challenge the winner of the match next. There were a lot of characters I used but what I remember using a lot was Wangtang. (he reminded me of Goku) What draw me to this game was like I said the use of items like Smash and the transformations the each of the characters have and had two finishers. Later, of course this would find its way to Smash in the form of Final Smashes. So like I said I used Wangtang a lot and when I transformed I'd try to confuse my opponents and blast them with a spirit like bomb. The thing about the finishers in this game is that it was very easy to dodge if time your dodge roll right. So if I just willy-nilly threw a spirit bomb, the opponent would would just roll through it. I wasn't THE BEST at the game but there were moments I beat the best in some tough battle sometimes. Yeah, those were so great times spending my lunchtime beating my friends and total strangers at this game. Do any of you have any favorite arcade experiences you want to share?